8 toddler pillows to support growing bodies

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Mamaway Hypoallergenic Kids Pillow

Toddler pillows give growing kids a soft, supportive place to rest their sleepy heads at the day’s end.

Designed with a lower profile, toddler pillows are specially designed to help kids maintain a healthy body position as they sleep. Made with lovely soft and chemical-free materials, kids’ pillows come in a range of different shapes and sizes to suit every child’s age and growth stage.

We list the key features to look for when scouting the right pillow for your child along with a handy list of the top seven toddler pillows other mums recommend.

What to look for when buying a toddler pillow

ErgoPouch Organic Toddler Pillow

Filling – From memory foam to wool, there are several different options to choose from when it comes to pillow filling. If your child is sensitive to dust mites and other allergens, keep an eye out for hypoallergenic fillings.

Shape – A curved toddler pillow cleverly moulds to the neck’s natural curvature while a flat pillow is an easy transition from sleeping in the cot with no pillow.

Size: Toddlers grow, and they grow fast. With this in mind, and because there is no standard size of toddler pillow, be sure to check the dimensions to make sure the pillow will see your little one through the toddler years.

Pillow height: If you’ve ever tried to sleep on a high pillow, you’ll know it wreaks havoc on your neck muscles. It’s no different for toddlers, which is why it’s important to take into account your child’s size and introduce a pillow that doesn’t place unwanted strain on muscles.

Washing: Got a dribbler on your hands? A machine-washable, and easy-drying pillow will help you keep the pillow fresh. If the pillow isn’t machine washable, look for the option to buy a pillow protector and extra pillowcases.

8 kids’ pillows to support growing bodies

We’ve compiled this handy list of recommended brands to help you find the right pillow for your toddler.

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In no particular order, here are 8 of the top kids’ pillows in Australia:


ErgoPouch Organic Toddler Pillow

ErgoPouch Organic Toddler Pillow ($39.95)

With a 3cm profile, the ErgoPouch Toddler Pillow ensures correct, comfortable neck alignment while little ones snooze. Machine-washable, it’s made with breathable GOTS certified organic cotton and features a quilted design that resists clumping.


Mamaway Hypoallergenic Kids Pillow Set

Mamaway Hypoallergenic 3-in-1 Growth Pillow Set ($129.95)

This set of two temperature-balanced pillows can be used in three ways to keep kids’ comfortable and supported as they grow. Ideal for kids with eczema, asthma or allergies, it’s made of medical-grade foam and comes with two antibacterial Crabyarn pillowcases.

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Growbright airnest Toddler Pillow

Growbright airnest Junior Pillow ($69)

For the eco-conscious, the contemporary airnest pillow is a stand-out because it’s made from durable recycled materials that promote airflow and keep kids cool. Specially designed to support growing bodies, it’s machine washable and fits in standard pillowcases.

Therapeutic Pillow Australia

Best Toddler Pillow: Therapeutic Pillow

Therapeutic Pillow Their First Pillow ($45)

This Australian-made toddler pillow was designed in consultation with health experts to support kids transitioning from the cot to a bed. It has a 100% cotton cover and HealthGuard foam filling that keeps mould, dust mites and bacteria at bay.

Milari Organics

Milari Organics Baby Pillow

Milari Organics Green Baby Pillow ($89)

Packed with eco-friendly luxury, the Milaro Organics Baby Pillow is ergonomically designed using 100% natural latex. Suitable from 18 months of age, it maintains its shape throughout use, regulates temperature and comes with a GOTS certified organic cotton cover.

Natures Sway

Natures Sway Organic Toddler Pillow

Natures Sway New Zealand Wool Toddler Pillow ($59)

Oozing earthy vibes, this low-profile pillow contains fire-safe, pure hypoallergenic New Zealand wool and comes with an organic cotton cover. Its special shape encourages a healthy sleeping position and helps to regulate kids’ body temperatures.


Adairs Bamboo Rich Kids Pillow

Adairs Bamboo Rich Kids’ Pillow (from $39.99)

Available in two sizes for growing kids, these gentle junior pillows contain rich bamboo fibres and a polyester core. Covers come in a combination of bamboo and pure cotton for easy care and maximum comfort.


Clevamama ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow

Clevamama ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow ($55)

Made with Advanced ClevaFoam technology, this breathable pillow reduces pressure on the back of little heads and helps prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly). It’s hypoallergenic, toxin-free and ideal for toddlers with asthma and allergies.

At what age should a child have a pillow?

For safety reasons, Red Nose Australia recommends that you wait until your toddler is two years old and no longer sleeping in a cot before introducing a pillow. If you feel your child needs a pillow earlier than this, chat to your GP first for more advice.

How high should a child’s pillow be?

Raising Children explains that for proper support, a pillow should keep the head and neck in line with the body and approximately 5-6cms in height depending on age.

Is a toddler pillow the same as a regular pillow?

No, and it has to do with proportions. Regular pillows suit adults, not teeny little tots. A specially designed toddler pillow provides support where growing bodies need it most and provides the best chance at a better sleep.

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