20 High Chair Toys (That Won’t Fall On The Ground)

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20 best high chair toys | Mum's Grapevine

High chair toys are the genius little playthings making baby’s mealtimes fun and providing entertainment between courses. Pint-sized and portable, they’re perfect for taking with you everywhere bubba is likely to stop for a nibble.

With a strong suction base, high chair toys stick to tray tables or benches – and stay there. Little hands can tinker and twirl, young gums can soothe teething pain, and you can get on with preparing the next course (or re-making the first one that bub sent back!).

20 fun high chair toys (that stay put!)

To help you find a super sticky toy for your high chair, we’ve compiled this list of fab high chair toys available in Australia to get you started in your search.

Here are 20 of the best high chair toys in Australia:

Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys Suction Kups

Fat Brain Toys Suction Kups ($29.95)

Super bright and impossible to miss, Fat Brain Toys Suction Kupz stick to almost any smooth surface. We love that from the high chair to the fridge, they’re a fabulous tool that little builders can play with all over the house.

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Skip Hop

Skip Hop Explore & More Bead Mover

Skip Hop Explore & More Bead Mover ($29.95)

Suitable for little ones from four months, the Skip Hop Explore & More Bead Mover attaches to most smooth surfaces with its tough suction base. We love the moveable wooden beads that strengthen dexterity and introduce basic counting skills.

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Hola Toys

Hola Toys Highchair Toys

Hola Highchair Toys ($22)

Specially designed with different materials, colours and sounds, Hola Highchair Toys stimulate touch and vision whether you’re dining at home or out. We love the nodding heads and spinning tails for inciting loads of baby giggles.

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MOLUK Oogi Pilla Suction Toy

MOLUK Oogi Pilla Suction Toy ($16.95)

Quirky and entertaining, the Swiss-designed MOLUK Oogi Pilla uses super-elastic silicone that stretches in all directions. We love that it comes with five suction feet for multiple positioning and connects to other Oogis in the range.

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Grapple High Chair Toy

Grapple Toy Teether ($35)

Invented out of necessity (and a little bit of desperation), the Grapple Toy Teether contains silicone cords that attach to bub’s favourite toys to keep them from tumbling overboard. We love that it means no more bending down to retrieve turfed toys!

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B. Toys

B.Toys Activity Suction Station

B. Toys Activity Suction Station ($22)

Like a mini activity play table, The genius B. Toys Activity Suction Station sticks firmly to high chairs and includes chunky buttons, a popping dome and spinning spirals. We love the addition of lights and sounds for keeping little humans mesmerised.

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Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys PipSquigz

Fat Brain Toys PipSquigz Tactile Sensory Toy ($29.95)

BPA-free and suitable from six months of age, PipSquigz tactile suction toys come in sets of three and can be tugged, pushed, shaken, poped and pulled. We love that they include wavy bumps for stimulating little fingers and are dishwasher safe.

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Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug Wooden Bead Maze Toy

Melissa & Doug First Wooden Bead Maze Toy ($56.03)

Fitted with suction cups that keep it from going anywhere, the Melissa & Doug Wooden Bead Maze helps bubs develop colour recognition, hand-eye coordination and fine skills. We love that it helps growing bubs learn the basics of shapes and counting too.

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Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein Sticky Spinner

Baby Einstein Sticky Spinner ($18)

Designed with a series of bright loops that swing about in different directions, the Baby Einstein Sticky Spinner is easy to grab and fab for developing fine motor skills. We love that it’s big on colour and turns any flat surface into a boredom-busting activity centre.

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123 Grow

123 Grow Pat Mat High Chair Toy

123 Grow Pat Mat Sensory High Chair Toy ($6)

Filled with water and bright shapes, the 123 Grow Pat Mat is designed to fit most standard tray tables and is suitable for bubs from six months. We love that it’s just as wonderful for floor play as it is for entertaining little diners at mealtime.

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Boon Jellies Suction Cups

Boon Jellies Suction Cups ($24.95)

As fabulous for the high chair as they are for tub time, Boon’s BPA-free Jellies suction toys come in sets of nine and suit little ones from 12 months of age. We love the unlimited stacking, sorting and building play they offer bubs and growing tots.

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Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys PipSquigz Loops

Fat Brain Toys PipSquigz Loops High Chair Toy ($19.95)

Made using BPA-free silicone, PipSquigz Loops incorporate a central tower and loads of loops sure to be a hit with teething bubs. We love that it comes packed with colours and textures and that it’s safe to pop in the dishwasher after mealtimes.

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Hape Stay Put Rattles

Hape Stay-Put Rattle Set ($24.90)

With fun sounds and loads of colour, Hape Stay-Put Rattles use non-toxic wood and plastics to be as safe for goring bubs as they are cute. We love the strong suction base that sticks to most smooth surfaces and the tactile elements for tinkering.

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Bumbo Suction High Chair Toys

Bumbo Suction High Chair Toys ($21.95)

Adorable additions to Bumbo tray tables or high chairs, Bumbo’s suction toys come in a choice of animal designs and feature a rotating base, strong suction seal and fun interactive elements. We love that each is safe for teething bubs to chomp on.

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ELC Little Senses Glowing High Chair Toy

ELC Little Senses Glowing High Chair Toy ($27)

Suitable for ages six months and up, the ELC Little Senses Glowing toy comes with tassels to touch, rings to twirl and a sweet round belly to spin that activates a colour-changing light. We love that it also has a turning head and moving arms.

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Remoking Interactive High Chair Rattle

REMOKING Interactive Rattle for High Chair ($29.99)

Packed with sensory features, the REMOKING interactive Rattle includes spinning balls and beads, a rotating tree truck and even an apple to shake and sway. We love the extra-strong suction base and super-cute owl perched atop the tree.

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Lamaze Freddy the Firefly High Chair Toy

Lamaze Freddy the Firefly High Chair Toy ($26.95)

Suitable from six months of age, the Freddy the Firefly by Lamaze has textured wings, moving beads and a large central spinning ball for little hands to enjoy. We love that it comes fitted with a secure suction base for most flat surfaces.

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MOLUK Oogi Junior Suction Toys

MOLUK Oogi Junior Silicone Suction Toys (from $12.95)

Stretchy, tactile and kinda crazy, MOLUK Oogi high-quality silicone figures provide endless open play for tots over three. We love that each figure has a suction head, feet and hands, and they connect to each other as well as other characters in the collection.

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Remoking Interactive Rattle

Sassy Sensation Station High Chair Toy ($24.99)

Designed to be swatted and tugged, the Sassy Sensation Station comes with built-in music effects it detaches from the suction base for when you’d rather use it as a rattle. We love that it’s built tough and internationally designed to be pushed and pulled.

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Toy Straps

Silicone Toy Straps

Silicone Toy Straps ($48 for 5)

Crafted from BPA-free food-grade silicone, these toy straps attach to bub’s favourite toy at one end and the high chair at the other, keeping treasures off the dirty floor. We love how versatile these are – use them in the car, pram or at mealtimes.

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Know a high chair toy we could add to our list? Contact us and let us know, we’ve been curating Australia’s best baby products into helpful lists for over 15 years and we’re always happy to support new brands and businesses.

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