15 baby swaddles for newborn comfort and sleep

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Ergopouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag

A perfectly sized baby swaddle suit keeps newborn bugs snug and help them get all the precious zeds they need.

Baby swaddles are cocoon-like suits that mimick the cosiness of the womb to help reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality in newborns. They prevent scratching and constant waking from the startle reflex, plus with no tricky wrapping required like with muslin swaddles, they make dressing minis for bed an absolute breeze.

Keep reading for important features to consider when you’re on the hunt for the perfect swaddle plus a handy list of the top brands in the land.

Tips for buying swaddles for newborns

Embe Starter 2 Way Swaddle

Breathable materials – Like any sleepwear for babies, ensure your swaddle is made of natural fabrics that allow good airflow such as super soft organic cotton or Merino wool. This is important for keeping baby at a comfortable, safe temperature while they snooze.

A hip-friendly design – With Healthy Hips Australia reporting that eight babies a day are diagnosed with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), preventative measures are super important in the early months. Hip-friendly swaddles give little legs plenty of room to sit in the natural ‘froggy’ position and move freely.

Ease of washing – From dribble to reflux and inevitable blowouts, you can count on having to wash bub’s swaddles often. Look out for resilient materials that are machine-washable, quick to dry and won’t lose their shape easily.

Versatility and longevity – Muslin swaddles and jersey wraps aren’t your only option anymore. Many clever modern designs adapt to your baby’s developmental changes; some can be used as transition suits, others convert to a sleeping bag. Some styles even double as a breastfeeding cover. So handy.

T.O.G warmth rating – Like a baby sleeping bag, swaddles also sometimes come in different T.O.G ratings, which is a measurement that indicates the warmth of materials. The higher the T.O.G rating, the warmer the garment, so keep this in mind when buying for warm and cool climates.

15 best baby swaddles for newborn bubs

With so many swaddles on the market in Australia, it’s hard to know where to start, so we asked the HUGE Mum’s Grapevine Facebook community which styles they love the most. In no particular order, these are the styles they tried, tested and recommended.


Ergopouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag

ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag (from $39.95)

Available in a range of T.O.G ratings, ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bags have you covered all year. Easy to use, but hard to escape from, they’re made with super soft organic cotton and bamboo plus elastane for stretch. Arm poppers make them fab for transitioning to a sleeping bag.

Buy now from ErgoPouch


Bubbaroo Joey Swaddle Bag

Bubbaroo Joey Pouch Swaddling Bag (from $35.95)

The perfect pouch for your little joey. Bubbaroo’s award-winning swaddles are made with lightweight, knitted cotton that’s machine washable and fast drying. They come in one size to fit newborns through their early months and have a bottom zip for easy nappy changes.

Buy now from Bubbaroo


Babystudio Swaddlepouches

Babystudio Swaddlepouch (from $20)

Crafted from gentle cotton, the Babystudio Swaddlepouch features a 1.0 TOG rating, two-way zips and just enough tightness to mimic the cosiness of the womb. We love the added stretch for allowing legs to sit in a natural froggie position.

Love To Dream

Love To Dream SWADDLE UP

Love To Dream SWADDLE UP (from $39.95)

The multi-award-winning SWADDLE UP is a favourite among mums for its unique shape that allows bubs to sleep with their arms up, just the way so many like it. Choose from original styles in multiple T.O.Gs and transition suits for bubs ready to free up an arm.

Buy now from The Iconic

Snuggle Hunny Kids

Snuggle Hunny Kids Baby Swaddles

Snuggle Swaddle Sack Sets (from $40.46)

Exquisitely soft and beautifully designed here in Australia, these are swaddles you won’t be able to take your eyes off. Like a stretchy sack, each is free from Velcro, zips and buttons, and comes with a matching beanie for next-level cuteness.

Buy now from Snuggle Hunny Kids

Mokopuno Merino

Mokopuna Merino Swaddles

Mokopuno Merino Swaddle Cocoono ($49.95)

Silky-soft Mokopuna swaddles are made of 100% Merino wool to insulate baby while allowing healthy airflow throughout the seasons. Acknowledged as hip friendly, they give babes loads of wriggle room and come fitted with a two-way zipper for change time.

Buy now from The Sleep Store

Sleepy Bub

Sleepy Bub Swaddles

Sleepy Bub Swaddles ($59.99)

Some bubs like to snooze with their arms down, some with their arms on their chest, and Sleepy Bub hip-healthy swaddles cater to both. Ultra-soft thanks to GOTS certified organic interlock cotton, they come with protected zippers and sweet fold-over mittens. Aww.

Buy now from Sleepybub


Embe Starter 2 Way Newborn Swaddle

Embe Starter 2 Way Swaddle ($49.95)

It’s the world’s only legs in / legs out swaddle and it’s perfect for adapting to changing weather and doing nappy changes with the stealth of a ninja. Hip safe, it comes with a ‘no break-out’ zip that keeps little ones cocooned and cosy all night long.

Buy now from The Sleep Store

Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee Grobag Easy Swaddle

Tommee Tippee Grobag Newborn Sleep-Easy Swaddle ($29.58)

These zip-up swaddles make bundling up baby a breeze. Fully accredited as ‘hip-healthy’, they come in a choice of colours and are specially designed for newborns up to around three months of age. Made of soft cotton, these are easy to care for and easy to wear.

Buy now from Amazon


Purflo Swaddle to Sleep Bag

Purflo Swaddle To Sleep Bag – All Seasons ($59.95)

The Purflo Swaddle To Sleep Bag was created as a healthier, safer sleeping solution for new little humans. Super snug, it eliminates the need for loose bedding and has unique mesh panels for great airflow. And when bub outgrows the swaddle, it converts to a sleeping bag.

Buy now from The Sleep Store

Summer Infant

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Newborn Swaddle

Summer Infant Original SwaddleMe ($33.40)

Snug and easy to use, the SwaddleMe features adjustable wings that fasten securely around bubs with a hook and loop system. There is a handy zip at the base for quick nappy changes in the ‘wee’ hours and a fun range of styles to choose from.

Buy now from Amazon

Bespoke Baby

Bespoke Swaddles

Bespoke Baby Swaddle Wraps (from $25)

Available individually, in multi-packs or in sets with a matching hat, these swaddles are as giftable as they are gorgeous. Taking the struggle out of swaddling, they come with non-scratch Velcro that holds bubs nice and tight for a better night’s sleep.

Buy now from Bespoke Baby


Woombie Grow With Me Swaddle

Woombie Grow With Me Swaddle Suit (from $79.95)

The clever Woombie covers all five stages of sleep to see babies from birth right through to 18 months of age.  Cotton and Spandex provides plenty of room to wriggle, while mild compression mimics the sensation of touch to soothe new little humans through the night.

Buy now from Woombie Australia


Lekebaby Newborn Swaddle Sack

Lekebaby Newborn Swaddle with Adjustable Wings 2pk ($24.99)

In soft cotton and a simple design that takes the stress out of dressing bub for bed, it’s easy to see why this budget-friendly set is winning fans. It comes in two sizes and features adjustable wings that secure with Velcro tabs.

Buy now from Amazon

Billie + Bobbie

Billie and Bobbie Joey Merino Swaddle Sack

Billie + Bobbie Joey Merino Wool Swaddle Sack ($79)

Designed specially with safety and comfort in mind, the Billie + Bobbie Swaddle Sack is proudly made in Australia from superfine merino wool. Naturally breathable, it helps reduce overheating and disruption from the startle reflex.

Buy now from Billie and Bobbie

How do you dress a newborn under a swaddle?

It’s super important to avoid baby overheating, so don’t overdress baby under the swaddle. Red Nose Australia recommends dressing baby as you would dress yourself for the temperature of the room. Use breathable, lightweight garments made of fabrics like muslin or cotton.

Should I swaddle my baby for daytime naps?

If swaddling helps baby nod off sooner during the day, go for it. In fact, daytime can be harder for falling asleep due to household noise and daylight, so the extra comfort of a snug swaddle can be helpful.

When do you stop swaddling a baby?

The most important sign that it’s time to stop swaddling is when baby learns to roll over, which happens anywhere between two and four months. Of course, bub could show clear signs that they’re ready to move on before they even learn to roll, such as constantly breaking out of their baby wrap or swaddle suit.

What are some of the benefits of swaddling a baby?

According to the RCH, not only do swaddle suits or muslin wraps help baby feel secure after the cosiness of the womb, but it keeps them warm, helps in the development of muscles and keeps them from waking due to the startle reflex.

Are muslin swaddles better than swaddle suits?

It comes down to personal preference and what works best for your baby. A muslin swaddle is a large square of fabric for wrapping baby (it also doubles as a useful burp cloth). Swaddle suits either zip up or come with Velcro wings for quicker, easier dressing. The advantage of suits is that many convert to a sleeping bag once baby has outgrown being wrapped.

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