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OiOi Change Mat

Changing a baby while you’re out and about can be a fiddly procedure, and when a ‘code brown’ situation arises, there’s nothing worse than having to rummage through your nappy bag or pram basket for necessities. This is where a nappy wallet with a portable changing mat comes in so handy.

Complete with pockets for all your change-time essentials, portable change mats fold up into a compact and stylish nappy clutch or wallet, and they’re a must for mums and bubs who love to travel and spend their days on the move.

Features to consider in a nappy wallet

Best nappy wallets in Australia for 2021 | Mum's Grapevine

Size: Portable change mats should be big enough to contain little accidents during change time but not so big that it takes you a long time to clean and fold it away. Nappy clutches in Australia vary in size, so be sure to check each brand for the best fit for your child.

Secure fastening: The best travel change mats fold up into a handy nappy wallet and secure with a Velcro tab, press studs, or a loop fastening. This helps you keep your mat clean, compact and easy to store during family holidays and busy days spent on the go.

Waterproof interior: A waterproof interior not only stops any drips and dribbles from seeping through to the surface underneath (like your car seat), but it also makes it easy for you to wipe it down after change time.

Padding: You never know where you might have to change your baby’s nappy, and the surface might not always be as soft as the nursery change mat. Look for a portable change mat with enough padding to protect little bottoms from cold, hard surfaces underneath.

Best Nappy Wallets Australia | Mum's Grapevine

8 portable changing mats for when you’re on the go

To help you find the best travel change mat for you and your child, we’ve compiled this handy list of fab brands to get you started in your search.

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In no particular order, here they are:


OiOi Portable Changing Mat

OiOi Baby Changing Mat Clutches (from $15.95)

Stylish and practical, OiOi changing mat clutches feature sections for creams, nappies and accessories plus a handy zip pocket for securing your valuables. In a range of designs, each mat comes with a removable strap for attaching to your wrist or stroller.

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from OiOi website

Baby Nation

Baby Nation Cheeky Changing Mat

Baby Nation The Cheeky Change Mat ($99)

This clever 90cm travel nappy clutch was specially designed to fit babies on it comfortably – from birth through to the toddler years. It has internal padding, two storage pockets, waterproof lining and a wrist strap for taking it with you everywhere.

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from Baby Nation website


Purebaby Quilted Change Mat

Purebaby Quilted Change Mats ($39.95)

Made with organic cotton, Purebaby quilted travel changing mats come in three beautiful shades and have deliciously soft terry-towelling interiors. A waterproof layer protects against little accidents and a single button loop closure keeps everything secure.

Jellystone Designs

Jellystone Designs Nappy Clutch

Jellystone Designs Nappy Clutch ($29.95)

It’s the machine-washable nappy wallet with a roomy change mat and a home for all of your supplies. Made from waterproof neoprene fabric, it’s well-cushioned for optimum comfort and comes with an adjustable strap for shoulder wear or attaching to the pram.

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from Jellystone Designs website


Storksak Organic Nappy Change Station

Storksak Organic Change Station ($64.99)

Made of organic cotton, the Storksak Organic Change Station includes a large zippered compartment and a handy wipes dispenser. It is lined with stain-resistant fabric made from recycled materials and includes a removable change mat and stroller attachment.

Mama Clothing

Mama Clothing Nappy Wallet

Mama Clothing The All Rounder Change Mat ($29)

It’s a change mat, playing mat and nappy clutch all in one portable unit. Two removable internal pockets are included along with an external zip pocket for extra storage. Made of 100% cotton with a waterproof membrane, this handy helper makes change time easy.

Indi & Oscar

Indi and Oscar Nappy Clutch

Indi & Oscar Nappy Changing Clutch Wallet ($99)

A complete changing station, the Indi & Oscar nappy clutch folds out into a spacious, detachable mat with designated compartments for nappies and wipes. There are also front and rear pockets for accessories and a wrist and shoulder strap for easy carrying.

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from Indi & Oscar website


Babymel Portable Change Station

Babymel Eco Carmel Leopard Change Station ($39.99)

Ticking all the boxes for quick and easy changes on the go, the Babymel Change Station has a dedicated pocket for wipes and a rear compartment for nappies and creams. It includes a padded, machine-washable removable change mat and a stroller bar attachment.

Babymel Discount Code: Use code ‘MGV15’ for 15% off storewide.
Babymel exclusive discount code

from Babymel website

Nappy Wallets: Your questions answered

Buying anything for a baby can come with its fair share of questions, so to help you with your search for the right portable changing mat, we’ve provided some welcome answers.

What is a nappy wallet?

Super handy for families who travel or spend a lot of time on the move, a nappy clutch includes a portable changing mat and compartments for storing supplies like nappies and wipes. Compact and convenient, it folds up into a neat nappy clutch and often comes with an adjustable strap for attaching to your wrist or the pram.

Do I need a nappy wallet?

Nappy wallets are designed to make life easier for busy parents and save them from lugging around a lot of bulky gear. Whether you’re in and out of the house a lot or enjoy family travel, a nappy wallet means you have all your change-time essentials in a compact and accessible format. While not essential, a portable nappy clutch is definitely a baby item that comes in handy when you’re on the move.

How much does a travel change mat cost?

In Australia, nappy clutches range from around $15 for basic styles to $100 or more for some designer models. The good news is that there is a wide range of options available, with designs to suit every personality and prices to suit every budget.

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Best Nappy Wallets Australia | Mum's Grapevine

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