LEGO launches blooming beautiful botanical collection

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LEGO Botanical Collection

Move over kiddies, LEGO Australia has just launched a blooming new collection designed to help parents relax and be more mindful.

The new decorative botanical pieces are aimed at creating more mindful habits and include a bunch of flowers and a bonsai tree. The creators hope the sets give adults a chance to pause during their busy days, rather than continue on autopilot without any time to replenish creative energy.

LEGO Bouquet

LEGO Botanical Collection Flowers

LEGO Flowering Bouquet ($89.99)

This is a 756 piece set with blooms that can be customised if you’ve got a bit of a green thumb. Snapdragons, roses, poppies, asters, daisies, and grasses have adjustable stems (up to 37cm high!) so they can be arranged into different sized vases.

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LEGO Bonsai Tree

LEGO Bonsai set

LEGO Bonsai Tree ($89.99)

It’s an 878 piece model kit that’s designed to evoke a sense of calm as the branches are carefully shaped with either green leaves of pink cherry blossoms. With its rectangular pot and slatted wood-effect LEGO stand it’s a pretty impressive little build. And in a typical LEGO twist, little frogs also make up the blossoms.

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And in another nod to nature, both of the sets in the Botanical Collection have elements made from plant-based plastic produced using sustainably sourced sugarcane.

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