38 favourite literary baby names for book lovers

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Baby name inspiration from classic books

Some of our most precious childhood memories centre around reading. From memories of bedtime stories with mum and dad, to the times we’ve been lost in Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree, books seem to have always had a special place in our hearts.

When asked about the story behind your future child’s name, we think it’ll be pretty cool to say the story was inspired by, well, a story!

Sit back, grab a cuppa and let’s delve into 38 of our favourite literary inspired names:

Literary baby name inspiration

Alice, Alice in Wonderland: Trustworthy, highly curious, loving and kind, Alice embodies what many parents are hoping for in a child.

Aesop: Credited with penning over 600 fables like The Tortoise and the Hare, the author Aesop sure was a master in telling short stories with a moral attached. Uber cool with a great deal of street cred, could this unique name be what you’re searching for?

Arya, The World of Ice and Fire: Arya, from the binge-worthy Game of Thrones, was first created for the fantasy series on which the show is based.

Atticus, To Kill a Mockingbird: How about naming your tiny love after the literary world’s most famous legal eagle, Atticus Finch?

Charlie, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory: Charlie is a young boy that shows inner strength and is ultimately rewarded for his good nature and patience. Perfect unisex baby name inspo for a boy or a girl.

Charlotte, Charlotte’s Web: First published in 1952, the tale of Charlotte the spider, who saves Wilbur’s bacon (literally!), remains a favourite of readers young and old.

Claris, Claris: She’s the chicest mouse in Paris, brought to life by acclaimed fashion illustrator Megan Hess. This pretty girls name starting with C would be delightful for your future fashionista.

Clover, Clover: A nature name that’s on the more unique side, could Susan Coolidge’s Clover Carr grow on you as a name contender? It means ‘meadow flower’ and bonus, it’s easy to spell.

Daisy, The Great Gatsby: Daisy is the constant object of Gatsby’s affection in this classic social commentary.

Darcy, Pride & Prejudice: Bridget Jones’ Diary was based on this tale of a strong woman who meets her match in Mr. Darcy.

Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz: We adore the sweet-sounding nickname for Dorothy, Dottie or Dot.

Ella, Cinderella: Naming your little girl Cinderella might be a wee bit much, but Ella is the perfect shortened version for your pretty little belle of the ball. Think Disney, but mainstream.

Enid, The Worst Witch: Meaning ‘soul, life,’ Enid Nightshade from Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch is known for being a practical joker at Cackle’s Academy. In fact, there are many great names to come out of Cackle’s like Bryony, a lovely botanical name.

Elie: Not a character in a book, but a notable author, Elie Wiesel penned Night which is one of the most powerful books of all time.

Estella, Great Expectations: Reckon you might have a little heartbreaker on your hands? Name her after Dickens’ Estella, the object of Pip’s unrequited adoration.

Harry, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Everyone’s favourite bespectacled wizard is likely responsible for the influx of boys with this moniker.

Hazel, The Fault In Our Stars: The feel-good and moving book The Fault In Our Stars brings us the character Hazel Grace, a beautiful name pairing meaning ‘of the tree’ and ‘charm.’

Holden, The Catcher in the Rye: Park any car associations for a second, because we’re focusing on Holden Caulfield, the hero from J.D Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. A solid name for a boy, it means ‘valley.’

Holly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s: This book character made Audrey Hepburn a household name in the movie adaptation.

Huck, Huckleberry Finn: Once shortened, this one’s perfect for an adventurous little boy.

Gulliver, Gulliver’s Travels: From the classic by Jonathan Swift, the name Gulliver is of Irish origin. For those wanting something a bit different, Gully could be an interesting nickname.

Jasper, Twilight: This cult classic gives us so many great names like Bella and Edward but Jasper is one with that bit of extra mystery. Believed to be of Persian origin, it means ‘treasurer’ and would work for both boys and girls.

Josephine, Little Women: She’s lively, outspoken and refuses to stay on the sidelines. Everything you could ask for in a daughter!

Maisy, Maisy: The little mouse loved the world over, who comes to life on the page with bold, colourful illustrations and tales of positive, every day adventures. Also spelled Maisie, this is a gorgeous animal inspired name you can’t go wrong with.

Matilda, Matilda: She’s the character by Roald Dahl we all love, and it seems loved by baby-naming parents too! Matilda is one of Australia’s most popular names.

Milo, The Phantom Tollbooth: German for ‘soft-hearted’, Milo is a character in The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. Easy to spell and that little bit different, Milo is like a nice warm hug.

Oscar, Oscar Wilde: One of the most famous authors of all time, Oscar is a name that’s as popular as ever and isn’t going anywhere. In fact Aussie stars have been loving this name including Becc Judd and Sylvia Jeffries.

Pippi, Pippi Longstocking: Dreamed up by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, Pippi is a freckled, unconventional and superhumanly strong, like, she’s able to lift her horse one-handed. Playful and unpredictable, she’s got an attitude to match. Pip could be a cute nickname.

Rosalind, As You Like It: Shakespeare’s Rosalind refuses to accept the limitations set upon her by society. Perfect for those of us proud to raise a strong-willed daughter.

Sam, Green Eggs & Ham: In this cult classic from Dr Seuss, Sam spends his time encouraging his friend to try the green eggs and ham.

Scarlett, Gone With The Wind: This southern belle is the female protagonist made famous in Gone With The Wind.

Scout, To Kill a Mockingbird: As an objective narrator with the tough questions, Jean Louise Finch is much more suited to her nickname, Scout.

Willy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: With a little twist on the spelling, Mum’s Grapevine founder Caz used this one for her own boy, Willie.

Winnie, Winnie the Pooh: The beautiful bear with the big heart also has the perfect name for a baby girl.

Willow, The Wind in the Willows: OK, so this name technically comes from the title rather than a character, but it’s darn tootin’ adorable so it’s worth the addition.

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