How to create a beautiful baby milk bath at home

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How to create a baby milk bath at home | Mum's Grapevine

There are a few things to consider when setting up a baby milk bath photo shoot, and when it comes to taking photos of babies it helps to be prepared. Choose a location that works with the weather – if it’s cold outside, stay inside where it’s warm and pop baby’s bath near a window for good light. If it’s a sunny, warm day, take the photo shoot outside for some dappled natural light.

Also, consider any possible allergies baby may have (or you may not know about yet) when putting things into the bath. Around six-months-old, or when bub is able or almost able to sit up is the perfect time to get the camera out for one of these photo shoots. Babies at this age are full of fun and personality, and it’ll shine through.

Think about the time of day – if your little water baby is due for a nap, it’s obviously not the greatest time to try and get some happy snaps. Try setting up the photo shoot for just after feed or when bub would normally having a play.

We asked the mums in the Mum’s Grapevine Baby Facebook Groups to share their DIY baby milk bath photo shoots, and the results are adorable.

How to create a milk bath photo shoot

Chocolate milk baby milk bath photos

Step 1: Choose a bath

A baby bath does just fine – but also have a look around at what else might make a good vessel. A stainless steel tub, plastic tub, large bucket, the kitchen sink or even a drinks tub all work well.

Step 2: Select ingredients

Yep, a baby milk bath needs ingredients, and you can team with a theme or just go with whatever is on hand. First, fill up the tub with some warm water – we’re looking to cover baby’s bits. Then add something to make it milky – cow’s milk, breastmilk, longlife milk, bath oil, coconut milk, rice milk, powdered milk (full cream) or hot chocolate are all excellent choices. You’ll just need to experiment to see how much you need to make it cloudy. Just keep in mind if you’re using something for the first time to check for allergies first.

Step 3: Add decorations

Now comes the fun part! Raid the garden, pantry, fridge or the even the toy box. Things like fruit (just check which ones sink), vegetables, toys, foliage, flowers (artificial and real), Milo, marshmallows, candy canes, water beads or petals are all brilliant. Just remember everything is probably going to go into your little star’s mouth, so keep it all safe.

Step 4: Bath time!

Add a towel to the bottom of the bath or against the side to help stop slipping and sliding, then add in your baby, followed by the ingredients, and let the fun start.

11 tips for creating a beautiful milk bath

DIY baby milk bath ideas

We also asked our mums to share their DIY baby milk bath photos top tips, and here’s what they told Mum’s Grapevine:

  1. Use towels to prop up bub if they’re not quite able to sit yet, and so they’re comfy and don’t slip.
  2. If you have an oversupply of breastmilk, it’s perfect for using in a baby milk bath photo shoot, and as a bonus, bub gets a soothing bath!
  3. Take a video and then grab screenshots for photos.
  4. Extra hands are a must so grab a friend to help, and to get bub’s attention for photos.
  5. Have a warm bath ready to rinse off bub afterwards.
  6. Use sentimental objects, like flowers that have been sent from a friend.
  7. The bath doesn’t need to be deep, just enough to keep bub’s modesty!
  8. Put the water in first, then the milk, to avoid bubbles.
  9. Make it memorable – use props that mean something. One mum used all the bottles, pump parts, and formula bottles from bub’s first six months!
  10. Feed bub beforehand so they’re full and content.
  11. Choose a sunny day. If you’re doing the shoot inside, set up near a window.

37 baby milk bath photo ideas

Browse through the photos below for inspiration from the Mum’s Grapevine community.

Fresh Fruit | Botanicals | Pregnancy Cravings | Milestones | Quirky

Fresh fruit baby milk bath ideas

Citrus seems to be a firm favourite when it comes to fruit in the bath, oranges for a pop of colour, or lemons for a more subtle look. Or go for strawberries to really give the photos a lift.

Baby milk bath fruit photos

DIY baby milk bath photos

Baby milk bath photo shoot

Beautiful baby milk bath photo ideas

DIY baby milk bath photo ideas

DIY baby milk bath ideas

How to take baby milk bath photos



Pregnancy cravings baby milk bath ideas

Quite a few mums based their photo shoots around their pregnancy cravings. From cereal to flavoured milk and choc chip cookies – there’s nothing like a little sugar rush!

DIY cookies and milk baby bath photo

Milk and cookies baby milk bath photo

Hot cocoa baby milk bath

DIY baby milk bath Chloe

Cereal baby milk bath photo ideas

Hot chocolate baby milk bath DIY

Milestone photo baby milk bath ideas

Combine two photo shoots in one by marking a special milestone. A milk bath half-year baby birthday is really popular, and with good reason – these tots are loving it!

DIY baby milk bath photo ideas

DIY baby milk bath milestone

DIY baby milk bath

Baby milk bath photo shoot ideas

Outside baby milk bath photo ideas

Milestone baby milk bath photos



Botanicals baby milk bath ideas

Have a hunt around the garden for interesting flowers and leaves to put in the bath, just make sure you know what they are so there are no nasty reactions. Foliage looks etheral floating in the milky water.

How to do a baby milk bath photo shoot

Natural baby milk bath photos

Moody lighting baby milk bath idea

Baby milk bath photo shoot

DIY baby milk bath photos

Baby milk bath photo ideas Ellie

DIY baby milk bath photos

How to do a baby milk bath photo shoot

Australia themed baby milk bath photos

Baby milk bath photo ideas to try

Quirky baby milk bath ideas

Why not go for something completely absurd, like bub’s current obsession. Toy trucks, water beads or the traditional rubber ducky are all winners.

DIY baby milk bath photos

Rubber ducky baby milk bath photos

DIY baby milk bath ideas

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