Aquarius babies: what to expect (+ 23 name ideas)

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Aquarius Babies

Aquarius babies: January 20 – February 18

Water-bearers with an eccentric streak, free spirit, and stubborn nature, Aquarius babies are whip-smart and lovers, not fighters. These intense creatures are fearless and dependable friends, who everyone adores.

Aquarius Zodiac Symbol | Mum's Grapevine11th astrological sign
Constellation: Aquarius
Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Ruler: Saturn


What to expect with an Aquarius baby

When it comes to Aquarius babies, expect the unexpected. Little enigmas, these sweet souls are fast learners, with a kind, empathetic nature. But their stubborn nature means they’ll be plenty of times you’ll butt heads. Be prepared to stay on your toes!

At their core, Aquarius babies are highly emotional, so there’s usually a wave to ride. They’re cuddly and sweet and will be the first to lock you in an embrace just when you need it. They love everyone and are loved by everyone, being so wonderful has its upsides! But they do also march to the beat of their own drum.

Your little water babe is also super smart and will learn very quickly. Make sure you keep them busy learning new skills – both physical and mental.

Aquarius traits

    • Advanced
    • Eccentric
    • Active
    • Independent
    • Rebellious
    • Emotional
    • Empathetic
  • Creative
  • Analytical
  • Temperamental
  • Free-spirited
  • Fearless
  • Self-reliant
  • Clever

Christina Ricci

Famous Aquarians

Some of the most intelligent minds and kind, creative souls were born under the Aquarius sign, just like these high-achievers.

23 Aquarius names for boys and girls

Nee to choose a baby name for your water-bearing Aquarius bub? Dive right into the fancy-free, fearless, rebellious, and energetic names for some inspo:

Dalis: The ultimate moniker for a water-bearing Aquarius, this unique name means ‘drinking water’.

Sailor: Of German descent, meaning ‘boat man’, this is well suited to a free spirit who adores the sea.

Aria: Aquarius is an air sign, and this sublime name means ‘air’ in Italian – so fly free little one!

Cordelia: Meaning ‘daughter of the sea’, and old-world name, perfectly suited to a modern world.

Conrad: Meaning ‘bold, wise counsellor, or brave advisor’, this strong name has Aquarius written all over it.

Frances: Translating to ‘free’, for soulful spirits with an itch to set sail.

Sage: This French name means ‘wise’ – and what a wise little owl they’ll be!

Sophia: A sparklingly beautiful name that as stood the test of time, meaning ‘wisdom’.

Angus: Doesn’t this name just ooze strength? Of Scottish and Irish origins, meaning ‘one strength’.

Veronica: Ole! This beautiful Spanish name translates to ‘truth and purity.

Marcella: With its Roman origins, it’s little wonder this warlike, feminine version of Marcello is just the ticket for a brave little Aquarius.

Wyatt: An Old English surname, meaning ‘brave in war’, and well suited to a little warrior.

Aura: While Aquarian bubs are brave, strong and fearless, they’re also gentle and empathetic – so this name, meaning ‘soft breeze’, is a sweet choice.

Frida: Meaning ‘free’, and also ‘peace’, it’s a gentle name for a gentle child.

Cato: Hailing from the Latin word for ‘cactus’, there’s nothing prickly about this name. It means ‘all-knowing’ and ‘wise’.

Walwyn: A unique name, meaning ‘powerful friend’, touching on the Aquarius trait of empathy.

Charity: A direct translation, this name means ‘selfless’, and has a beautiful sing-song quality about it.

Ruth: Another nod to the Aquarian trait of being a pretty awesome buddy, this name means ‘passionate friend’.

Ethelwyn: Not a name that you hear every day, this Welsh moniker means ‘noble friend’.

Cara: An Irish-Gaelic name, meaning ‘friend’ – and we all need a super loyal Aquarius friend in our lives!

Hebe: While it can be used as a nickname for Pheobe, this gorgeous moniker is a wonderous name on its own, meaning ‘cup bearer to the gods’.

Zella: An earthy African name meaning ‘one who knows the way’.

Zephyr: Pay homage to this air sign with a Greek moniker meaning ‘west wind’.

Aquarius Baby Traits

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