12 baby wipes: our picks for faces and bots

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Wotnot Baby Wipes

Once you have a baby it’s not long before you’re introduced to the Swiss army knife of baby essentials – humble baby wipes.

Whether it’s for cleaning up bubba after a blowout or wiping up wet spills, baby wipes are going to be a mainstay in your shopping trolley even long after the kids head off to school.

Modern wipes take into account thickness, ingredients, absorbency, and of course, the environmental impact of the product – especially given how many of them are used every day in Australia. From biodegradable wipes to options that are predominantly water, there’s a brand out there to suit every little bottie.

12 Baby Wipes for wiping faces and botties

12 best baby wipes in Australia

With so many wipes on the market, it’s hard to know where to start, so we asked the HUGE Mum’s Grapevine Facebook community which ones they use and love. In no particular order, these are the recommended products.

Wotnot Naturals

Wotnot Natural Baby Wipes

Wotnot Naturals Baby Wipes (from $6.99)

Chemical-free and made using 100% compostable bamboo fibres, Wotnot Naturals baby wipes contain certified organic aloe vera and vitamin E to be as gentle on faces as they are on bottoms. We love that they are extra large in size and available in discounted bulk packs.

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WaterWipes Biodegradable Baby Wipes (from $8)

Made almost entirely of purified water with just a dash of fruit extract, WaterWipes are hypoallergenic and midwife-approved for use with newborns and premature babies. We love that they are now biodegradable.

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Tooshies by TOM

Tooshies Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Tooshies by TOM Baby Wipes (from $5.50)

Biodegradable and compostable, Tooshies by TOM wipes use nourishing organic ingredients and plant-based cloth, free of alcohol, phenols, parabens and phthalates. We love the addition of refreshing aloe vera for helping fight and relieve nappy rash.

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GAIA Natural Baby

Gaia Natural Baby Plant-Based Wipes

GAIA Natural Baby Plant-Based Water Wipes ($6.49)

Made from plant-based, compostable cloth, Gaia Natural Baby Wipes are formulated with 99.4% pure water so you know they are good for babies with delicate skin. We love that they are PH-balanced, paediatrician approved and dermatologically tested.

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings dry bamboo wipes

New Beginnings Bamboo Dry Wipes (from $6.50)

Created using absorbent, biodegradable bamboo, New Beginnings Dry Wipes make a gentle alternative to wet wipes. We love that with a little water they transform into a durable, soft-touch cloth that is both chemical and fragrance-free.

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Happy Little Camper

Happy Little Camper Baby Wipes

Happy Little Camper Natural Cotton Wipes ($5.99)

Made using organic aloe vera and vitamin E, Happy Little Camper cotton wipes are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and free from fragrance, alcohol, chlorine and parabens. We love that they use 100% biodegradable and compostable cotton for an ultra-thick baby wipe.

Buy now from New Beginnings

Aleva Natural

Aleva Bamboo Baby Wipes

Aleva Natural Bamboo Baby Wipes (from $6.99)

Unbleached and extra-strong, Aleva Natural Bamboo Baby Wipes use organic aloe vera, chamomile, tea tree and lavender oil to cleanse and nourish sensitive baby skin. We love that they’re kind to the planet and biodegradable within just 21 days.

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Bunjie Probiotic Baby Wipes (from $6.99)

Made in New Zealand from compostable plant-based fibres, Bunjie Probiotic Wipes are the world’s first pro-planet wipes that care for your baby’s microbiome and sensitive skin. We love that they’re fragrance-free and safe for newborn and eczema-prone skin.

Buy now from Bunjie Australia

Jak Organics

Jak Organics Wipes

Jak Organics Baby Cleansing Wipes (from $3.70)

Made with bamboo fibres, award-winning Jak Organics 2-in-1 Baby Cleansing Wipes are enriched with nourishing botanicals and certified organic oils to clean, moisturise and protect baby’s skin. We love that they are compostable and help prevent nappy rash.

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Ecooriginals New Zealand Wipes

Ecoriginals Compostable Baby Wipes (from $14.98 for 3 pack)

Made completely from certified organic, plant-based ingredients, Ecoriginal baby wipes are not only compostable but great for bubs with sensitive skin. We love that there are three to choose from: goat milk, manuka honey or pure New Zealand water.

Buy Now from Ecoriginals website

Baby Bum Shower

Baby Bum Shower

Baby Bum Shower ($39.99)

Just like a bidet, the Baby Bum Shower is a compact hand-held device that delivers a squirt of water (or soapy water!) at nappy change. We love that it holds enough solution for up to 10 nappy changes and is great for cleaning hands.

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Haakaa Cloth Wipes

Haakaa Cotton Cloth Wipes  (from $14)

An eco-friendly option to many disposables, Haakaa Cotton Cloth Wipes use soft two-ply cotton to gently clean baby with water or your choice of cleanser. We love that they are versatile, reusable and safe to pop in the washing machine.

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