Baby, that’s big. Newborn arrives weighing 6.7kg

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Childbirth is a big event. But it’s even bigger when your newborn arrives weighing 6.7kg.

Cherral Mitchell, 31, gave birth to what is considered to be the third biggest baby born in the UK on 28 October. Named Alpha, the newborn is Cherral’s fourth child and has been affectionately nicknamed ‘Baby Hippo’ and ‘Butter Bean’ on account of his enormous size.

The mum-of-four said, “I knew he was going to be big and we were taking bets on how big he was going to be – it was quite a shock how big he actually is though.

“My husband was with me and was very shocked, I wish I could’ve taken a picture of his face when the staff said how big he was.”

Two midwives were required to lift baby Alpha during the caesarean birth, with shocked nurses heading straight to Google to find out where baby Alpha sat in the record books.

“Everyone kept laughing when his head came out. My husband Tyson was like ‘oh my God he’s chunky’. Cherral explained.

“There were two nurses pulling — one was trying to push him down to get him out. The nurses said it had to be the biggest baby and were on their phones Googling.”

Doctors attribute Alpha’s colossal size to his intake of high-sugar fluids while in the womb.

“They think that because I was diagnosed quite late with gestational diabetes, Alpha was in amniotic fluid that was sweeter,” Cherral said.

“So he was drinking a lot and peeing a lot and getting a high intake of sugar.”

Alpha weighs almost 60 grams more than Carleigh Corbitt who was born in Australia in 2017 weighing a whopping 6.12kg.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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