Q&A: When do babies laugh?

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Those first smiles are precious but the first little laughs – wow, heart explosion! There is literally no better sound in the world than the pure joy that is babies laughing out loud.

When will my baby laugh?

Laughing is an important developmental milestone. First of all, you’ll see social smiles appearing around the twelve-week-old mark. During this time, you’ll also probably hear them start to experiment with a whole range of other sounds. The first laugh will likely come by around four months of age.

Can I make my baby laugh?

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Babies thrive off feedback, so the more you can give them, the more likely you are to get a response. Things that tend to get that good belly laugh going in most bubs is pulling funny faces, blowing raspberries, nose kisses and peekaboo.

Tickling can work in older babies and toddlers, but it does depend on the child. Some don’t love this kind of attention as much as others.

Your baby is going to learn pretty quickly that you love to hear them laugh, and they’ll quickly start enjoying it just as much as you do.

My baby isn’t laughing yet should I worry?

As with all milestones, they’re just a guideline. Some bubs will bust out their first laugh earlier than four months, some later. Personalities are different even at this young age and some little ones just tend to be more serious than others. You yourself know that sometimes you’re also just not in a laughing mood, so always try to entertain your baby when they’re happy, well-rested and well-fed.

If you’re noticing that your baby isn’t laughing or smiling, tends to avoid eye contact, and isn’t babbling or cooing, you might like to consider checking in with your doctor.

Otherwise, there really isn’t any better reason to sing, dance and be totally silly. Get ready to embrace your inner comedian and enjoy laughing it up with your baby.

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