11 picnic blankets for Aussie families

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Kollab Picnic Mats

There are a few essentials you need to have on hand when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors with your minis, and a cosy picnic blanket or rug is one of them. Because soggy bottoms and sandy snacks are a fast track to meltdowns.

A picnic rug is a large fabric ground cover for sitting on while enjoying the great outdoors. Often finished with a waterproof back, they protect clothes from damp and dirty grounds and offer families a comfortable spot to relax with some snacks.

We’ve curated a complete list of picnic rugs that are perfect for Australian families. Not only will they set the scene for the perfect pit stop, but they’ll help keep tushies dry and comfy all afternoon.

11 picnic blankets for Australian families | Mum's Grapevine

11 picnic blankets and rugs in Australia

To help you in your search for the perfect picnic rug for your next outdoor adventure, here are a few stand-outs we’re loving right now.

In no particular order, here are 11 picnic rugs for Aussie families:

Isla In Bloom

Isla In Bloom Picnic Blankets

Isla In Bloom Cotton Picnic Rugs ($209.95)

Beautifully designed here in Australia, Isla In Bloom bohemian floral rugs are woven from 100% recycled cotton. Thick, breathable and hard-wearing, they’re big enough for up to four adults to enjoy and boast dreamy single-tone tassel trims.


Kollab Picnic Mats

Kollab Picnic Mats ($99)

When they say these are big, they aren’t kidding – at 2m x 2m, you’ll fit the whole family plus friends on them. Water-resistant on both sides, they come with comfy foam lining and a handy strap for secure rolling. Smaller Mini Mats are available for $69.


Hendeer Picnic rugs

Hendeer Picnic Rugs (from $109)

Designed in France, these earth-friendly woven picnic rugs are made from cotton and recycled polyester sourced from waste that would have otherwise entered oceans and landfills. Packing huge boho vibes, you’ll use them inside and outside all year round.

Picnic Season

Picnic Season Really Big Picnic Rugs

Picnic Season Really Big Picnic Rugs (from $119)

In a choice of ‘Really Big’ or ‘Everyday’ sizes, Picnic Season rugs are as functional as they are fun. Featuring original artwork each comes with waterproof backing, a stain-resistant top, ground pegs and a handy backpack for easy carrying.

Salty Aura

Best Picnic Rugs: Salty Aura

Salty Aura Throw Rugs (from $124)

Designed down under, these beauties feature different prints on the reverse side, so you can mix up your picnic looks throughout the season. They come in over ten designs and are soft enough to bundle up your sleepy toddler in at the day’s end.


Creswick Billabong Picnic Rug

Creswick Billabong Waterproof Picnic Rugs ($99)

Multi-functional and fit for every season, Creswick’s heritage rugs come with a wool-blend top side and fully waterproof backing. Available in a range of tartan prints, each comes with a handy carry harness and brass eyelets for securing into the ground.


Murph and Murph PIcnic Rugs

murph&murph Neoprene Picnic Rugs ($220)

Crafted from rubber-cushioned neoprene, murph&murph rugs are up for any kind of picnic adventure – whether on grass or sand. Each rug is cushioned with rubber, fast drying and comes printed with photography from around Western Australia.


Oliochi Picnic Blankets

Oliochi Picnic Blanket & Bag ($149)

Designed in Australia for indoor and outdoor use, Oliochi blankets boast a water-resistant top, fully waterproof base and a padded middle layer for extra comfort on uneven, hard surfaces. It’s so cushioned, in fact, that it doubles as a playmat for babies too.

Wandering Folk

Wandering Folk Picnic Rugs

Wandering Folk Picnic Rugs ($190)

Picnic blankets? More like magic carpets! Made from tough cotton canvas with a waterproof backing, each features stunning hand-drawn artwork that’s treated to resist fading. Each rug has a brown strap and the most magnificent tassels you ever did see.

from Indy Tribe Collective website


Adairs Round Picnic Rugs

Adairs Round Picnic Rugs (from $69.99)

From round to retro, there’s a picnic mat at Adairs for every lifestyle. Big enough for the whole family, each style has a water-resistant backing and rolls up seamlessly for compact toting and storage. Choose from six trending designs.

The Tartan Blanket Co

The Tartan Blanket Co Picnic Rugs

The Tartan Blanket Co Wool Picnic Rugs ($225)

Both sustainable and luxurious, The Tartan Blanket Co combines 70% recycled wool with 3-0% mixed recycled fibres in each and every rug it creates. The waterproof backing protects from moisture and debris and the leather picnic strap makes travelling a breeze.

Can you use a normal blanket for a picnic?

Absolutely. However, regular and weighted blankets aren’t usually made for outdoor use and don’t have the stain-resistance and/or waterproof backing that picnic blankets usually have.

What should I look for when buying a picnic blanket?

Look for waterproof or water-resistance features to prevent moisture seeping through, an easy-clean composition and a fab design you’ll spot in a crowd. Also, make sure the blanket is the right size for your family – because no one likes ending up on the grass.

Can you wash a picnic blanket?

Some rugs are machine washable, others are designed for spot cleaning or wiping down – it depends on the materials they’re made with. Check your washing label carefully before tossing rugs in the machine.

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11 picnic blankets for Australian families | Mum's Grapevine

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