16 of the Best Personalised Jewellery Necklaces

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Close up front view of Silvery name necklace showing three rings combined and engraved with important names and dates.

A beautiful piece of jewellery is both sentimental and sweet and it’s all about keeping your loved ones close. And w’ve uncovered 16 beautiful brands creating name necklaces and wearable treasures you’ll proudly show off for many years to come.

Personalised jewellery is traditionally necklaces, bracelets or rings that feature a name or element of identity. You can choose to showcase initials or kids’ names, but these days there’s also the option of immortalising fingerprints (human or fur baby), handwriting or even children’s drawings.

And they make wonderful gift ideas for new mums.

16 Best Personalised Jewellery brands

To help you find a personal piece of jewellery, we’ve compiled this list of fab brands available in Australia to get you started in your search.

In no particular order, here are 16 of the best Personalised Jewellery brands in Australia 2023.

Deja Marc

Front views of Deja Marc personalised pendants, showing close ups of unique fingerprint stamp as well as one necklace modelled with three fingerprints combined on one pendant.

Deja Marc Personalised Fingerprint Necklaces (from $185)

The name is inspired by the Spanish phrase, ‘deja tu marca’ which means ‘leave your mark’, and it’s fitting for this brand that creates fingerprints, paw prints and handwriting jewellery in precious metals.

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Close up of UbyKate Ubercircles Combination Necklace showing names and initials on three combined rings.

UbyKate Ubercircles Combination Necklaces (from $350)

Keep your loved ones close to your heart with the Ubercircles necklaces from UbyKate. Crafted from solid gold and sterling silver, there are many gorgeous designs and combinations to choose from.

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Collection of Smallprint unique jewellery showing something for everyone, featuring fingerprint, child's drawing and handprint personalisation options on three different types of jewellery including bracelet, pendant and cufflinks.

Smallprint Customised Jewellery (from $100)

Did you know that Smallprint is the originator of the fingerprint jewellery concept? Individually handmade, you can capture all types of prints as well as names or words in precious silver to treasure forever.

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Oak & Luna

Side and front views of Oak and Luna personalised bar necklace showing feature stone and name engraving as well as how the necklace looks when worn.

Oak & Luna Pillar Bar Personalised Necklace (from $95)

Ultra-chic, sleek and versatile enough to pair with anything, this necklace has four sides to personalise. There are different platings to choose from and an option to add a diamond (girl’s best friend). Wear alone or with other necklaces for a beautifully layered look.

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Side views of Bvlgari engraved ring showing close up of shiny finish as well as detail in the engraving and band.

Bvlgari B.zero1 Engraveable Ring ($3540)

Drawing its inspiration from the Colosseum of Rome, the spiral of this rose gold statement piece is a metaphor for the harmony of past, present and future. Emboss with up to three characters on the inside to hold your loved ones close.

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Bluebird Co

Close ups of Bluebird Co personalised accessories, showing how three initial pendants look on both a necklace and bracelet.

Bluebird Co Gold Petite Name Necklace (from $207)

Delicate, intimate, feminine – have up to six initials represented of your nearest and dearest. Made from 9ct gold, each pendant is lovingly hand-stamped. Presented in a velvet box, these make a stunning gift to a friend, family member, or of course, yourself.

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Linden Cook

Close ups of five Linden Cook impression band rings showing unique fingerprint stamping and texture on different types of shapes and bands.

Linden Cook Impression Band Ring (from $325)

Wear a piece of sculpture with these fingerprint rings everyone will be asking about. Ethical, sustainable and conscious, a lost wax casting technique is used to create them. Choose from silver, yellow, rose or white gold in a polished or matt finish.

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Koolaman monogram jewellery for mums showing close-up of circle necklace with combination of different coloured metal, dates and names engraved, as well as how the necklace looks when worn.

Koolaman Hilary Rose Gold Pendant (from $879)

A beautiful duet of Koolaman’s most popular pendant designs, this necklace combines two pendants with up to 68 hand-stamped characters to capture all your loved ones. Earrings, cufflinks, rings, bracelets and bangles are also available. How will you choose?

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Minetta Jewellery

Close ups of Minetta Jewellery drawing necklaces showing comparison of child's drawing to finished necklace as well as back side of pendant with engraving of child's name for extra personalisation.

Minetta Jewellery Child’s Actual Drawing Disc Necklace ($134)

Immortalise your child’s drawings or handwriting in a custom necklace that will become a treasured keepsake for generations. You can select from a range of materials and necklace lengths but it’s all about what’s on that disc – what piece of art will you choose?

Buy Now from Hard to Find


Close ups of Ruusk personalised necklace and ring showing shiny finish and shapes of heart pendants with initial engraving, as well as unique phrase engraved on inside of wedding band.

Ruusk Jewellery (from $600)

Tell your story and find a unique heirloom piece to treasure for generations at Ruusk. All pieces are made to order, consciously crafted and customisable to encourage meaningful and intimate connection. Think vintage flair for the modern mum.

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Stamp and Shine

Close up front views of Stamp and Shine family jewellery, showing detailed engraving of letters and images on both necklace and bracelets, in various sizes.

Stamp and Shine personalised necklaces and bracelets (from $89)

Calling all romantics! For those that adore florals, Stamp and Shine have you covered. Choose from beautiful necklaces or twin with your mini-me with matching bracelets adorned with your birth flowers. Every piece is hand stamped, and we’re in love.

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Lisa Angel

Close up front views of Lisa Angel constellation necklaces showing various styles and options for engraving, as well as showcasing the shiny finish and added gemstone.

Lisa Angel Personalised Moon Name Necklace ($72.90)

If you’re celestially-minded this design might be on the cards. In 14ct rose gold plated brass, it has a star sign constellation on a moon pendant combined with an engraved disc bearing any script you’d like. We’re in love with this perfect pairing.

Buy Now from Hard to Find

Art to Charm

Close ups of Art to Charm custom jewellery showing how hand drawn images can translate to pieces such as brooches or family portrait necklaces.

Art to Charm Personalised Round Pendant (from $198)

Create something totally unique; a statement piece to make you smile. Almost any form of art on paper can be turned into wearable art. And with seven different sized discs to choose from (and sing double-sided), your vision can really come to life.

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Natalie Marie

Natalie Marie personalised initial rings, showing close ups of two different coloured metals, detail of engraved letter as well as comparison of size of ring to hand, when worn.

Natalie Marie Precious Diamond Initial Ring ($490)

For the minimalist Mumma who doesn’t want to compromise on quality, this classic piece might be the ticket. Featuring a hand-engraved solid 14ct gold disc set on a fine round band, your initial of choice can be highlighted with a stunning white diamond.

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Silvery name necklace and bangle, showing close up detail of birthstones as well that multiple names can be stamped onto the jewellery.

Silvery Double Hoop Birthstone & Name Necklace ($145)

Skillfully created in 925 sterling silver, we are loving the Double Hoop necklace that tells your family’s story with names and birthstones in one stunning and cohesive piece. Don’t miss Silvery’s other items which are all handcrafted with love in Sydney.

Buy Now from Silvery

Kellective by Nikki

Close ups of Kellective by Nikki hand-stamped necklaces, showing initial detail as well as different colours and sizes for comparison.

Kellective by Nikki Cross My Heart Large Pendant Necklace ($78.95)

Dainty, delicate and simple, every piece in the Kellective by Nikki range is handmade. Grab a cuppa because there are so many designs and the fun is in the choosing. This stunner features up to 4 initials which you can swap for the cutest little symbols under the sun.

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Comparison of five jewellery brands showing different types, finishes and styles including personalisation of names as well as finger and paw prints.

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