New life: 29 spring-inspired baby names

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Spring inspired baby names

Blooms, beautiful warm days and new life –  is there a more perfect time to have a bub than in spring?

These 29 spring-related names for newborns reflect new beginnings, springtime and sunshine, and they’re perfectly suited to bubs sprouting in September, October and November.

Baby names inspired by spring

Amaryllis: A bulb that blooms in spring, this unique girl name isn’t likely to pop up on the popular lists any time soon.

Aurora: Bold and beautiful, it’s Latin for new dawn – just like spring heralding the end of winter and new start.

Atherton: A good ol’ British name that means ‘from the town by the spring’, it’s also a town in Queensland.

Aviva: Hebrew for ‘springtime’, it’s a stunning moniker for little flowers blooming in spring.

Blossom: Could there be a more perfect name for a little one making their debut into the world in spring?

Brigit: She was the Celtic goddess of agriculture and her feast day marks the start of Celtic spring.

Caroun: Meaning ‘springtime’ in Armenian, it’s a more modern version of the name Karen.

Cerelia: With its origins in Latin, Cerelia means ‘related to spring’.

Flora: She was the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, and is a once-popular name making a much-deserved comeback.

Florence: A super sweet Latin name that means ‘blooming, flourishing and prosperous’.

Fontanne: Meaning ‘fountain’ or ‘spring’ in French, it’s an elegant name for springtime bubs.

Freya: She was the Nordic fertility goddess, with ties to spring and flowers, this name is shooting up in popularity.

Ingrid:  Give your spring tot a strong, Scandinavian name, inspired by the goddess of fertility and spring.

Lada: The goddess of spring and love, she was lauded in Lithuania, Poland and Russia. A simple spring name with meaning.

Maia: A spring moniker with roots in Greek mythology, Maia was the goddess of spring, with her links to growth and the sun.

Navin: Of Hindu origin, meaning ‘new’, a strong a sharp name for the start of new life.

Neo: Meaning ‘new’ in Latin, this short, sharp name was made famous by Keanu Reeves in The Matrix.

Newlin: Waterbirth on the cards? This Welsh name, meaning ‘new pond’ would be perfection.

Opal: The birthstone for the middle spring month of October and a gemstone that’s quintessentially Australian.

Olwen: She was the Celtic goddess of sunlight who was famed to appear every spring, trailing white clover behind her.

Ostara: This Celtic goddess of spring, whose symbols – painted eggs and white rabbits – are now part of Easter tradition. While Australian Easter doesn’t coincide with spring, Ostara still makes for a stunning name.

Persephone: A well-known goddess of Greek mythology, Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter and the goddess of harvest and fertility.

Primavera: Meaning ‘spring’ in Italian this sunny name would make a beautiful nod to the season as a middle name.

Sapphire: Heralding the start of spring is September, and its birthstone sapphire symbolises peace and serenity, purity, wisdom, loyalty and faith.

Topaz: November marks the final weeks of spring as we head for the heat of summer, and the birthstone of topaz beautifully captures the colours of Australia’s azure waters.

Verna: Of Latine origin, this old-world name translates into ‘springtime’.

Weldon: A rather regal English name meaning ‘hill near a spring’, it’s similar to Wesley or William, but far less popular.

Xavier: An increasingly-popular name meaning ‘new house’, it can be spelt as Javier, Xaviera or Javiera.

Zelenka: A strong Czech name meaning ‘fresh and innocent’ – the ultimate nod to a newborn born in spring.

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