11 natural baby skincare products for sensitive skin

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Best natural baby skincare brands

There’s nothing more delicate than a newborn baby’s skin.  And like the food we put into their bodies, taking care of what we put on their delicate skin is just as important. One of the best ways to protect sensitive newborn skin is to use a natural baby skincare product, that’s free from harmful chemicals including yukky toxins and hidden nasties.

Australia’s top skincare products for babies use nourishing plant-derived ingredients including chamomile, lavender, and calendula to guard and soothe young skin while smelling absolutely delicious. Free of irritants, they are gentle enough to use daily and give you peace of mind that your baby’s skin is getting the goodness it needs.

11 baby skincare products for sensitive skin

To help you find the best skincare for your baby, we’ve compiled this handy list of suitably gentle brands available right here in Australia to get you started in your search.

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Here are 11 baby skincare brands available in Australia.


Baby Skincare: Weleda

Weleda Natural Baby Products (from $6.95)

The Weleda skincare range for babies is packed with the goodness of organic calendula (or marigold), which is known and loved for its dry skin healing properties. Products include shampoo and wash for cleansing the skin and baby oils for delicious massages.

Weleda Discount Code: Use code ‘MGVWELEDA20’ for 20% off full-priced items. Excludes sets and bundles.

Buy now from Weleda website

Wotnot Naturals

Wotnot Naturals Baby Skincare

Wotnot Naturals Baby Wash and Skincare (from $12.99)

Free from hidden toxins, Wotnot’s all-natural products nourish babies senstive skin with the help of flaxseed oil – one of nature’s richest sources of omega-3 and omega-6. Developed to ensure skin is clean, hydrated and soothed using certified-organic ingredients, the range is approved by the Eczema Association and is suitable for newborns.

Wotnot Naturals Discount Code: Use code ‘MGV15’ for 15% off storewide.

Buy now from Wotnot Naturals website

ChamonixRain Organics

ChamonixRain Organics Baby Skincare

ChamonixRain Organics Baby Shampoo & Skincare (from $24.95)

Gentle enough for newborns, ChamonixRain Organics leaves little one’s skin smiling. With hydrating coconut oil at the heart of their products, this skincare nourishes dry skin while replenishing its natural oils. The addition of Organic Lavender and Chamomile Extract helps calm baby for a good night’s sleep.

ChamonixRain Organics Discount Code: Use code ‘MGV50’ for 50% off full-priced items storewide.

Buy now from ChamonixRain website

Bondi Wash

Bondi Wash Natural Baby Skincare

Bondi Wash Natural Baby Wash & Skincare (from $6)

Packed with Australian products to treat and protect our precious babes, the range from Bondi Wash is fragranced with Blue Cypress to soothe inflamed or irritated skin. Featuring a baby balm, bar, lotion, powder, wash and a gentle washcloth, this simple yet effective skincare leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

Bondi Wash Discount Code: Use code ‘MUMSTHEWORD’ for 15% off storewide.

Buy now from Bondi Wash website


Lovekins Natural and Organic Baby Skincare

Lovekins Skincare for Babies (from $24.95)

This award-winning skincare range uses an array of natural-organic Australian native ingredients to calm and nourish sensitive skin from birth. With antioxidant-rich Kakadu Plum, Blue Cypress, and Tasmanian Pepper Berry in their products, pampering and protecting baby’s sensitive skin has never felt better.

Buy now from Lovekins website

GAIA Natural Baby

GAIA natural baby skincare

GAIA Natural Skincare (from $9.99)

The baby range from GAIA has all bases covered. The formulas are free from soap and sulphates to protect the oils of bubba’s delicate skin. From silky smooth moisturisers made with shea butter and avocado oil to a dreamy bath wash that calms baby bears ready for bed – it’s a little bit of luxury for everyday moments.

Buy Now from Gaia Natural website

Bubba Organics

Bubba Organics Baby Skincare

Bubba Organics Natural Skincare (from $23.95)

Soothing and safe, Bubba Organics premium baby washes, shampoos and lotions are made of 100% natural ingredients, carefully chosen to be gentle and calming to sensitive skin and even eczema-prone skin. Signature products include Lavender & Chamomile and Goat’s Milk, all free from toxins and irritants, locally made and beautifully packaged.

Buy now from Bubba Organics website


Bunjie Plant-Based Baby Skincare

Bunjie Skincare (from $13.99)

An exciting first in skincare for babies, Bunjie is a range of prebiotic and probiotic immune boosters for the skin. Proudly Australian-made, Bunjie is powered by patented microbiome boosters to protect soft little bodies night and day. Whether it be a barrier cream, baby oil or bubble bath, these guys have a bottle for the job.

Buy Now from Bunjie website


Mikash Baby Skincare

Mikash Skincare (from $19)

Luxurious and all-natural, Mikash skincare is made here in Australia from locally sourced, plant-derived ingredients. The two-in-one baby wash and shampoo is infused with fragrant frankincense and the essential oils of lavender and sweet orange. Natural baby products are available individually or in convenient, giftable sets.

Mikash Skincare Discount Code: Use code ‘MGV15’ for 15% off orders over $55.

Buy now from Mikash Skincare website

Gilly Goat

Gilly Goat, natural baby skincare

Gilly Goat Skincare for Babies (from $22.95)

Created from a base of aloe vera, shea butter and goat’s milk, the Gilly Goat skincare range targets dryness, irritation and redness with naturally rich moisturising ingredients. Plus, it’s free from toxins and packed with calming botanical extracts that clean and shield bubba’s skin while keeping soft.

Buy now from Gilly Goat website

Dr Bronner’s

Dr Bronner's organic baby products

Dr Bronner’s Skincare (from $8.95)

Known worldwide for their 18-in-1 Magic Soaps Dr Bronner’s range has extended into baby skin care with Fair Trade baby products that are all fragrance-free and ideal for baby’s sensitive skin. Key ingredients such as hemp, coconut and jojoba oil leave the skin feeling squeaky clean and luxuriously smooth.

Buy now from Nourished Life website

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Best baby shampoo and natural skincare products

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