9 Breast Pumps Mums Are Using in Australia

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9 great portable breast pumps in Australia 2022

Let’s discuss the amazing milk-making abilities of mums. While we are gifted with the natural ability to produce breast milk, a Portable Breast Pump can be an incredibly helpful tool to maintain a steady supply of this liquid gold for our babies.

As a mother, there may be times when expressing milk becomes necessary, whether to relieve engorgement during the early stages of breastfeeding or to allow partners to share in the joy of feeding the baby.

Personally, I have found using a breast pump to be a great help to ensure my baby received enough milk, and having a pump on hand helps extract more milk in less time.

9 of the best portable breast pumps

To help you find a fast and reliable pump, we consulted our huge Facebook community of Australian mums and listed their most popular choices below. Read what other mums had to say in the Facebook post!

In no particular order, here are 10 of the most portable breast pumps we recommend.


Medela Swing Maxi portable breast pump being used by a mum sitting on the floor cross legged

Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Pump ($419.95)

With 2-Phase Expression technology that mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythm, the Medela Swing Maxi offers PersonalFit Flex breast shields for extra comfort and fast, effective expression. It even has a built-in rechargeable battery lasting up to six sessions.

One happy customer commented online “I purchased this pump as I had a premature baby and I have to say it’s been great. It is easy to use, very user-friendly, and easy to clean and set up. I find I get a good amount each pump too.”

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Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee Made for Me Double pump being worn by a mum in bed watching over her baby hands free

Tommee Tippee ‘Made For Me’ Double Electric Pump ($359.95)

Lightweight and ultra-quiet, the Tommee Tippee Made For Me double electric pump is portable, USB-rechargeable and runs for 90 minutes without a cord. The LED screen makes tracking each session easy and the hygienic closed system eliminates backflow.

One parent left the comment  “It has been a total lifesaver. So easy to set up and use with ease. It’s the most comfortable pump I’ve used. Has a great suction and works the best. Very easy to take apart and clean. You won’t be disappointed.”

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Medela Swing Maxi single Electric Breast Pump showing the small size of the pump unit compared to the bottle and flange

Medela Solo Electric Pump ($299.95)

Compact and effective, the Medela Solo Electric Pump is quick to assemble, fast to charge via USB and features 2-Phase Expression similar to natural breastfeeding. It runs at just 45 decibels for a peaceful pump you can even use at night.

“Simple easy-to-use control system, The portability and recharging ability is great and the pump is relatively quiet. I love that it only has three parts to assemble and clean each time and the flange feels really comfortable and sturdy.” one reviewer said.

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Mininor double breast pump showing the two bottle side view attached to the pump unit by two hoses

Mininor Mini Chargeable Electric Breast Pump ($269.95)

Able to be used as either a double or single electric pump, the Mininor is a lightweight, portable closed-system pump. Featuring two functions; stimulation or pumping, it can be used via mains power or with the built-in lithium battery for up to two hours.

One parent uploaded the comment “Love it. It’s compact, quiet and being rechargeable it’s easy to travel with, and handy for camping trips or long road trips. I found it comfortable to use, had great suction, and easy to clean. All round very happy.”

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Lansinoh compact portable breast pump being used by a mum who is sitting on the couch watching the milk flow into the attached collection bag

Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Pump ($159.95)

Compact enough to slip into your handbag, the Lansinoh single pump comes with a secure ComfortFit breast cushion and handy back-lit indicator. The 2-phase technology and five levels of suction stimulate healthy, efficient milk flow.

One parent made the comment “I find it excellent at removing a good amount of milk and is relatively quiet. I like that it is a closed system and have found it really easy to clean and sterilise.”

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Omababy Kiwy 3-in-1 portable breast pump sitting on a bench top. Showingn the size and shape of the pump flanges and the controls on the pump unit

Omababy Kiwy Miya 3-in-1 Hospital Grade Pump ($339)

The first 3-in-1 breast pump in Australia, Omababy’s Kiwy facilitates three different modes of expression: single, double and manual. It’s small enough to fit into a handbag and allows you to use different settings for each breast for optimal extraction.

“Wow, what an awesome little machine! Compact portable and so easy to use, even has a built-in night light! I think the price is very reasonable.” said one parent online.

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Pigeon GoMini Breast Pump being used by a mother on the couch. She is holding the bottle of milk and the small controller in the other hand.

Pigeon GoMini Double Electric Pump ($324.95)

This USB-powered double electric pump is compact enough to take anywhere and requires only one hand to operate – so you can keep the other hand on your delicious bubba. It includes stimulation and expression modes and fits Pigeon wide and slim bottles.

A parent left a review titled “I LOVE this pump!! “, and included the comment, “This pump is amazing! I can’t believe how something so small can be so efficient, and being a double pump too, it definitely saves me a lot of time.”

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Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee Made for Me Single pump being used by a mum who is sitting on the floor while her baby is playing

Tommee Tippee Single Electric Pump ($169.95)

Backflow begone. The hygienic closed system of this unit ensures no breast milk flows back into the tubes of the pump and that every drop lands in the bottle. USB-chargeable with a 60-minute running time, it also offers massage and express modes.

One customer was very happy and posted the comment “I was getting worried about my breasts getting engorged I decided to get a pump. I came across the Tommee Tippee electric pump and I absolutely love it! It has helped me so much, and now exclusively pumping and bottling my breast milk, it’s  made life easy and pain-free!”

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Lansinoh portable manual breast pump buing used by a mother who looking at her phone while expressing milk

Lansinoh Manual Pump ($95.95)

This fuss-free gem is compact enough to fit in your handbag and as quiet as a mouse. It features an ergonomic, easy-express handle, two-phase technology to maximise the flow of milk and a Comfort-Fit Breast Cushion for a secure seal.

One mum recommended online “Works well and easy to use. Love that it’s small and portable. I can use it on the go wherever I am without worrying about finding a socket nearby.”

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Unimom Minuet Automatic Breast Pump showing the two bottles and flanges and the small pumping unit side on view

Unimom Minuet LCD Automatic Pump ($285)

Innovative and compact, the Unimom Minuet is built for double-pumping performance with seven massage modes and nine expressing levels. It has a built-in rechargeable battery for increased portability and a hygienic closed system for black-flow protection.

“Portable, quiet and lightweight. I’ve been using it for the last 2 months and I could not recommend it enough. The batteries are chargeable and it is compact and lightweight” commented one reviewer online.

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Is it safe to use a second hand breast pump?

It is not recommended to use a secondhand breast pump. Experts advise against buying a second-hand pump in Australia, unless it’s a brand with a closed system. Domestic pumps have an open system, which means milk and moisture could get into the tube and motor contaminating the expressed milk. Even if you use new tubing, bottles, and flanges, there is still the potential for germs and bacteria to get in.

Is a manual or electric breast pump best?

Which style of portable pump is right for you depends how often you’ll be expressing.

A manual breast pump is suited for occasional, and relatively short periods of expression because it can get quite tiring. But a big advantage of manual pumps is that they’re portable, quiet and more discreet, handy if you need to pump breast milk at work – or the middle of the night!

Electric breast pumps do all the work for you and operate at various speeds, including letdown, to help you extract more breast milk. Given how much quicker they can be compared with manual pumps, they’re a must-have if you’re expressing frequently.

Can I use a pumping bra with any pump?

By freeing up both of your hands, pumping bras are a total game-changer when it comes to convenient expressing. Some brands, such as Medela and Haakaa, make custom bras to suit their pumps, but many nursing bras on the market are compatible with most electric pump brands.

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