10 breastfeeding pillows for nursing mums

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Ergobaby Nursing Pillow

When it comes to feeding a baby on demand, any help is welcomed. Designed to support the correct breastfeeding position, a good nursing pillow reduces strain on your arms, wrists, back and shoulders, leaving you to feed in comfort.

Some breastfeeding pillows have other purposes too, which is why they are often an essential item on the pre-baby checklist. Whether it be as a sleep aid during the later stages of pregnancy, a cushion for postpartum care or sitting support for baby, a little extra comfort goes a long way.

To help you find the right support for feeding time, we’ve scouted out the comfiest nursing pillows in Australia.

What to look for when buying a nursing pillow

Mamaway Nursing Moon PIllow

Washability: We all know that babies can be messy little eaters when starting solids, and the same goes for milk feeds too. Breast milk left on fabric for too long may stain and start to smell, so look for nursing pillows with a removable cover or one that can be spot cleaned at the very least.

Size and shape: Feeding pillows come in all shapes and sizes so it’s important to find the right fit for your lifestyle. Is travel often on the cards? Then a compact pillow that’s practical and portable may be just what you need. Storage space is another thing to consider before buying a pillow that’s too bulky.

Multi-use: Some nursing pillows double up as maternity pillows and even support tots during tummy time. Having a multi-purpose pillow is a great option for new mums wanting to save a few pennies in those early months.

Nursing Pillow | Mum's Grapevine

10 soft nursing pillows for breastfeeding mums

A nursing pillow takes the ache out of feeding and makes those special moments even sweeter. Check out our complete list of favourite products and find the perfect match for you and bub.

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Here are 10 supportive nursing pillows for easier breastfeeding:


Best Nursing Pillow: Mamaway 3-in-1 maternity and breastfeeding pillow

Mamaway Maternity Support & Nursing Moon Pillow ($159.95)

Made using soft fabric with hypoallergenic foam, this clever nursing pillow keeps you and bubba cool during feeding. Providing optimum firmness, it can be used in a multitude of ways – from pregnancy pillow and postpartum cushion right through to sitting support.

Mamaway Discount Code Use code ‘MGV15’ for 15% off the Nursing Moon Pillow.


Best Nursing Pillow: Boppy

Chicco Boppy Nursing Pillow ($79.95)

Designed to keep its shape over time, the Boppy Nursing Pillow is there for both baby and mum during the special months of bonding. Completely machine-washable, it also assists with tummy time and works as a sitting support when bubba grows.


Growbright Airnest Nursing Pillow

Growbright Airnest Nursing Pillow ($159)

Created with both mums and bubs in mind, the Growbright Airnest nursing pillow has an angled body to keep baby elevated and help with digestion. Ultra-breathable and hypoallergenic, it comes with washable inner and outer covers for fuss-free, easy care.

Growbright Discount Code Use code ‘MUMSGRAPEVINE15’ for 15% off the Airnest Nursing Pillow.

New Edition

New Edition Nursing Pillow

New Edition Breastfeeding Pillow (from $165)

Available with either memory foam or pure wool filling, New Edition’s breathable nursing pillows support mums and bubs through the early years and beyond. Designed and made in New Zealand, they boast a 100% linen washable cover and handy pockets for the straps.

My Brest Friend

My Brest Friend Pillow for Nursing

My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillow (from $89.99)

Endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association, My Brest Friend supports both mother and baby during feeding. It features a secure, wrap-around design that maintains ideal positioning and posture. And a handy little side pocket keeps essentials within reach.


Cocoonababy Big Flopsy Breastfeeding Pillow

Cocoonababy Big Flopsy Nursing Pillow (from $99)

From the busy months of breast and bottle-feeding to the boisterous years of play, the Big Flopsy is a cosy companion that supports bodies big and small. The certified non-toxic micro-pearl pillow and cotton cover are machine-washable at 30 degrees.


ergobaby Nursing Pillow

Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow ($149)

Supple yet firm, the Ergobaby nursing pillow provides mum and baby with ultimate comfort around the clock. Designed to reduce slouching and improve posture while feeding, it also promotes tummy-to-tummy contact in those early months. And it’s machine washable too!


Cocoonababy Big Flopsy

EasyFeed Baby Breastfeeding Pillow (from $79)

Ideal for both breast and bottle-feeding, the Australia-made EasyFeed is gently angled to help babes swallow and breathe easily. It reduces neck, back and shoulder strain in mums and features a waterproof, bacteria-resistant cover that wipes clean.


BabyBaby Pillow for Feeding

BabyBaby Height-Adjustable Breastfeeding Pillow ($99)

Cleverly designed to distribute baby’s weight evenly, this height-adjustable breastfeeding pillow takes the pressure off caesarian wounds and helps with recovery. The large surface area makes it possible to nurse twins and the 100% cotton cover is machine-washable.


Adairs Nursing Pillow in Mint

Adairs Nursing Pillows ($99.99)

Incredibly compact and super cute, this u-shaped pillow positions baby comfortably for breast and bottle feeding. Available in a range of designs, it has a removable quilted cover for easy washing and there’s even matching bedlinen available separately.

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Nursing Pillow | Mum's Grapevine

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