9 cot mattresses supporting kids to sleep (safely)

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Numu-roo mattress

When it comes to setting up your baby’s sleeping space, the cot mattress is an important product to get right. To help little ones get the sleep their bodies need, your baby mattress should be the perfect mix of comfort and safety.

Available in various sizes to fit all types of cots, cot mattresses in Australia vary in styles from traditional inner-spring options to foam and contemporary mesh designs that are completely washable.

With the safe amount of firmness and a gentle cover, the right sleep surface goes a long way to getting baby’s sleep routines under control – and help the rest of the family catch sweet dreams and overdue zees.

What to consider when buying a mattress

Milari Organics Mattress

Firmness: Red Nose explains that baby mattresses should be firm and compliant with the Australian voluntary standard.

Ease of cleaning: Look for materials that are easily cleanable, and importantly, that dries fast enough to be ready for the next nap.

Size: According to Product Safety Australia, when a mattress is centred it should not be more than 20mm from any cot side or end.

9 baby mattresses sending kids to sleep (safely)

To help you find a safe baby mattress, we’ve compiled this list of fab brands available in Australia to get you started in your search.

Here are 9 of the best cot mattresses in Australia for 2022:


Mocka Nero Mattress

Mocka Nero Baby Mattress ($149.95)

Measuring 130 x 69cm, this inner-spring Mocka mattress comes at a great price and fits all of the brand’s much-loved cots. Made of a combination of knitted fabric, air-circulated wave foam & tempered steel springs, it’s as comfy as they come.

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Boori Mattress for baby

Boori Mattress for Cots (from $99.95)

From pocket springs to high-density foam and oval styles, Boori mattresses cater to a huge range of cot styles. Every style is designed to offer optimum support for growing babes while being durable enough to stand the test of time.

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PixieBaby European cot sized mattress

PixieBaby European Size Mattress ($297.95)

This high-quality inner-spring mattress is made for European cots measuring 140 x 70cm. Meeting the Australian voluntary standard for firmness and fitted with a cotton cover, it’s the right mattress for a comfy and safe sleeping surface for a larger cot.

Buy now from Danish by Design


Growbright Airnest Mattress for cots

Growbright Airnest ($499)

Built on a nest of air, the lightweight Growbright Airnest is ultra-breathable, super comfortable, 100% washable and free from any nasty chemicals. The core is made from recyclable food-grade polypropylene and the cover is Oeko-Tex class one.

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Numu-roo mesh mattress

Numu-roo Breathable Mattress for Cots ($499)

Made of a 100% breathable single mesh layer that you can see through, this revolutionary mattress by Numu-roo says goodbye to dust mites and other nasties that cause irritation and stays cool on even the hottest of days. It’s available in 11 sizes plus custom order.

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Milari Organics

Milari Organics pebble Mattress

Milari Organics Green Baby Mattress (from $500)

Made with certified organic cotton, pure latex, Australian wool and coconut coir, the Milari feels as good as it performs. Non-toxic and well-cushioned for sweet little bodies, it’s the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Buy now from Milari Organics


Childcare Inner Spring cot sized Mattress

Childcare Inner Spring Baby Mattress ($129)

This firm, inner-spring number is low allergenic and well ventilated to keep baby comfortable all throughout the night. Suitable from birth to three years, it comes in regular size to fit many cots and weighs only 6.5kg.

Buy now from The Stork Nest


Ecosa Mattress for cot

Ecosa Cot-sized Mattress (from $540)

When they say it’s entirely washable, they aren’t joking. Throw the cover in the machine on a regular wash and pop the Innovative Nestflow Core in the tub or shower for a thorough clean. Completely recyclable and low allergenic, this ticks all the boxes.

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Incy Interiors

Incy Interiors Mattress

Incy Interiors Mattresses ($249)

In a standard size, the Incy Interiors mattress comes with fab features at a great price. Made with comfort and safety in mind, it’s pocket-spring and comes with a breathable cotton-blend outer for maximum cosiness come snooze time.

Buy now from Incy Interiors

What size mattress do I need for my cot?

While standard cot mattresses in Australia are approximately 130 x 70cm, the size you need depends on your particular brand of cot. To establish exactly what size you need for your baby’s special sleeping space, check the manufacturer guidelines before you buy.

Why are baby mattresses firm?

Soft sleeping surfaces are considered to be unsafe for babies, especially when tummy sleeping occurs.  To reduce the risk of accidents, firm mattresses are suggested to give babies a stable surface and prevent them from sinking into the bedding. A firm mattress also provides good resistance when babies push up or stand in the cot (when they should be sleeping!)

Is it safe to use a second-hand baby mattress?

The latest information provided by Red Nose states that “there is no detectable increase in risk using one second hand so long as it’s clean, not torn and well-fitting.” Of course, if you are in any doubt as to the cleanliness and condition of a mattress, err on the side of caution and look for another one.


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