When does morning sickness start?

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Morning sickness remedies to settle pregnant tummies | Mum's Grapevine

Feeling queasy first up in the morning? Can’t stomach cooking your favourite chicken dish? You could very well be pregnant. Morning sickness is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and most expectant mums will notice it start to kick in around week six to nine.

Doctors still aren’t quite sure what the exact cause of morning sickness is, but it’s thought to be related to the huge hormonal changes occurring in your body. Low blood sugar levels are also considered a likely culprit.

And while it’s far from pleasant, you’re not alone. Up to 85% of women suffer from morning sickness in some way. But the good news is that from dietary tweaks to taking nausea-busting NaturoBest Prenatal Trimester One, there are ways to combat the yuk.

How to relieve morning sickness

Ginger tea for morning sickness

1. Eat less more often

Skip the degustations and try grazing throughout the day, or having several small meals instead of one big one. This keeps your blood sugar stable and also prevents the discomfort that comes from eating a big dinner.

2. Bring on the bland

When it’s time to get your snack on, reach for bland foods like salty chips, crackers or cereal that’s easier to tolerate than flavour-packed options. You can even try just having a mouthful of something like this before your main meal to line the stomach and ease nausea. 

3. Celebrate ginger in all its glory

For eons, ginger has been recognised as a natural remedy for morning sickness, and NaturoBest Prenatal Trimester One With Ginger uniquely combines the nausea-busting root with other nourishing ingredients to ease the quease and help you soldier on.

Clinically formulated by a fertility naturopath, NaturoBest’s Prenatal Trimester One With Ginger is a premium 2-in-1 prenatal vitamin for early pregnancy that also reduces morning sickness. High in active folate and iron-free, it supports a growing bump with essential vitamins and keeps nausea at bay thanks to a 1300mg daily dose of ginger.

3. Eat early

Morning sickness isn’t limited to the morning, but many women do find that they feel particularly queasy upon waking. An empty stomach will often make any nausea worse, so if you’re struggling first up, stash a box of dry crackers next to your bed so you can get something into your tummy tout de suite.

5. Sip, and sip some more

Water is always important, but it’s especially important if you’re vomiting because you need to replace the fluids you’re losing. Even if you don’t feel like eating, try to make sure you have small frequent sips of water throughout the day to keep you hydrated and help settle your tummy.

6. Go on, give in to cravings

Most women find that the foods they crave are the ones least likely to set off a wave of nausea – so go for it, Mumma, within pregnancy-safe guidelines of course!

7. Know your triggers

Some pregnant women find that strong smells, certain foods and excessive tiredness exacerbate their symptoms. Wherever possible try to stay away from the things that make you feel sick.

Many also find that iron supplements bring on a bout of queasiness. Iron is definitely necessary during pregnancy, but not always during the first trimester. NaturoBest Prenatal Trimester One is iron-free, making it a great vitamin to reach for if iron is a trigger for you.

8. Add some B6, baby

Research suggests that vitamin B6, like ginger, is a great natural remedy against morning sickness. NaturoBest’s Prenatal Trimester One contains 75mg of vitamin B6. This helps reduce the frequency and severity of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. 

9. Don’t mix wet and dry

Sure, it may sound a little bizarre, but many women swear by keeping their meals and drinks separate. It’s worth a shot!

When will morning sickness end?

Morning Sickness early

Morning sickness tends to get progressively worse over the course of the first trimester. And you can usually expect nausea to peak at around nine or ten weeks. From then, it should steadily begin to improve from weeks 14 to 16. Thank goodness for that!

Hang in there. For most women, morning sickness is unpleasant but it passes. If your morning sickness is particularly severe, chat to your doctor or midwife as soon as possible.


NaturoBest Prenatal Trimester One with GingerNaturoBest Prenatal Trimester One With Ginger is specially designed for women in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Iron-free and supercharged with vitamin B6 and ginger, it reduces the severity and frequency of nausea and vomiting typical in the first trimester.

Vegan-friendly and allergen-free, NaturoBest Prenatal Trimester One contains essential vitamins to support a healthy pregnancy while reducing the symptoms of morning sickness.

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This post is written in partnership with NaturoBest.

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