Sagittarius Babies: What To Expect (+ 23 Name Ideas)

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Sagittarius baby

Sagittarius babies – (November 22 – December 21)

Independent and always itching to be on the move, Sagittarius babies want to be out and about, meeting new people – but always within eyesight of those they love. As well as their bodies being restless, their minds also want to run wild, to unleash their endless imaginations.

Sagittarius symbol9th astrological sign
Zodiac Symbol:
Constellation: Sagittarius
Zodiac Element: Fire
Zodiac quality: Mutable
Sign Ruler: Jupiter
Motto: I Philosophise


What to expect with a Sagittarius baby

Sagittarius babies love a good belly laugh, so expect plenty of baby giggles and clowning around. It may come as no surprise then that they’re not huge fans of rules, and prefer to just be a free spirit. But like all tots, they need boundaries – you may just need to present them a little differently.

Because they do tend to have a tendency to be wild and want to be free and exploring all the time, you’ll find that they’re always getting into everything. And we mean everything! They need stimulation and boredom sets in really quickly, so they love moving on from one thing to the next. Try to find ways for them to express their creativity like playgroups.

When it comes to toilet training, the traits of a Sagittarius baby really come into play. While they’re all about pleasing those they love, their little restless streak means they’re not too keen to sit still at any time. But they are highly intelligent, so persist and be patient and they’ll get there eventually.

Sagittarius personality traits

  • Generous
  • Funny
  • Compassionate
  • Optimistic
  • Fun
  • Loyal
  • Assertive
  • Smart
  • Sensitive
  • Honest
  • Independent
  • Emotional

Famous Sagittarians

Your sweet Sagittarius shares their star sign with some of the world’s most creative, talented and influential people.

Carrie Bickmore baby number three

23 names just right for Sagittarius babies

Curious kids who can’t be contained, here are 23 names perfectly suited to sweet Sagittarius babies, born under the fire element.

Archer:  It’s hard to go past this as the ultimate name for a Sagittarius bub, when the astrological symbol is, of course, an archer.

Archibald: Translating to the ‘bold archer’, if this is a little too formal, go for Archie.

Apollo: In Greek Mythology, Apollo is known as the Greek God of archery, making this a subtle nod to the Sagittarius symbol.

Arrow: Again, leaning towards the symbolic in a completely literal way, is this thoroughly modern moniker.

Beatrice: A Latin name meaning ‘voyager’, which is just right for a travel-loving Sagittarius.

Bridget: The Irish goddess of fire makes for a sweet homage to this astrology sign’s fiery element.

Christopher: Known as the patron saint of travellers and therefore just the right name for a Sagittarius child who prefers to be on the move.

Edith: Meaning ‘happy’, because that’s exactly what these sweet creatures are.

Eleanor: Greek for ‘bright, shining one’, taking inspiration from the fire element of this star sign.

Fletcher:  Translating to ‘arrow maker’ in France where this name originates, Fletcher is both a unique name and one that’s perfect for a little Sagittarius archer.

Flint: Again fitting with the fire name theme, the stone used to help create fire.

Gypsy: A boho traveller who’s never in the one place for too long.

Hunter: Working with the archery theme, meaning ‘one who hunts’.

Ivor: If it’s a Scandinavian name you’re after, this is the Old Norse translation for ‘archer’.

Jocelyn: Did we mention how funny Sagittarius babies are? Known for their sense of humour, this old school Latin name meaning ‘the merry one’ is a gem.

Orion: Sticking with the archery theme, Orion was, of course, a Greek mythological hunter.

Rosalind: An Old German name means ‘tender horse’, symbolising an astrology sign that’s all about travel and freedom, as well as a wild nature.

Sage: Sagittarius children crave knowledge and are naturally curious, so this wise name is a winner.

Seraphina: Meaning burning fire in Hebrew, it fits in perfectly with the fire element.

Sky: The freedom of open skies and the call of travel is the inspiration behind this name for a Sagittarius-born bub.

Sheridan: Irish Gaelic for ‘the wild one’ – which a Sagittarius baby certainly is!

Tate: Meaning ‘cheerful’ in Old Norse and a gloriously sweet name for a funny, happy Sag baby.

Wyatt: Meaning ‘guide’, which your little travel lover may always be doing as they traipse the globe.

Sagittarius baby traits

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