Best birth photos of 2022 revealed

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The First Look by Ebony Allen-Ankins

Captivating, raw and powerful, the world’s best birth photographs have been announced for 2022 by The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP), with each image ready to wow you with the marvel of new life all over again.

A first in the history of the competition, Hardship & Loss was added to the existing categories of Birth Details, Labor, Delivery and Postpartum, opening the doors to an even broader variety of powerful birth photography. And we don’t know how they chose between them.

Tissues at the ready – here are the winners of the 12th Annual Birth Photography Image Competition for 2022.

Best Overall First Place

A Touch of Love by Barbara Aviz

“A Touch Of Love” via Barbara Aviz – Barbara Aviz Fotogragia

Best Overall Birth Details

The Tiniest Feet by Diana Lauren

“The Tiniest Feet” via Dania Lauren – Lauren + Douglas

Best Overall Labor

Accepting a New Plan by Sara Avila

“Accepting A New Plan” via Sara Avila – Sara Avila Fotografia

Best in Delivery

The First Look by Ebony Allen-Ankins

“The First Look” via Ebony Allen-Ankins – Ebony Allen-Ankins Photography

Best Overall Postpartum

Twins Frist Latch by Jessica Miles

“Twins First Latch” via Jessica Miles – Jessica Miles Photography

Best Overall Hardship & Loss

Meike Nagorny - Best Overall Hardship and Loss Photo

“As Long As I’m Here With You My Perfect Little Baby” via Meike Nagorny – Meike Nagorny m.o.m.e.n.t.s

Best in Birth Details – Black & White

She Roars by Lindsey Eden

“She Roars” via Lindsey Bartell – Lindsey Eden Photography & Doula

Best in Birth Details – Documentary

Nuchal by Brittney Hogue

“Nuchal” via Brittney Hogue – Brittney Hogue | Birth, Baby, Family

Best in Birth Details – Fine Art

Blood of My Blood by Laura Brink

“Blood of my Blood’ via Laura Brink – Rewild Her

Best in Labor – Black & White

Ovarian Cancer Survivor - Hospital Transfer by Sara Hunter

“Ovarian Cancer Survivor – Hospital Transfer” via Sara Hunter – Sara Hunter Photo LLC

Best in Labor – Documentary

My Sacred Birth Cocoon - VI Photography

“My Sacred Birth Cocoon” via Jessica Innemee – VI-Photography

Best in Labor – Fine Art

Surrender by Renate van Lith Fotografie

“Surrender” via Renate van Lith – Renate van Lith Fotografie

Best in Delivery – Black & White

Euforia by Inge Berken

“Euforia” via Inge Berken – Inge Berken Fotografie

Best in Delivery – Documentary

Dad Catches His Baby Girl by Sara Hunter

“Dad Catches His Baby Girl” via Sara Hunter – Sara Hunter Photo, LLC

Best in Delivery – Fine Art

Blessed Exhaustion by Danny Merz

“The Blessed Exhaustion” via Danny Merz – danny merz | geburtsreportage

Best in Postpartum – Black & White

Reunion by Rachel Utain-Evans

“Reunion” via Rachel Utain-Evans – Rachel Utain-Evans Photography

Best in Postpartum – Documentary

Love Till Infinity by Inge Berken

“Love Till Infinity” via Inge Berken – Inge Berken Fotografie

Best in Postpartum – Fine Art

Swimming Interstellar by Hayden Trace

“Swimming Interstellar” via Hayden Trace – Home Again

Honourable Mentions:

A Calm Birth In Times Of Pandemic via Susanne Krauss

“A Calm Birth In Times Of Pandemic” via Susanne Krauss – Geburtsfotografie Muenchen

Absolute Joy by Lindsey Eden

“Absolute Joy” via Lindsey Eden – Lindsey Eden Photography & Doula

After Birth by Ebony Allen-Ankins

“After Birth” via Ebony Allen-Ankins – Ebony Allen-Ankins Photography

Bloom by Brittney Hogue

“Bloom” via Brittney Hogue – Brittney Hogue | Birth, Baby, Family

Love and Support by Vannessa Brown

“Love And Support” via Vannessa Brown – Vannessa Brown Photography

The Reach by Natalie Zepp

“The Reach” via Natalie Weber – Natalie Zepp Photography

Womb To Our World by Sadie Wild

“Womb World To Our World” via Sadie Wild – Sadie Wild Photography

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