Q&A: Can You Get A Brazilian Wax While Pregnant?

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Whether you’ve waxed your whole life, or you’re new to the whole process, all the extra attention to your lady parts while pregnant may have you considering whether a bit of deforestation is in order. Can you safely get a Brazilian wax while pregnant, though? We’re here to help … not with the waxing part, just the advice.

Help – why am I so hairy?

Unfortunately, the pregnancy hormones that help your baby to grow, also help other things grow too. Whilst you might be enjoying the lush pregnancy hair on your head, you’re probably not quite so keen on the newfound growth in other places – bikini line included!

Is Brazilian waxing safe during pregnancy?

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Yes, waxing is considered safe to do when pregnant. The only thing you may want to consider is whether you want to opt for a DIY job or hand it over to the professionals. In the early stages of pregnancy, if you’re used to doing your own waxing, then there’s no real reason you shouldn’t continue. In your last trimester, however, you may find things a little logistically challenging – not only are you not quite so mobile but there’s also the issue of how much you can still actually see to wax!

If you are considering removing all or some of your pubic hair close to labour, it is possibly worth checking in with your Obstetrician or midwife. Your delivery team may prefer you have any hair removal done and dusted at least a fortnight out from delivery, particularly if you’re having a c-section. This is simply because there is a slightly increased risk of infection due to skin damage caused by waxing.

One more word of advice before you reach for the wax pot, or book in at your local salon: brace yourself! Not only are you possibly going to have a lot more hair than usual to wax, but you’re also going to be a lot more sensitive, particularly in your pelvic area. This becomes particularly relevant later in the third trimester. Not only is there a lot more blood flow to the area, but there’s also a lot of downward pressure, which can further exacerbate any sensitivity.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

About to have a baby?

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