31 Strong Viking Names for Little Warriors

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Top Viking Names for Baby Warriors | Mum's Grapevine

Are you navigating a sea of baby names in search of something strong, striking and rich in culture? Viking names could be on the cards. Hailing from Norse mythology and language, these Nordic monikers evoke the fearless qualities that the Vikings were known for.

Read on for 31 Viking names that are steeped in Nordic history yet modern enough for your little warrior. Stash and save this handy list and you might just land on the perfect name.

Viking names

Alvis: The leading baby name in our list is also one of the lead characters in Norse mythology. Alvis means ‘all-wise,’ so this could be a clever choice of name.

Áma: Could this soar to the top of your shortlist? This ancient Nordic name means ‘eagle’ and in Norse mythology, a giantess.

Ask: Have you ever thought to name your child this? With the cool meaning of ‘ash-tree’ and being one of the first humans created by the gods in Norse mythology, Ask could be the answer!

Astra: Long before its association with cars, Astra was already well-known. Meaning ‘as beautiful as a god’, it’s not hard to see why.

Atla: Celebrating our love for all things water, the aqua goddess Atla would fit right in on our Aussie shores.

Audor: Commanding in tone with a meaning to match, this ancient Scandinavian name translates to ‘wealth.’

Brenn: A short but beautiful name with a familiar ring, Brenn, of Scandinavian origin means ‘raven’.

Ebbe: Short but mighty, this exquisite Scandinavian name means ‘courageous’ – a powerful proclamation for your little one. It also means ‘wild boar’, but we like the first translation better!

Edlen: Enjoy telling your child the meaning of this name. Edlen means ‘noble waterfall’ and we think that’s both refreshing and downright cool.

Viking names derived from nature

Embla: Graceful yet strong, this gorgeous name might grow on you. Meaning ‘elm tree,’ it’s significant in Norse mythology – Embla and her husband Ask (also on our list) were the first humans created by the gods.

Espen: Would you consider giving your little one the name Espen? Bears are often given to newborns and Espen means just that.

Freya: Popular today but steeped in history, this powerful old Norse name is quintessential. Meaning ‘lady’ it also represents the goddess of love, battle, demise and beauty.

Grid: Will this unique name come onto your map? With the sublime definition of ‘peace,’ it must just do that.

Henny: It’s often said that our little ones have us wrapped around their little finger, and with a name meaning ‘home ruler’ this could well be the case!

Hugi: Pronounced Hew-gi, this cute but mighty Nordic name has the meaning ‘thought, mind and spirit’. Coincidentally, Hugi was a giant in Norse legend.

Ivar: Similar to Ivan, this strong name means ‘warrior’ – fitting, as Ivar was the name of the leader of the Vikings. Did you know that Ivar is also the name of a furniture item at IKEA?

Timeless and intriguing Viking baby names

Kára: A popular Nordic name that also has Viking associations, Kára has the intriguing meaning of ‘the rough, stormy one’ in Old Norse.

Kindra: Already conjuring up regal vibes, add ‘the greatest warrior’ name meaning to the mix and you’ve got an option that could be at the forefront of your list.

Leif: Also the name of a classy Australian beauty brand, Leif, in Swedish means ‘descendant’ or ‘heir’ – a fitting name to pass onto your child.

Loki: Translating to ‘lock’ or ‘knot’, bestow your cheeky little one with the name of a trickster god in Norse mythology known for his wit and love for fire and magic.

Lounn: The goddess of Youth in Norse mythology is a pretty association to give the apple of your eye. We adore the way this name sounds.

Mille: This Swedish, Danish and Norwegian name might just knock out all the others in your shortlist with the meaning of ‘rival.’

Niel: Searching for a name from the Viking age that really stands out? Look no further than Niel which translates to ‘winner.’

Viking names inspired by the gods

Njord: Quintessentially Viking, Njord was the sailing god in Norse mythology with the meaning of ‘strong.’

Odin: With a beautiful ring to it, this king of Asgard was the god of war, art, wisdom and health. Interestingly, this company of the same name makes toys as good as art!

Olaf: Before an animated snowman made Olaf mainstream, this Norwegian and Danish name meaning ‘ancestor’s descendant’ was being proudly passed down family lines.

Soren: Sporting a modern-sounding edge, Soren would suit contemplative types as it translates to ‘stern.’

Vigo: Its name might sound suave, but Vigo is not to be messed with! Meaning ‘battle or fight,’ it has its roots in Viking culture.

Vor: Many-a-parent would wish for their child to grow up wise. Give them the name of the goddess of wisdom, and they’re already on the right path.

Thor: A well-known and legendary figure, could the Norse god of strength, thunder, war and storms be the muse you’re searching for?

Tyra: If you thought this name already had celebrity status, did you know that Tyra is the feminine version of Thor? Meaning ‘like a thunder,’ it’s a strong name for your little explorer to grow up with.


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