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India may be far from our Aussie shores, but if you’re looking for a name that’s rich yet modern, then you might want to lean in. Indian baby names might be your ticket to the unique and interesting moniker you’re looking for, with a healthy dose of spice and colour mixed in.

With more glamour than Bollywood and Hollywood combined, let’s take a look at 29 Indian names and their meanings.

Indian names for baby boys

Aayush: If a name can place a child in good stead then this one might take the cake. Meaning long life, vigour and health, it’s what we want for our sons.

Arnav: Aussies love the ocean, and Arnav means the sea. Aussies also love to shorten names – Arn or Nav perhaps?

Chitaksh: Should observers comment on your baby’s beautiful eyes, you can say ‘Right? Chitaksh means one with attractive eyes’.

Deven: With a familiar ring to it, this unisex Hindi name means ‘divine’ and is a winner in our books.

Ehsaan: This modern-sounding name is also one with great depth. Meaning ‘compassion,’ it’s a trait every person should possess.

Gautam: It’s common in India, not here. But with the meaning ‘the bright one in the darkness’ and ‘full of life, wise’ it’s a diamond in the rough.

Hridaan: Believed to mean ‘a generous heart,’ Hridaan is a name that we find very inspiring.

Johar: Fitting for the apple of your eye, the name Johar is a fresh take on Joe and means ‘jewel.’

Kunal: Sanskrit for lotus and ‘one who sees beauty in everything’, it’s also the name of a Himalayan bird.

Mahesh: Set him up to be a leader with a name that means ‘great ruler’. It’s of Hindi origin and can also be pronounced mahe-sh.

Milan: You may think of Italian influences straight away but did you know Milan is also of Sanskrit and Hindi origins? It means union, to meet, joining, grace and favour.

Prathan: Firstborn sons will know their place in the family with a name that’s derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘first.’

Rohan: If the meaning of ascending is not cool enough, fans of Lord of the Rings will know Rohan as the fictitious kingdom of horsemen.

Shashi: With a celestial name meaning ‘moonlight’ how can you go wrong in the name stakes? This dreamy moniker is appropriate for both boys and girls.

Varun: Looking for a name associated with water? For all those avid surfers and swimmers, naming your son ‘water god’ might see him follow in your footsteps.

Indian names for baby girls

Aditi: Children are known for their boundless energy and Aditi has the same meaning. Pronounced ahh-dee-tee, how cute is this name?

Ambar: A different spelling for the more common Amber, this gemstone-inspired name is also of Arabic origin.

Arya: Indian goddesses abound, and this pretty name is another one for the goddess Parvati meaning noble and respectable.

Eesha: High in the glam stakes, Eesha means desirable, attractive, supreme and divine. Also spelt Isha, it’s also the name of a meditation practice.

Dhara: Naming your daughter after one of the four elements is always a great idea in our books, Dhara means earth.

Harsharli: Many will say their goal in life is to be happy and this name means just that: ‘one who is happy’. We think Sharli is nice for short.

Keya: It may be short, but this name is more short and sweet than short and sharp. For those wanting a floral name, this translates simply to ‘flower.’

Lavanya: This Sanskrit name has class written all over it. Meaning grace, beautiful and charming it has a regal ring.

Nakshatra: Calling all celestial-loving mummas, this beautiful Sanskrit name means star or constellation.

Prachi: ‘First rays of the sun, morning’ is the meaning of this one, no truer when she wakes at the crack of dawn.

Saira: A twist on Sara, it means traveller, princess and poet. If that’s not cool enough, there’s also a bird called the Yellow Saira making it an animal name too

Urmi: Water-loving parents will adore Urmi which is inspired by nature. It speaks of waves, the ocean, becoming manifest and speed.

Yashi: Perhaps this name might go straight to the top of your list for it means famous, successful, victorious and glorious! We’re not comparing our child to anyone else’s, right?

Zoya: This uber-cool name has plenty of meanings: life, rejoicing, alive, love, radiant. A true celebration as far as names go.

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