15 First Aid Kit Essentials for Australian Families

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Family First Aid Kit Essentials for handy help | Mum's Grapevine

Talk about a handy helper. Whether baby takes a tumble or is showing signs of a soaring temp, you’ll be thankful to have a well-stocked family first-aid kit within easy reach.

A first aid kit is a set of tools and materials for giving treatment to a sick or injured person, in this case, your baby or toddler. No more fumbling around for odd items around the house – collating the following first aid items together will mean that help is on the ready when things are not quite right.

Many parents might also want to take a First Aid course to be even better equipped in emergency situations.

We have put together a handy list of first-aid supplies to make sure you’re covered for any family emergency.

15 first aid kit essentials for Australian families | Mum's Grapevine


  • Antiseptic cream
  • Hypoallergenic tape
  • Bandages (triangle & rolled)
  • Bandage clip
  • Non-stick wound dressing
  • Antihistamine
  • Safety pins
  • Note pad and pencil
  • Adhesive tape
  • Thermometer
  • Saline solution
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Burn packs
  • Disposable sterile gloves
  • Instant cold pack
  • Eyewash & bath
  • Plastic bags
  • First aid booklet
  • Distilled water

Read on for 15 things you’ll want to include in the family first aid kit:


Oricom Non-Contact HFS100 Thermometer for baby

HFS1000 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer ($129.95)

When their temp is on the rise, and probably your heart rate too, you’ll want to reach for this. It’s non-contact for easy, no-wake colour-coded checks in less than two seconds. And it stores up to 32 recorded temperatures.


Patch bamboo bandaids

Patch Kids Bamboo Strips ($6.95)

A staple in any first aid kit, bandaids protect abrasions and grazes from infection. Made of 100% organic bamboo fibre, these super cute hypoallergenic ones are enriched with coconut oil in the gauze to help soothe and heal faster.

Chest rub

The Physic Garden chest rub

The Physic Garden Vapour Rub ($19.95)

100% natural, this balm is suitable for the whole family. Made with Eucalyptus, Peppermint, White Camphor & Rosemary, it helps warm winter colds and relieve nasty coughs so babe can breathe easy. There’s no nasties so you can breathe easy too.

Face washers

Purebaby muslin face washers

Purebaby Muslin Facewasher 2 pack ($14.95)

This humble helper is made from 100% certified organic cotton and is available in four sweet prints. Use cool and damp on the back of the neck for relief from fever or to clean up bumps or grazes. It’s lightweight and easy-drying.

Sick bags

Chuckies sickness bags

Chuckies Sickness Bags and Wipes ($5.49)

‘It’s in the bag’ is very much something you’ll be glad to take literally when sick happens. The twist-top seals in all types of yuck meaning there’s less mess when times are a little tough. And their portability is a godsend for when you’re on the go.

Medicine dispenser

Ava the Elephant chest rub

Ava the Elephant Medicine Dispenser ($39.99)

Getting kids to take their medicine sometimes isn’t as easy as saying ‘open wide’. Make administering easier with Ava the Elephant. Conceal the dispenser in the trunk and breathe a sigh of relief when bub focuses more on the character than the contents.

Hot or cold packs

Penny Scallan hot cold packs

Penny Scallan Hot Cold Packs ($7.99 each)

Fact: kids are always bumping into something. Keep one or more of these friendly characters in the fridge (or near the microwave) ready to help soothe any bumps to the head, shoulders, knees or toes.

Nail trimmers

Nail Snail baby nail trimmers

Nail Snail Baby Nail Trimmer ($21.95)

Keeping little nails trimmed minimises scratches and helps keep germs at bay. This baby is a nail trimmer, nail file and under nail cleaner all-in-one. Its safety guard protects their skin and the V-shaped blade allows you to see what they’re doing.


Green Sprouts scissors

Greensprouts Baby Nail Scissors ($8)

Snip, snip. These baby scissors are small in size to suit the littlest of patients, have rounded edges for safety and are handy to cut bandage tape or to halve bandaids for teeny tiny fingers.

Mosquito patches

Buzz Patch mosquito patches

Buzzpatch Mosquito patches ($19.95)

This pack of magic contains patches infused with essential oils to make mozzies buzz off. Designed in conjunction with Monash University along with a global team of entomologists (mosquito experts), this is non-spray protection at its best.

Teething gel

Jack and Jill teething gel

Jack N’ Jill Teething Gel ($11.99)

The term toothy pegs may sound cute, but teething pains certainly aren’t, so keep some natural teething gel in your first aid kit. With a mild vanilla flavour, it’s suitable to use from four months of age.

Nasal aspirator

Snotty Noses nasal aspirator

Snotty Noses Nasal Aspirator ($49.95)

Babies can’t blow their own noses, so it’s up to us to help clear the mucus from their nasal airways. This clever battery operated aspirator provides constant suction to relieve their noses in seconds.

Aloe Vera gel

The Face Shop aloe vera gel

The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel ($12.95)

In the event the kids’ skin (or your own) needs some extra relief, this tub of ahhh is handy. Providing cooling moisturising relief for dry or chapped skin, it’s fast absorbed and no match for redness. Make it a must for your first aid kit.

Arm sling

Crazy Casts Camo Arm Sling

Crazy Casts Arm Sling ($20.95)

Specifically designed for children, Crazy Cast arm slings are soft, breathable and easy to adjust thanks to Velcro tabs. This sling makes wearing a cast way more fun and is available in a range of styles.

All-in-one safety kit

Tiny Tots Safety Kit

Tiny Tots Safety Kits ($36.95)

If convenience is key, go with the Tiny Tots Safety Kit from St Johns Ambulance. Trust that they’ll have all bases covered when it comes to emergencies.

Put these on speed dial

The last thing you want to be doing in an emergency is fumbling through paperwork or madly searching Google. Save these all-important contact details in your phone so they are just a few taps away when you need them.

  • Poisons Info Centre Call 131 126
  • HealthDirect Call 1800 022 222
  • Nurse-On-Call Call 1300 60 60 24
  • Home Doctor Service Call 13SICK
  • Lifeline Call 13 11 14
  • Maternal Child Health Line Call 13 22 29
  • Breastfeeding Helpline Call 1800 686 268

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