63 Easy Ways to Decorate Easter eggs (at Home)

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Easy Easter Egg Decorating ideas | Mum's Grapevine

With Easter just around the corner, we’re getting seriously egg-cited about the fun family activities coming our way. There are delicious Easter cookies to bake, insanely fun egg hunts to plan and there are loads of Easter egg decorations to choose from.

In fact, the imagination is the limit when it comes to fabulous Easter egg designs, and aside from how much festivity decorated eggs bring to the house, making them is a great way to keep little hands busy during the holidays.

To help you find the ultimate Easter egg decorations to try at home, we’ve gone on a hunt of our own and tracked down 63 of the most spectacular Easter egg designs around.

Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas | Mum's Grapevine

63 easy Easter egg decorations to try at home

Without further ado, here are 63 egg decorating ideas that are guaranteed to wow your friends and family:

1. Boho babes

Boho Easter egg decorating idea

Whether you sit them in a wooden bowl or dot them around the room, these sleepy boho Easter eggs are bang on-trend for contemporary living.  (via Pauls Vera)

2. Whimsy and wild

Woodlands Easter egg decorating idea

Ssshhhh…We don’t want to wake these darling woodland animals. While you wouldn’t normally think of Easter when it comes to these particular critters, they’re a beautiful way of decorating eggs. (via Arty Crafty Kids)

A fine fairytale

Unicorn Easter egg decorating idea

Littles read about them in stories all the time. Bring those special stories to life with these precious unicorn Easter eggs. (via Little Inspiration)

3. Cute as cactus

Cactus Easter egg decorating idea

If your little ones love a spot of gardening, they’ll love putting these cute cactuses together for Easter. Just dye them green and pop them in their own pot – too easy. (via Delia Creates)

4. Oh me, oh my!

Wildlife Easter egg decorating idea

Just when we thought pandas, deer and raccoons couldn’t get much cuter, these wildlife Easter eggs rolled into town. What a gorgeous way to decorate the Easter table this year. (via Blog Lovin’)

5. Summer lovin’

Ice cream Easter egg decorating ideas

Missing the heat of summer already? (Us too!) This Easter egg decorating idea will bring those summer vibes back in an instant. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

6. Au naturel

Natural Easter egg decorating ideas

Let simple beauty speak for itself. A touch of white paint and a good brush will see these natural Easter eggs make the perfect centrepiece to a rustic brunch. (via Style Files)

7. Tutti Frutti

Watermelon easter egg DIY

When watermelon Easter eggs are so bold and bright we’re almost tempted to take a bite! This summery design only requires two dyes and a black Sharpie to be brought to life.  (via Let’s Mingle)

8. A speck of gold

Gold animal Easter egg decorating idea

Glistening and absolutely gorgeous – we’re seriously crushing hard on these golden animal Easter eggs. If you can’t find bunnies and butterflies, try some mini dinos or jungle animals and mix up the paint colours. (via Flax & Twine)

9. Donut they look pretty

Donut Easter egg decorating idea

Taking our favourite sweet snack as inspiration, these doughnut Easter eggs are ticking all the right boxes. The problem is….now we’re hungry! (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

10. Sweet sprinkles

Sprinkle Easter egg decorating idea

Raid the cake cupboard, dive into your lolly stash – do whatever you have to do to make these sweet and colourful Easter eggs STAT. (via Let’s Mingle)

11. Festival fashion

Festival style Easter egg DIY

Whether you’re a Coachella chick or a Glastonbury gal, a batch of Festival-style Easter eggs is what you need to take the season (and your decor) interstellar. (via Miss Renaissance)

12. White and wild

Natural cactus Easter egg decorating idea

Transporting us to the dry deserts of the USA, these natural cactus-themed Easter eggs are a cinch to make and look super cute to boot. (via The Shift Creative)

13. A BBQ fave

Burger Easter egg decorating idea

Having an Easter BBQ this year? Wow the crowd with these burger Easter eggs as the picnic centrepiece! (via Studio DIY)

14. Floral fancy

Whimsy Easter egg decorating idea

With their dainty faces and floral headpieces, these elegant Easter eggs have our hearts in a flutter. Fill them with whatever floral goodness your garden has to offer. (via Little Inspiration)

15. Disco fever

Disco ball Easter egg decorating idea

Bringing the 70s back for one last dance with these seriously sparkly disco eggs! A little glue and some sparkles are all it takes. (via Mike Garten and Good Housekeeping)

16. The Egg Strikes Back

Star Wars Easter egg decorating idea

Star Wars fans behold – egg versions of the coolest intergalactic characters ever! These will keep your little Yoda devotees busy for a while. (via Frugal Fun for Boys)

17. Just like tatt

Metallic tattoo Easter eggs

Metallic tattoos are a fun way to add some wow to the kids’ costumes throughout the year – why not give them a whirl when decorating Easter eggs? We love this idea! (via Mike Garten Good Housekeeping)

18. Oh, Sir!

Mustache Easter egg decorating idea

What very fine Easter eggs indeed…with even finer ‘staches. Pour yourself a pot of Earl Grey, prep the scones and enjoy whipping up these dapper gents. (via Number 2 Pencil)

19. Go green

Easter Egg Decorating: Easter craft moss eggs

Green is good – even on eggs! Take your tribe on a morning nature trail, big up some fresh moss and head home to get crafty. (via The Merry Thought)

20. Made for each other

Easter Egg Decorating: Mr and Mrs Egg Easter

Seriously cool and seriously cute – we’re head over heels for this egg-ceptional couple! The kids will adore creating these merry couples this Easter. (via Say Yes)

21. Dot to dot

colourful dot egg craft

Cool, colourful and chaos-free. A basket of eggs and a selection of small coloured stickers are all you need to keep their creative minds and little fingers busy. (via Domino)

22. Good looking

Easter Egg Decorating: googlie eyes

Googly eyes make everything better – FACT. Revamp a tray of eggs and turn your Easter guests into a giggling mess with this cracking idea. (via Oh Happy Day)

23. Stick it

Easter Egg Decorating: neon pink Easter eggs

Anyone with a ‘craft drawer’ at home knows that a little bit of coloured tape goes a long way. These vibrant eggs go to show just how effective that roll of wonder can be. (via Living at Home)

24. Pretty as a picture

Easter Egg Decorating: paper napkin eggs

Delicate, detailed and dainty. These darling blue and white Easter eggs are the perfect addition to a classically styled Easter table. (via Purely Katie)

25. Going for gold

Easter Egg Decorating: gold bunny egg

Bring a little bling to your Easter party with these egg-travagant eggs. Any excuse to use a touch of gold leaf and we’re in! (via Sugar and Charm)

26. Fruity fun

Easter Egg Decorating: pineapple eggs for Easter

Is there a fruit more fun than a pineapple? We didn’t think so. Pay homage to all things tropical with this refreshing box of eggs. (via Studio DIY)

27. Nailed it

Easter Egg Decorating: blue marbled eggs

If you’ve never used nail polish to marble before, now’s the time to try. Add a few drops of your favourite shade to a container of water and hey presto! (via Alice & Lois).

28. Crazy for confetti

sprinkle egg craft

No parent’s baking cupboard is complete without a stash of 100’s and 1000’s. Take a leaf out of Domino’s book and simply dab your eggs with glue, then dip into colourful confectionary. (via Dominos)

29. An egg-cellent idea

Easter Egg Decorating: Easter egg tree

When your kiddos are done being crafty, display their work with pride. This clever Easter tree allows you to go as big or as little as you’d like. (via Walk in Love)

30. Flower power

Easter Egg Decorating: decopague flower eggs

Give a nod to vintage style icons Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley with fancy floral decoupage. The simple yet stunning designs will transform foyers and coffee tables. (via Craft and Creativity)

31. Smashing shell

Easter Egg Decorating: crackled chips glued on eggs
You’ll need a little patience for this one, but trust us, the end result is worth it. The ladies over at Sugar and Charm show us how to make and mosaic with a cool Easter twist. (via Sugar and Charm)

32. Pitter, patter, splat.

Easter Egg Decorating: Black marble egg

It’s time for your inner-artist (and the paint) to get a little wild. Prep the paint – but don’t forget the kids’ art smocks! Ready, steady, SPLAT. (via Made by Molu)

33. Just say it

Easter Egg Decorating: Inspirational quotes Easter eggs

Positivity is power. Go above and beyond with your own special collection of inspirational Easter eggs. Doodle to your heart’s content or script your favourite affirmations. (via Walk in Love)

34. Do it with dust

blue dust Easter egg

Did someone say dust?! Edible cake dust comes in mighty handy when creating these cracking pops of colour. Brighten up your Easter table with this blazing idea. (via Domino)

35. Colour pops

Balloon Easter Eggs

Is there a child around who doesn’t love balloons? We think not. Add some big colour and inspire a million smiles with these clever balloon-themed beauties. (via A Joyful Riot)

36. Chirpy Chicks

Little chicken and bunny eggs

We just love these sweet little characters – and we’re pretty sure the kiddlywinks will too. A few shades of dye and a fine Sharpie will have you ready to bring your eggs to life. (via Fresh Designs Pedia)

37. Pretty pastels

colourful easter eggs with googly eyes

So simple, the kids could make them on their own. Grab yourself a stash of googly eyes (the crazier the better!) and give your eggs some fun egg-spressions. (via Oh Happy Day)

38. A cherry on top

Icecream eggs with cherry on top for Easter

Here are some Easter egg decorations good enough to eat. Some Ice Magic and a bag of cherries is all you need to take those eggs to a whole other level of excitement. Just don’t forget the sprinkles! (via Studio DIY)

39. Berry bliss

eggs painted like strawberries

Prefer strawberries to eggs? Pay homage to your favourite fruit with a blissful batch of berries. They look good enough to eat! (via Style me Pretty)

40. Stripes for days

How to add coloured layers to easter eggs

Celebrate the kids’ favourite footy teams, or just mash-up those colours you can’t get enough of. A little time and patience is all it takes. (via Martha Stewart)

41. Old-school fun

eggs painted like gumball machine

They make complicated, but trust us when we say these are a cinch to bring to life. Just roundup some coloured markers and coloured card and you’re good to go. (via A Joyful Riot)

42. Light and bright

colourful painted easter eggs silver pink and green

We just love these shiny gems, especially considering you can whip them up in whatever colour scheme you’ve got going on this year. (via Little Inspiration)

43. Tell ’em, you love ’em

alphabet easter eggs

Use this year’s Easter egg decorations to tell your peeps how special they are with a bundle of lettered eggs. Sticker letters and your favourite dye is all it takes to whip up a message to melt hearts. (via Lovely Indeed)

44. Turn up the turquoise

Speckled blue and gold easter eggs

If blue hues take you to your happy place, these are the only eggs you need this Easter. You’ll only need some blue and green dye, an old toothbrush and some gold paint for splattering. (via Craftberry Bush)

45. Sprinkle Easter everywhere

DIY Sprinkle Easter Egg Decorations

These eggs will give the fairy bread a run for its money in the fun stakes! Equip yourself with some glue, a spoon and a bag of sprinkles, and get cracking! (via Studio DIY)

46. Double dip

Oh Joy Neon Easter Egg Decorations

The imagination is the limit with what you can create with this clever neon-dip technique. Pick your colours, prep the drying rack and get creative with the kids. (via Oh Joy)

47. Easter towers

Mr Printable Easter Tower

Not just the place for egg-ceptional Easter Printables, this site shows you how to skewer and stack your decorated eggs to create a tower of Eater awesomeness! We love! (via Mr Printables)

48. Pretty in pink

Pink sharpie designed easter eggs

Spray paints and good-quality oil-based paint pens are what you’ll need to re-create these pretty eggs. A fabulous (and easy) option if you have younger artists on your hands. (via Lovely Indeed)

49. Veggie power

Easter Egg Decorations Vegetables - Good Housekeeping

A veggie garden with a twist. If your littlies love to grow their own fresh veggies, they’ll love trying their hand at whipping up these goodies. (via Mike Garten and Good Housekeeping)

50. Cheeky chickens

Cheeky Chicken Easter Eggs - Martha Stewart

Imagine the giggles these little guys will inspire! Simple to create, these cheeky chicks need little more than some felt and a black marker to be welcomed into your Easter celebrations. (via Martha Stewart)

51. Sharpie art

Eater Egg Decorations with Sharpie Art

If you’re not so confident with paint or dye, this Sharpie idea is a great way to make your Easter egg decorations sing without too much of a fuss. Place a bunny sticker onto your hard-boiled egg and dot around the edges with your favourite coloured pen. Easy peasy. (via Cutesy Crafts)

52. Modern metallics

Metallic Blue Easter Eggs

Blue hues and metallics are a winning combination. Simply dye your eggs blue then use gold paint pens to do the rest. We love the retro polka dots! (via David Prince and Better Homes & Gardens)

53. Funny faces

Emoji Easter Egg Decorations by Studio DIY

Oh yes, emoji Easter eggs are here! Paint with the kids, hide them around the house and watch all the LOL’s as your giggling minis scurry about collection them. (via Studio DIY)

54. Designer decorating

Pantone Easter Eggs

Easter eggs never looked so cool! Design buffs take note, this is a simple (and massively cool) way to show off your love for colour. It’s a great way to familiarise yourself with trending hues too. (via How About Orange)

55. Mini Minions

Minions Easter Eggs

Are your munchkins mad on Minions? Grab some blue and yellow dye, a length of black twine and lots of googly eyes. We can guarantee you’ll be singing the ‘Banana’ song in no time! (via A Pumpkin and a Princess)

56. Party time

DIY Easter Eggs with Party Hats

Keep your eggs simple this year and go all out on the accessories. Party hats with teeny tassels for your Easter eggs? Too cute! (via Flax and Twine)

67. Pouty people

Bouffant Hipster Easter eggs

Have some fun with your Easter egg decorations with this bowl of beauties. Bouffant bobs and pouty lips will definitely give your eggs the WOW factor this Easter. (via Studio DIY)

58. Mr Men & Little Miss

Mr Men & Little Miss Easter Eggs

Give the kiddos even more reasons to smile by inviting Little Miss Sunshine and the gang along for Easter. (via Glitter in my Tea)

59. Blackboard beauty

Chalkboard Easter Eggs by The Red Thread

Chalkboard paint reigns supreme yet again. (Is there anything it doesn’t look great on?) There are infinite possibilities with this easy Easter idea.  (via We Are Scout)

60. LEGO, lets go!

LEGO Easter Eggs

Looking for a totally awesome way to decorate your Easter eggs? These LEGO Minifigure eggs will keep little brick-builders busy for ages! (via It’s Always Autumn)

61. Feeling fruity

Fruit Easter Eggs

Did you know that Easter eggs count towards your five-a-day? Well, not really, but these fruity eggs will still add some fruit-themed fun to your Easter antics. (via Brit + Co)

62. Supernatural

Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

It’s amazing what paper towel, food colouring and vinegar can do. Just look at this space-age number! (via Fun at Home with Kids)

63. The egg said it

Typography Easter Eggs

Hop into crafty action with these beautiful typography Easter eggs. Leave them sitting pretty on display or add them to your Easter egg hunt for extra fun. (via Lovely Indeed)

Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas | Mum's Grapevine

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