11 things every first-time mum should do before baby arrives

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man hand on belly of pregnant woman - preparing for baby

The nursery is complete. Your bags are packed. Your labour playlist is all ready to go. What else is there to do when preparing for baby except wait for the early signs that bub is on their way? We’ve counted down the essential activities every mum-to-be needs to tick off their baby bucket list.

1. Have the world’s longest shower

pregnant woman in the shower

Savour every second of it. Wash your hair … five times. Use a deep conditioning mask. Shave your legs. Sing as loud as you want. It may be one of the last times you can take a long, hot shower without worrying that you can hear a baby crying.

2. Hang out with your fur babies

preparing for baby - spend time with pets

Walk them. Bathe them. Cuddle them. And enjoy one on one time with them.

3. Wear dangly earrings

Hoop Earrings

Actually, pull out all of your extra fancy jewellery. Why? Because you probably won’t be game to wear dangly items after bub is born. Babies have an uncanny ability to reach up and grab all things shiny, even if the thing is attached to your ear. Actually, especially if it’s attached to your ear.

4. Leave the house with just one small purse

Il Tutto Leather Handbag

Again, it will probably be the last time you can leave the house without a bag full of supplies for a VERY long time. (via Il Tutto)

5. Pretty up your nails (if you can reach)

preparing for baby - things to do before baby arrives - manicure

Pretty nails are always nice during labour. And there is something so therapeutic about getting your nails done (or doing them yourself). So relax and enjoy a little bit of pampering time.

6. Buy something ‘adulty’

damselfly motherhood candle

Something just for you, like a new coffee mug, a luxurious candle, an outfit or a nice set of sheets. It may be the last adult item that you buy for a long time (maternity pads don’t count).

Check out our favourite mum gifts that you certainly deserve to buy for yourself.

7. Go swimming

pregnancy tips

Or simply float in a swimming pool like a hippo. Swimming is off limits for the first few weeks after giving birth. So enjoy one last solo swim before introducing bub to the wonderful world of water later on.

8. Enjoy an extra long, late night dinner

At a restaurant. Preferably a really fancy one. Order a five-course meal and take your sweet time enjoying every single course, using both hands to eat, and tasting each bite while it’s still hot.

Order dessert too. Because you can.

9. Drink hot beverages

Pregnant woman drinking tea outside

Hot beverages are still allowed when you have children. However, it’s drinking the beverage while it remains hot that proves to be quite tricky once you have a little one to look after.

10. Play with all your baby purchases

Especially the pram – practice putting it in and out of the car, opening and shutting it, and adjusting the seat. Knowing how to work the pram before bub arrives saves you having to ask a stranger to help you in the car park after discovering you have no idea how to use the thing.

It’s also a good idea to give your baby wrap, capsule and baby swing a test run before bringing bub home. And, if any of the items require batteries, stock up now!

11. Lay down and do absolutely nothing

pregnant mum in bed asleep

That’s right. Nothing. No television. No tablets. No texting. Just lay there, close your eyes and enjoy the silence.

If you are expecting your little one to arrive soon (and are getting slightly impatient), this article about starting labour naturally may help speed things along.

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