27 precious Japanese baby names

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27 Precious Japanese Baby Names

Japan. It’s a magical place where serene mountains exist next to cities that never sleep. You may not have considered a Japanese baby name for your little one, but if you’re after a name that oozes meaning and pays homage to nature, family and ancient culture (whilst also sounding conveniently modern) you’ll want to continue reading.

Let’s unpack a list of 27 Japanese names and their meanings. You may just find one that sparks joy

Japanese baby names inspired by nature

Asa: Fitting is the name that starts our list: Asa means ‘morning.’ Let the beauty of dawn be something to dwell on when you’re woken at 5 am.

Hayoto: If you’re a bird lover (or just someone that just likes cool names) your son could have the meaning ‘Falcon person.’

Himari: Long jasmine or benevolent sunflower is its meaning, along with ‘home of light and love.’ We’re sold.

Itsuki: With the meaning ‘spring trees’ could Itsuki be your It boys name?

Ren: From the Japanese word for lotus, this botanical boys’ name might float onto your radar.

Ruri: Gemstone inspired names always shine bright and the Japanese word for ‘emerald’ is no exception.

Ryuu: Ry for short, name your little fireball after the great mythical creature – the dragon.

Sakura: Sharing its name with the famous Japanese festival, Sakura means, you guessed it: cherry blossom.

Sora: Meaning ‘sky,’ your little will be interested to know there is a sports car that shares his name.

Yuzuki: Should you not be taken by its first meaning of ‘grapefruit’, perhaps ‘hope’ might be better.

Japanese baby names inspired by family

Chiyoko: Shortened to Chi or perhaps Yoko, Chiyoko means ‘thousand generation child.’

Emiko: Your little bundle of joy will be a ‘beautiful child’ indeed – whether shortened to Emi or said full, Emiko is a beaut option.

Ichiro: Having a boy? For those that like things literal, Ichiro means ‘first son’. In case you’re wondering, you’re covered for up to five sons with Japanese names.

Sachiko: He’ll be living his best life with the name that means ‘happy child, lucky child.’

Suki: Somewhat popular, this short and sweet name has the beautiful meaning of ‘loved one.’

Tomoko: She’ll be as popular as ever with the meaning of ‘friendly child’

Japanese baby names bestowed with virtue

Akemi: Does the name Akemi meaning ‘bright and beautiful’ hold a candle to any names on your shortlist?

Isamu: Let his name guide him through life. Meaning ‘brave’ Isamu is a powerful moniker with a lion-heart.

Jun: Japan brings the goods with three-letter names and this one meaning ‘talented’ is pretty sweet.

Kanna: Needing guidance with a name? Kanna means just that. But to throw you off-course it also means ‘pear.’

Kazuya: Kaz for short, Kakuya translates to ‘to be one, to be in harmony.’

Kenzo: Already cool with fashion-cred, Kenzo could be a smart choice meaning ‘wise.’

Kiyo: Keep things simple with a name that means ‘pure’, even more so when shortened to Ki.

Makoto: As honesty is the best policy, name them Makoto which means ‘sincerity’ and ‘truth.

Reo: Short and sharp, could Reo which means ‘smart, clever’ rise to the top of your list?

Rin: Bestow your little prince with the name that means ‘dignified’ – very regal.

Shinobu: Perseverance is a trait we all wish for our kids and this name that means ‘endure’ is something to consider.

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