Q&A: Can I eat halloumi while pregnant?

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Halloumi. That delicious crispy outside, with the creamy saltiness on the inside – delicious! If you’re pregnant and a cheese fan, you’re probably wondering if it’s still ok to eat halloumi, and we are here to help.

Can I eat halloumi while pregnant?

The short answer is yes, even though it is classed as a semi-hard cheese, you can safely eat halloumi. The only caveat is that it must be made with pasteurised milk.

If you live in Australia, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Most of the commercially available halloumi cheeses that you will find in the fridge at your local supermarket with almost certainly be made with pasteurised milk. And no, it doesn’t matter if that milk is from a cow, sheep or goat, or even a combination of milk, just so long as it has been properly pasteurised.

If, however, you live in an area where traditional, non-commercially produced halloumi is made and consumed, you may like to check the ingredient list. Traditional halloumi is usually made from a combination of unpasteurised sheep’s and cow’s milk, which can make it more likely to house some not-so-tasty bacteria.

Halloumi is also classed as what’s called a brined cheese. This means it has been matured in brine (salty water). This excess salt also makes it quite difficult for bacteria, like the worrisome listeria, to survive.

How should I prepare it?

Whichever way you usually like to cook your halloumi should be absolutely fine. Baked, fried, or even as halloumi fries (if you haven’t tried these trust us you want to!), all cooking methods are safe.

Is it good for me and my baby?

Like all cheese, halloumi is a good source of calcium and protein, as well as B vitamins. Unfortunately like all cheese, it’s also very high in fat. That lovely brining process we talked about above, also contributes to a high salt content.

All the things that make halloumi delicious are the reasons you’re probably best to enjoy this tasty treat in moderation. Rest assured however the occasional inclusion of halloumi in your pregnancy diet is safe, healthy and delicious, so enjoy!

Source: Pregnancy Food Checker

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