Recall: Silicone baby spoons choking fears

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Rommer Silicone Spoon recall

Rommer Silicone Spoon

Silicone baby spoons sold across Australia are being recalled due to a potentially deadly hazard. A batch of Rommer Silicone Spoons have been manufactured incorrectly, which could result in the head of the spoon breaking.

Defects: A stainless steel inner rod in the handle has been placed incorrectly and results in the spoon having a weak point at the neck. Some spoons may tear at the neck/head or may break if excessive force or abnormal bending occurs.

Hazards: If the head tears or completely snaps off, it can pose a choking hazard for young children, which can lead to severe injury or death.

Some spoons may peel open once torn revealing the stainless steel rod that could cause injury or become a choking hazard.


What should you do: Stop using the spoons immediately and dispose of them. Rommer will supply replacement spoons to affected consumers who purchased from them directly. If the spoons were purchased from another retailer, consumers should contact their place of purchase to request a replacement spoon.

Suppliers: The Rommer Silicone Spoons were available from:

  • Rommer Pty Ltd
  • Traders who sold this product
  • The Kid & Co
  • Hyde
  • Bell and Luca
  • Gen of Eve
  • Nuage
  • Big Little Things
  • Small Wonder
  • One Country Mouse Kids
  • The Native Nest
  • The Memo
  • Dunn and Walton
  • The Wholesome Store
  • Sunshine Trader
  • The Grocery Store Cafe
  • Children of The Tribe


Where the product was sold: Internationally, online, and in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia.

Dates available for sale: 6 November 2020 – 2 December 2020

Rommer Silicone Spoon recall


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