20 Aussie Names for Little Blokes and Sheilas

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20 Australian names | Mum's Grapevine

There is everything to love about our great country, and in the name of national pride, our minds have turned to all things green and gold – including Australian baby names.

We’ve had a good ol’ Captain Cook for our favourite Australian-flavoured names, from the bogan to the blissful.

So grab yourself a lamington, pop your feet up on the esky and settle in as we run through our top 10 Australian names for boys and girls.

Australian Names for Boys

Barry: Bazzaaaaaa! Need we say more?

Flynn: follow Miranda Kerr’s lead and select this swashbuckling surname-for-a-first-name as an ode to Australia’s Hollywood heartthrob Errol Flynn.

Banjo: naming your son Banjo in honour of bush balladeer A B (Banjo) Paterson is an offbeat Aussie option for poetic types.

Callan: looking for a unique boy name with an Australian flavour? Consider Callan, an Aboriginal word for swallow with a strong, masculine sound.

Ned: Of course the name of our most famous outlaw is on the list. Villain or hero? The debate continues to rage, but we certainly think Ned would be a heroic name choice.

Bruce: Everyone knows a Bruce and while its popularity has dropped in the last, well, several decades, this Aussie-est of Aussie names is surely set for a comeback

Shane: Cricket-lovers take inspiration for the sultan of spin, Shane Warne. An excellent choice that lends itself to the oh-so-ocker pronunciation: Shaayyyne.

Clancy: Another literary choice, Clancy (of the overflow fame) evokes the free-spirited Australian attitude.

Edmund: Fancy your little one may one day reside in the lodge? Little Eddie can grow into his name and follow in the footsteps of our first PM, Edmund Barton.

Holden: For that most quintessential of Australian of cars (apologies Ford – that’s a possibility too!) A great option for petrol enthusiasts, but will work for literary fans of Holden Caulfield too.

Australian Names for Girls

Matilda: your little lass would waltz through life with this lovely name and its many sweet nickname possibilities including Tillie, Mattie and Tilda.

Kylie: whether you choose this name as an ode to the princess of pop, or for its origins as the Noongar word for “boomerang” you can be sure it’s 100% Australian made.

Sharon: most recently famed for being the second-best friend of Kim, “Shazza!” is as Australian as they come.

Sheila: it may be Irish in origin, but as a colloquial word for woman, Sheila is as Australian as Vegemite.

Nellie: with this name your tiny tot will be set to soar as high as the voice of one our first international superstars, Dame Nellie Melba.

Elanora: an Aboriginal word meaning ‘home by the sea’, this name has been appropriated by suburbs and housing developments across Australia. But we fancy the subtle Australiana of a sweet little Nora.

Victoria: she was Queen when the Commonwealth of Australia came into being in 1901 and this classic royal name stands the test of time. There is no messing with a little Victoria!

Opal: sure, you could have a Ruby or a Pearl, but if you want to go for a homegrown gemstone name, then look no further than Opal, the national gemstone of Australia.

Sydney: equally at home on the boys’ list, this unisex name is strong and beautiful, just like the city.

Edith: with Edith Cowan being our first Australian lady parliamentarian, Edith is a lofty name to bear. But with the delightful nickname Edie, this name offers both sweetness and substance.

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