Crochet baby doll patterns, the perfect project for crafty mums.

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Crochet Baby bare

We may just have found the most unique craft project for handy mums and dads who want to get their crochet on. These crochet baby dolls are modelled on real babies, have eyes that open and shut and the best part? Patterns are available for less the $8 so you can make your own.

Designed to look like real newborn babies, and around about the same size, Baby Emily and Baby Louis start off life as crochet patterns created by Cleos Crochet Art on Ravelry.

Not only do their eyes open and shut, but their mouths open up so they can take a dummy or baby bottle. Very life-like.

Crochet baby

Here’s the description, which has been translated from German, “Sweet Emily was modelled after a real baby. She can open and close her eyes. And has a playable mouth, where there is space for the thumb or a real pacifier. A bottle can also be fed. Newborn nappies and baby clothes fit the baby.

It has a head circumference of 34cm and a length of approx 49cm.”

Crochet baby Louis

From their little toes and fingers to their tiny ears, button nose and even baby bottom, little Louis and Emily are sure to become your tot’s favourite baby doll. Or at the very least, a talking point.

Patterns are available online at Cleos Crochet Art on Ravelry ($8).

Now, where are our crochet hooks …

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