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Born Copenhagen Baby Nest

There are few things more precious than snuggling our wee babes in our arms, but we can’t carry them all day, there are times we could really do with a couple of free hands. A baby nest gives us a safe space to pop bub, right next to mumma, while we get on with the hands-free tasks we’ve been putting off (looking at you unfolded washing basket).

Sometimes called baby loungers, baby nests are cosy little places specially designed to mimic the comfort of the being in the womb (bliss!). With raised, padded edges the lounger keeps babies safely on their backs without rolling. Designed for bonding and togetherness, only ever use a baby nest for awake times and not sleeping.

Ready to find that perfect resting spot for your child? Read on for a handy list of baby loungers other mums love and recommend.

Dockatot Docks - Baby Nests


Tips for buying a baby nest

Easy washing – With freshly minted baes comes a rainbow of fluids, milk spew, blowouts and dribble for days! Choosing a nest you can toss in the washing machine, or at least give a good wipe down should be high on your requirement list and some nests come with removable covers and protectors.

Materials – Natural, breathable fabrics like cotton and bamboo allow air to flow through the lounger, helping moderate baby’s temperature, reducing the risk of overheating.

Portability – Want to take your nest on your next family vacay or trip to grannies? Some nests conveniently come with carry handles or storage bags to make transporting easy.

Safety – Most importantly, a baby nest isn’t intended for unsupervised sleeping and should not replace your child’s cot or bassinet.

14 baby nests and loungers available in Australia

With so many baby nests available in Australia, it’s hard to know where to start, so we asked the HUGE Mum’s Grapevine Facebook community which styles and brands they love. In no particular order, these are loungers they recommend.

Done by Deer

Done by Deer Cozy Nest

Done By Deer Cozy Nest (from $159.95)

In a choice of three on-trend hues, you’ll definitely want to show these Danish beauties off. Perfectly sized for babies in their early months, they’re designed to be used on flat surfaces and have a machine-washable cotton cover and PU foam mattress.


Dockatot Docks Baby Nests

Dockatot Deluxe Baby Docks (from $299)

Made with love in Sweden, these award-winners are lightweight, portable and available in all colours of the rainbow. Choose from the Dockatot Deluxe+ for bubs from birth to eight months, or the Grand for growing tots up to three years.


Purflo Purair Baby Nest

Purflo Pureair Breathable Nest ($90.81)

This multi-functional nest comes equipped with breathable mesh and ventilated sides for excellent temperature control. Suitable from birth, it also features a hypoallergenic Amicor Pure filling, which protects against allergens like dust mites.


Cocoonababy Baby Nest

Cocoonababy Nest ($239.99)

The ergonomic Cocoonababy enables bubs to rest in an elongated semi-fetal position and adjust easier to life beyond the womb. It comes with a waterproof sheet and wide safety strap, plus it features a 20-degree incline to reduce newborn reflux.


Cushii Baby Lounger

Cushii Baby Lounger ($149)

A game-changer for new parents, the Cushii is a super-soft and soothing place for baby to take a breather and ponder the world. Machine-washable, lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you wish, it’s the perfect bub-cessory for indoors and out.

Bubba Bump

Bubba Bump Baby Lounge

Bubba Bump Organic Baby Lounges (from $169)

Recommended for little ones up to 12 months of age, Bubba Bump Organic Baby Lounges provide optimum comfort for precious babes. In a choice of styles, they use hypoallergenic organic cotton and are adjustable to suit growing minis.

Born Copenhagen

Born Copenhagen Baby Nests ($249.95)

Reminiscent of baby’s time in the womb, Born Copenhagen organic cotton baby nests have firm, thick sides and a padded 3cm mattress for pure comfort. Hidden strings mean you can adjust the nest to suit bub’s age and stage. We’re crushing hard on these Scandi beauties.

Little Archer & Co

Little Archer Baby Lounger

Little Archer & Co Newborn Baby Nest ($104.99)

Suitable for baby’s very first day right through to eight months of age, the Little Archer & Co nest comes in a fab choice of contemporary prints. Crafted from non-toxic, eco-friendly cotton, it comes with a carry handle and travel bag for taking everywhere you roam.


Bubnest Baby Nests

Bubnest Nests (from $249)

Not only is the Bubnest a healthy, toxic-free space for babes to chill, but it looks spectacular in the home. Perfect for supervised resting and play, it uses completely organic and biodegradable materials to be as fab for your little human as it is for the environment.

Snuggle Me

Snuggle Me Baby Lounger

Snuggle Me Organic Baby Lounger (from $299)

Crafted from GOTS certified organic and hypoallergenic fabrics, these snuggly numbers are purpose-built for lounging. They come in eight different colourways and feature unique contouring to support bub’s upper body as it grows.


Growbright Airnest Baby Lounger

Growbright Airnest Pod & Carry Bag ($349)

Breathable, washable and seriously comfy, the Growbright Airnest Pod uses revolutionary ‘airnest-lite’ fabric to see you right through baby’s early months. Enjoy it for resting in the newborn phase and for tummy time as baby grows.

Linen Social

Linen Social Baby Lounger

Linen Social Baby Lounger ($197)

This stunning multi-purpose lounger uses 3D-mesh technology for excellent ventilation and Tencel fibres to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Machine-washable and light enough to take everywhere, it comes with a complimentary carry bag.

Northshore Baby

Northshore Baby Portable Baby Nest ($179.95)

With usability in spades, the Northshore Nest is just as suitable for newborns as it is for littlies approaching toddlerhood. It uses only organic materials to ensure longevity and lasting looks, and it comes with a firm mattress to support young backs.


Clevamama Clevasleep Pod

Clevamama Clevasleep Pod ($142.71)

Ideal for travelling and chilling, this genius pod uses ClevaFoam to provide bubs with a supportive resting space while preventing Flat Head Syndrome. It’s suitable for babies from birth up to six months and comes with a removable and machine-washable cover.

What is a baby nest?

A baby nest (also called a baby lounger) is a cocoon-like pod with raised sides that bubs use for resting and playing while mum is close by. Designed to mimic the comfort of the womb, they give parents a special spot to pop baby while freeing up two hands for a short while.

Are baby nests safe for newborns?

Provided they are supervised and used correctly, baby nests are a safe place for newborns to hang out for short periods while awake. Of course, medical authorities recommend babies sleep on a firm and flat surface, so stick to your approved cot, bassinet or co-sleeper for sleepytime.

How long do you use a baby nest for?

Parents typically use baby nests throughout the newborn stage (0 – 3 months), however many brands sell nests in larger sizes that cater to older bubs and toddlers. Even once your babe stops using the nest at home, it comes in handy for rest time when travelling.


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