7 awesome dads of the internet we can’t get enough of

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7 awesome dads of the internet being rad with their kids | Mum's Grapevine

Let’s give it up for all the rad dads. Kids might say the darnedest things, but fathers actually do them, and here’s the proof.

Here is the list of our favourite internet dads being amazing with their kids.



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TikTok personality Zeth went viral when he started posting his very wholesome interactions with his young daughter Saylor. The two sit in front of a microphone and chat away (unfiltered) sometimes while doing art, discussing their favourite music or animals, or anything really that comes to Saylor’s wonderous mind.

Mr. Banks


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Another dad made famous by TikTok is Mr Banks who gained quick popularity this year by posting himself singing and conversing to his newborn son Rokit while changing his nappy. From smash hits to questions as to what his Mum has dressed him in, you’re going to be left laughing.

Matty J

You may know Matt from the Bachelor Australia franchise but these days he has become one of our favourite Aussie dads on social media! Winning the ‘Best Creator on Instagram’ award at the Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AiMCO) Awards early this year, the father of two is keeping it real with ‘vlog-style’ videos about what it’s like being a parent in 2022.

Luke Cook


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Well, we definitely could not have a list of the best internet dads without including one of the greats… Luke Cook, an Australian actor living in the U.S. has made huge waves online with his hilarious videos. Often including his son Chaplin, Luke posts skits that will have you resharing to everyone you know.

How to Dad

An absolute classic, How to Dad has been around on social media since 2015 when his oldest was just a newborn. The New Zealand father of X started off with instructional videos on YouTube on various parenting things like ‘How to Hold a Baby’ and ‘How to Put a Baby to Sleep’. These days Jordan is still uploading to YouTube as well as keeping up on Instagram with hilarious Reels.



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Who doesn’t love a dad that isn’t afraid to break those parental gender stereotypes? Mason Smith or ToddlerTok is a digital creator on Instagram and TikTok that simply loves helping his daughters with their hair in the morning.

Back in 2020, Mason began making videos of himself doing his daughter Berkley’s hair while she sat in the sink in front of the mirror. While he started with next to no knowledge on how to style hair he is now braiding, doing space buns, and even dyeing the tips of Berkley’s hair for school!

The Leighton Show

This one will have most parents laughing or rolling their eyes (or both) especially if they’ve ever had to deal with a teenager or even a ‘three-nager’. Leighton is a dad who makes video lists about the things that he has apologised to his teenagers for.

Some of the hilarious reasons he has had to apologise for include telling his children something they already knew which was apparently “inexcusable” or suggesting going for a brief family walk.

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