5 safe co-sleeper bassinets for keeping baby close

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5 safe co-sleeper bassinets for keeping baby close | Mum's Grapevine

Many babes struggle with sleep during their early months, so a co-sleeper bassinet is a great solution for soothing baby back to sleep without you having to leave the bed.

Drop-down sides offer parents quick and easy access to baby for settling and feeding throughout the night. And positioned at the side of the bed, these bassinets offer babies their own safe sleep space, one where nighttime cuddles are never too far away.

What is a co-sleeper?

A co-sleeper baby bassinet is a separate sleeping area for babies that can be placed right next to the parent bed. Co-sleeping, on the other hand, is when parents sleep in the same bed with their baby.

This article is about co-sleepers, not co-sleeping, which according to Raising Children is not recommended as a safe sleep practice.

What to consider when buying a co-sleeper baby bassinet

Smuzpod4 Bedside Crib

Adjustable height and tilt – An adjustable unit will enable you to set it to the correct height for your particular bed. Tilt adjustments can be useful for helping to relieve bub’s reflux in those early months.

Breathability – Good airflow is important wherever baby sleeps, so look out for breezy mesh or cot-style sides that allow fresh air to flow through.

Safety – There are currently no Australian safety standards for co-sleepers, however, some manufacturers mention they comply with the older standards for Rocking Cradles.

5 baby co-sleepers for keeping little ones close

To help you find the right sleep solution for your family, we’ve compiled this handy guide to get you started in your search.

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In no particular order, here are 5 co-sleepers for bedside cuddles:


Snuz Pod Bedside Crib

SnüzPod4 Bedside Crib ($495)

It’s the feature-packed unit that works as a stand-alone crib or as a bassinet. Available in seven gorgeous colour schemes, it’s fitted with an innovative ComfortAir system and a zip-down wall to keep you close to bubba through every stretch and sigh.

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Bednest Bedside Bassinet

Bednest Bedside Baby Bassinet ($499.95)

It’s not just a co-sleeper, it’s also a free-standing bassinet and a Moses basket. It boasts a height-adjustable stand and can even be tilted to help relieve baby’s reflux. And when it’s time for your growing human to move on to the cot, it folds flat for simple storage.

Linea by Leander

Linea by Leander Side-By-Side Co-Sleeping Bassinet

Linea by Leander Side-by-Side Baby Bassinet ($699.95)

With retro-style wheels and angular lines, this is a sleek sleeper for the modern home. Adjust the frame to match the height of your bed for nighttime, and when it’s time for babe’s daytime nap, use the smooth wheels to maneuver the bassinet to the perfect spot.

Mini and Me I Can Spoon


Troll Sun Bedside Bassinet

Troll Sun Bedside Bassinet ($399.95)

With an airy design, this Scandi-inspired bed has loads of handy features. The drop-down side makes accessibility and nursing a breeze while the addition of castors ensures a smooth ride when repositioning it in the nursery as a stand-alone bassinet.


Babyrest Aria Bedside Bassinet

Babyrest Aria Bedside Bassinet ($429)

This feature-packed two-in-one bassinet and co-sleeper comes fitted with mesh walls for optimum airflow and visibility of precious babes. Height adjustable to eight positions, it has an anti-reflux recline position and four swivel wheels for ease of movement.

How long can a baby sleep in a co-sleeper bassinet?

Most co-sleepers are similar in size to a regular bassinet and support babies up to approximately six months of age, depending on their size and weight. Some bubs might be ready to transition to the cot as soon as two or three months. Check each particular brand for age recommendations.

Are co-sleepers the same as baby bassinets?

Unlike a regular bassinet with rigid sides, a co-sleeper has drop-down sides that allow you to position it right next to the adult bed and keep baby within arms reach. They provide babies with their own sleeping space, as recommended by Red Nose Australia, while staying nice and close to mum.

Can a newborn sleep in a co-sleeper?

Yes, most Australian brands are designed for use from birth up until approximately six months, depending on the manufacturer.

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5 co-sleeper bassinets for keeping baby close | Mum's Grapevine
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