Pisces Babies: What To Expect (+ 28 Name Ideas)

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Pisces babies: what to expect (+ 28 name ideas)

Pisces babies: February 19 – March 20

Sweet creatures with an empathetic nature, water babies born under the Pisces sign are the friend everyone wants to have. Internally emotional, and also known for wearing their heart on their sleeve, these old souls are artistic and easygoing. But don’t be surprised if they appear aloof – their little world is suspended somewhere between reality and fantasy.

Pisces symbol12th astrological sign
Constellation: Pisces
Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Ruler: Neptune
Motto: I Believe


What to expect with a Pisces baby

A Pisces baby has its head in the clouds, with big dreams and a heart full of hope. Sensitive and sweet, you’ll soon discover that Pisces babes love being nurtured and cuddled, and in turn will return all the love they receive tenfold.

Supremely artistic, they’re in tune with their creative side and will often be wistfully daydreaming. Sometimes this makes them appear aloof, but rest assured, your little fish is incredibly perceptive and understands so much more than what they’re given credit for. Their easygoing and compassionate nature and innate empathy makes them everyone’s buddy.

These wise critters grow up to become talented artists and photographers or delve into the engineering field. But they also love sport and dance. They also adore everything comforting – think hearty meals and treats, and cuddles on the couch.

Pisces traits

  • Creative
  • Sensitive
  • Daydreamers
  • Artistic
  • Empathetic
  • Compassionate
  • Romantic
  • Trusting
  • Perceptive
  • Popular
  • Easygoing
  • Mystical
  • Gracious
  • Imaginative


Em Ruscianom baby boy

Famous Pisces Celebrities

There’s a distinctly creative and empathetic theme that runs through this list of famous Pisces.

23 names perfect for Pisces babies

In tune with their feelings, and empathetic to the feelings of others, these Pisces names are everything from traditional to thoroughly modern.

Finn: Hailing from Irish mythology, Fionn mac Cumhaill or Finn MacCool was a warrior with supernatural powers. A strong name, with a nod to the Pisces fish symbol.

River: A tranquil, peaceful name perfect for a babe born under this water sign.

Brooks: Meaning ‘of the brook’ and of English origin, this name pays homage to the water sign in a subtle way.

Fisher: An old-school surname for families of fishermen, this name is perfectly paired with a Pisces.

Ocean: A thoroughly modern moniker that takes inspiration from the free-spirited nature of Pisces babies.

Bryson: This Gaelic name means ‘vigorous sea’, and suits a little sailor with a big heart.

Kai: Of Hawaiian origins, this super popular name means ‘ocean or sea’.

Sidney: This used to be a popular English surname but is now a beautiful first name, and means ‘wide river meadow’.

Remy: While this may sound like a modern name, this beautiful moniker is actually Old French and means ‘oarsman’.

Moana: Made popular thanks to the Disney movie, Moana actually hails from Polynesia and means ‘wide ocean’.

Larissa: If you’re a fan of Greek mythology, this is the ultimate Pisces name –  because it’s the name of the sea god Poseidon’s lover.

Kadin: Meaning a ‘kind friend; a companion, which suits a compassionate and empathetic Pisces child to a tee.

Bardo: This name originates from a South Pacific greeting, but also has Aboriginal and Tibetan origins – meaning water in ancient languages.

Ezra: A Biblical Hebrew name which means ‘help’ – a sweet nod to the kind and generous nature of Pisces children.

Liberty: A free-spirited name for a free-spirited baby, born under the Pisces sign.

Mara: Meaning ‘sea’ in modern Irish, this short and sweet name alludes to being born under a water sign.

Hazel: The Hazel tree that symbolises knowledge and creativity – covering two key Pisces traits.

Darwin: An old English surname that was adapted from a nickname – Deorwine, which means ‘dear friend’.

Amethyst: February’s birthstone makes for a unique Pisces baby name.

Lily: The flower associated with Pisces is the Water Lily, a gorgeously nature-based name.

Winifred: A Welsh name meaning blessed peacemaking, for a friendly, empathetic Pisces buddy.

Aisling: Meaning ‘dream or vision’, which works well in balancing a Pisces baby’s beautiful world which floats somewhere between fantasy and reality.

Sibyl: Pisces have an uncanny knack for knowing just what you’re feeling, and this spiritual name means ‘seer’.

Pisces baby traits

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