Celia Pacquola welcomes first baby with Dara Munnis

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Celia Pacquola

Australian comedian Celia Pacquola and partner Dara Munnis have welcomed their first baby together, a little girl named Eleanor Jessica.

Taking to Instagram today, Celia shares a couple of photos, captioning the post “Our mystery guest has arrived. Hello Eleanor Jessica. 3 kilos of wonderful. Thank you to all the incredible staff at @epworthbabies and @dr_stephencole for taking such good care of us. And thanks to @daramunnis for the 📸 and the 👶 and the ❤️. (The last photo is the post birth meal I ordered with an extra slider which makes it look like I ordered a burger for the baby)

Dara also took to Instagram, captioning his post “To all new arrivals… very privileged this week to add Eleanor to the list of incredible women in my life. Massive respect to the team at Epworth Freemasons for taking care of us so well and of course, to the incredible @celia_pacquola who has blown my mind yet again.”



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Celia announced her pregnancy in late March with a very cute Instagram post holding a tiny baby onesie pressed to her rounded belly reading “Time Lord in Training” making reference to Doctor Who. She wrote:

“Whoever had ‘Celia gets pregnant’ on their Unprecedented Events bingo card, you can cross it off now. Wild. I’m very happy and yes I miss wine.

📸 & 👶 @daramunnis

Also please consider this my official audition to be the next Doctor Who as I currently have two hearts.”

Many Australian television personalities were quick to send their congratulations under the Instagram post with some very familiar names popping up.

Dave Hughes wrote: “Cray cray! Love it! Congrats!”, while Celeste Barber and Lisa Wilkinson also sent their congratulations.

A couple of fellow Aussie Mummas also commented like recently first-time Mum Dami Im who commented: “OMG CONGRATS!!!!! Welcome to the club of I dunno what’s happening 🙃🙃”

And Tiff Hall who wrote: “So exciting! Congratulations!💕”

Jan Fran who also recently gave birth to her first baby wrote at the time: “Omgosh yay!!! Very many congrats to you. Welcome to Massive Nork town.”

The 39-year-old comedian posted in April a gorgeous set of photographs of her pregnancy progress taken by her partner Dara.

A timeline in bumps. Getting there. 📸 👶 @daramunnis”

When someone made the comment below the Instagram post that it seemed “a little overboard to use a professional photographer for every single one of the photos”, Dara who happens to be a professional photographer hilariously commented back:

“I’m on a retainer”.

Celia stayed real with her followers throughout her pregnancy, posting some beautiful snaps of herself cuddling with her dogs.

She captioned the images:

“Third trimester feels. Heat packs, pillows & puppies. ❤️ (Not pictured, pubic girdle pain, insomnia & MOODS) 📸 @daramunnis”

We wish the couple and their new addition all the best and cannot wait to see them grow as a family.

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