Q&A: How do you get rid of baby hiccups?

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Those first few little newborn hiccups can be so adorable. But when the first few become what seems like a never-ending attack of the hiccups you may start to worry. Here’s all you need to know about how to get rid of baby hiccups.

What are baby hiccups?

Just like in adults, hiccups are caused by a combination of the diaphragm contracting and the vocal cords closing. The main difference between adult and baby hiccups is that most of the time, your little one isn’t remotely bothered by them. In fact, research suggests that hiccups in babies are developmentally important. Babies even hiccup in the womb!

So do I need to help stop babies hiccupping?

Not necessarily. If bub seems unconcerned by their hiccups, there really is no need to intervene. If they seem uncomfortable or distressed, that is when you might like to consider trying to help them out.

Ok, so bub is upset and hiccupping, now what?

In terms of remedies you can try at home, there are three fairly universal steps to follow when you want to get rid of those pesky baby hiccups.

  • Take a time out from feeding and get them to burp – Let’s be honest, when you’re hungry, you tend to pig out, and a newborn is no different. If your little one has been eating enthusiastically and is struggling with a spot of indigestion, take them off the breast or bottle, get them upright and gently rub and pat their back until they get a good burp out. Trust us, this will help prevent gas causing issues at the other end too!
  • Try a soothing baby dummy – We get it, dummies aren’t for everyone. If you are comfortable using one for your bub, then they can be a great circuit breaker for hiccups, particularly if they’re not feeding related.
  • Gripe water – Also a popular treatment for colic, gripe water is a traditional remedy consisting of water a mixture of herbs (usually things like ginger, fennel and chamomile). As with all-natural remedies, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor if you’re not sure about suitability.

Whatever you do, don’t try any of the adult methods for fixing hiccups, like giving bub a fright or drinking water backwards. Just like in adults, they probably won’t work and they may harm your baby.

If you have any serious concerns, check with your doctor but otherwise, you’ll probably find that your little one is more than capable of getting rid of their own hiccups, well, without a hiccup.

Source: Medical News Today

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