How to stop baby peeing during nappy change

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No pee nappy change trick

Babies just love to have a tinkle when they’re finally free of their nappy, but it’s not because they’re cheeky. Cold air down there triggers an auto-response to pee, so they can’t actually help it.

But there are a few really simple ways to stop little boys and girls from weeing as soon as their nappy is off – and sometimes all you need is a baby wipe. It’s been called a game-changer by mums and dads who are dealing with a steady stream of mini golden showers throughout the day and only adds a couple of seconds to a nappy change.

Here are 7 ways to stop baby peeing on you during a nappy change.

Wet wipe trick

Nurse Karrie Locher shared her simple anti-pee trick on Instagram, with tens of thousands of parents applauding her clever approach.

Simply take a cold, wet wipe and wipe it across the bottom of their belly. This should trigger them to wee, as it mimics cold air on their genitals. Easy peasy.

Use a Pee-Pee Teepee

Pee Pee Teepee

Pee-Pee Teepee ($19.05): As the name suggests, these little cotton teepees are designed to keep pee from being sprayed across the room by little boys during nappy changes. If they wee, the cone-shaped material should catch it!

Do the double nappy

It’s all about being prepared and being quick when it comes to stopping a pee attack during nappy changes. Put a fresh, clean nappy under baby before removing the soiled one. Then remove the wet nappy and quickly pop the fresh one straight on.

Cold air trick

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Given that cold air on bub’s genitals is the trigger for peeing, it makes sense to use it to get a wee out of bub before the nappy is completely removed. So, open the dirty nappy, let the cold air hit, then quickly just fold it over again. Wait a minute to let bub finish their wee, and change as normal.

Time it right

Baby in enjoying a warm bath

There are times when pint-sized pee shooters tend to relieve themselves more often. Usually after a nap, or straight out of the bath (there’s that cold air again!). So be prepared. Don’t change bub straight after a nap, and have a towel at the ready after the bath.

Keep nappy changes warm

Baby Wipes Warmer

Baby Wipes Warmer ($30.04): Now that we know the cold is a pee trigger, think about ways to keep baby warm during nappy changes. Make sure the room is at a toasty temperature, and warm up those wipes using an electric baby wipes warmer.

Cover it up

change table checklist

Keep a stash of face washers or terry towel nappies by the change table and pop them straight over baby’s genitals as soon as the nappy comes off. It adds to the washing, but it’s simple and saves getting pee in your eyes, so: winning.

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