Urgent recall: Popular baby trikes too dangerous to keep

Kogan trike recall

Kogan Australia Pty Ltd — 4 in 1 Baby Walker & Trike and 6 in 1 Baby Walker & Trike

Parents are being told to dispose of two convertible walker and trike models that have been recalled due to missing safety features.

Product description: 4 in 1 Baby Walker & Trike and the 6 in 1 Baby Walker & Trike (available in black or grey models).

Defects: The products have some of the features of a stroller, but are unsafe for use as a stroller to transport children as they do not have the safety features required under the mandatory standard ‘Consumer Product Safety Standard for Prams and Strollers (Consumer Protection Notice No 8 of 2007, as amended on 14 February 2019)’. These products are missing safety features and labelling and the locking device can be operated easily by a child.

Kogan trike recall

Hazards: The products may cause injury to a child if the product rolls, unlocks or folds in an uncontrolled manner or if the child falls out of the product. There is also a risk of entanglement in one of the strap loops, which may cause injury.

What should you do: You should dispose of the product and contact Kogan Australia to arrange for a full refund. To obtain a refund consumers will be requested to provide Kogan Australia with a photograph or video to show that the product has been completely destroyed. For more information,  contact Kogan Australia on 1300 304 292.

Where was the product sold: Nationally via Kogan and Dick Smith from 1 June 2020 – 1 February 2021.

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