40 favourite Disney names (and their meanings)

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40 favourite Disney names (and their meanings)

Not sure what to name your little peanut? Avoid the well-meaning suggestions from family (who all think their particular moniker is perfect for your little darling), and look to Walt Disney for inspiration instead. Disney’s range of lovable characters mostly share one thing in common: a strong moral compass that ultimately help them beat the baddies and get their happy ending – perfect baby naming inspo.

Below are our top 40 Disney-inspired baby names for boys and girls; enjoy reminiscing about favourite childhood cartoon characters and we hope you settle on a name for peanut by the time they arrive.

40 Disney inspired baby names

Anna, Frozen: Pronounced Arna, Anna from Frozen is arguably one of the most loved Disney characters for good reason: she’s brave, loyal, tenacious curious and too darn funny.

Alice, Alice in Wonderland: If it’s good manners you’re after, look no further than Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. Her curiosity is balanced by a healthy dose of common sense. Plus, it’s one of those names with a vintage flair that’ll never get old.

Ariel, The Little Mermaid: Seen as a departure from the typical princess, Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, has a rebellious streak that many adore. We think the name Melody, Ariel’s daughter who stars in the sequel, The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, has a sweet-sounding charm about it.

Aurora, Sleeping Beauty: Aurora from Sleeping Beauty is certainly one of the prettiest princess names and has experienced a recent spike in popularity. We sure wish we had a sleeping potion up our sleeves sometimes!

Belle, Beauty and the Beast: With an open mind, a love of books and a penchant for learning, Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, is the perfect name to inspire your future lil’ Harvard grad.

Bruno, Encanto: We actually can’t stop talking about Bruno. Partly because he’s from one of the most successful Disney movies of all time, but because it’s a solid name. It’s one of those traditional names that has a modern edge to it, in fact, Nigella Lawson’s son is a Bruno.

Christopher, Winnie the Pooh: Wise, cheerful and compassionate, Christopher, from Winnie the Pooh, was said to be based on author A. A. Milne’s own son, Christopher Robin Milne. The name Christopher lends well to other variations including Chris, Christian, Kris and (to borrow from another famous Disney tale, Frozen) Kristoff.

Copper, The Fox and the Hound: The movie may have come out in the early 80s, but Copper might just be a name that has a bit of spark to it.

Daisy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: There is the obvious link to the daisy flower, but we can’t forget that Daisy is the name of Donald Duck’s better half. Devoted, friendly and chatty, she is elegant and beautiful.

Del, The Light in the Forest: It’s a much lesser known Disney film (possibly because it was released in 1958) but there’s a few magic monikers in there. Del, for one, which means ‘small valley’ and could work for both boys and girls. And Milly and Myra which are gorgeous M names for girls.

Ella, Cinderella: Naming your little girl Cinderella might be a wee bit much, but Ella is the perfect shortened version for your pretty little belle of the ball.

Esmeralda, The Hunchback of Notre Dame: While not the most popular of the Disney movies, we have some jewels in this film. Esmeralda, meaning ’emerald’ is one of those gorgeous gemstone names that’s hard to go past and could be shortened to Esme as well.

Finn, Cars 2: A master British spy, Finn, from Cars 2, is known for being a stealthy daredevil with a load of super cool gadgets at the ready – pretty much sums up most boys we know!

Flo, Finding Nemo: Flo, or the longer version of Florence is a name steadily becoming more popular as the years go by. Of course, we all know Flo is one of the fish in the aquarium in the doctor’s office.. does the name Flo fit the script for your little girl?

Gideon, Pinocchio: If raising a villain is more your thing, look no further than Pinocchio’s Gideon to inspire your little scoundrel. Although not strictly evil, he is a bit of a scallywag.

Giselle, Enchanted: A little naive to begin with, Amy Adam’s version of Giselle in the Cinderella remake, Enchanted, develops some spunk as the film progresses. She becomes independent while remaining true to her convictions.

Jasmine, Aladdin: This free-spirited dreamer is both beautiful and brave, always willing to stand up for what she feels is right. Sounds like a few little possums we know!

Jock, Lady and the Tramp: When you think of Jock today, a certain Masterchef judge may come to mind, but way back in 1955’s Lady and the Tramp there was Jock, a Scottish Terrier that’s one of Lady’s neighbours. It’s a stretch, but could this be considered a cute animal inspired name?

Hamish, Harris & Hubert, Brave: In Brave, Princess Merida’s triplet brothers, Hamish, Harris and Hubert, are known for their mischievous ways. They wreak the kind of havoc some little boys dream of.

Kiara, The Lion King: With a keen sense of adventure and more than a hint of rebelliousness, Kiara, from The Lion King, is the perfect moniker if you think you’re likely to have a hair-raising little miss.

Lilly, The Princess Diaries: Here to stay, the name Lilly or Lily is one of those classic botanical inspired names that we adore. Lilly is course Mia’s eccentric and socially conscious childhood best friend in The Princess Diaries.

Mae, Honey I Shrink the Kids: Bringing back all the feels from the 90s (well, 1989 to be exact), Mae from Honey I Shrunk the Kids is a name that’s super popular today. It’s proven to be a sweet choice for many hyphenated name pairings (Matty J and Laura Bryne‘s Marlie-Mae for example) or as a stand alone name by itself (looking at you Kate Ritchie). Love!

Maximus, Tangled: He might be a horse, but Maximus, from Disney’s Tangled, is brave and stops at nothing to take down the baddies. Definitely a good name pick for the courageous kid, and is easily shortened down to Max or Maxwell.

Milo, Atlantis, the Lost Empire: A gorgeous name, Milo in the movie was the linguist and cartographer voiced by Michael J. Fox. With several attractive meanings depending on the language, it’s a wholesome choice for any little boy.

Mirabel, Encanto: One of the most adored characters of late, Mirabel from Encanto would make a pretty M name for your little one. Director Jared Bush described her as “imperfect and weird and quirky, but deeply emotional and incredibly empathetic.”

Moana, Moana: She’s the brave, strong heroine that has a pull towards the ocean. In fact, the name means just that: ‘ocean, sea, expanse of water.’ Hawaiian in origin, Moana is a gorgeous choice for those wanting to dive into something but different, but still familiar.

Nani, Lilo & Stitch: Nani is Lilo’s stressed-out older sister, but did you know the name has the sweet meaning of ‘grace’? It means ‘beautiful’ in Japanese and Hawaiian and is relatively easy to spell – tick!

Oaken, Frozen: If you talked about Oaken from Frozen you may not be met with familiar nods.. that is, until you remind them that he’s the animated shopkeeper from the first movie and then it all makes sense. Meaning ‘of oak’, it’s a cute nature name that plays on other popular ‘oak’ names right now, like Oakley.

Otto, Robin Hood: Otto, the blacksmith of Nottingham (who happens to be a dog), might not be a lead character, but he is certainly friendly, kind and helpfully hides Robin’s money in the cast of his broken leg.

Penny, Bolt: Penny, Bolt the dog’s human, is always getting herself into predicaments on set that require her dog to help her. Abbreviated from the longer form, Penelope, this lovely name works for a boy, as Penn.

Rin, Spirited Away: Could this simple one-syllable name be just the ticket? From the Japanese animated movie, Rin is a gender-neutral name of (you guessed it) Japanese origin that means ‘companion.’ A fitting name for a little brother or sister perhaps?

Sebastian, The Little Mermaid: Sebastian, the Jamaican crab tasked with protecting Ariel in The Little Mermaid, is is technically named, Horatio Thelonious Ignacious Crustaceous Sebastian. We kinda prefer Sebastian or the nickname Seb.

Shanti, The Jungle Book 2: She was the love interest of Mowgli in the movie, with the meaning ‘peace’ in African. Shanti would make a lovely name for parents wanting something a bit unique, to perhaps pair with a more common surname. We actually know a Shanti Smith!

Theodore, Snow Dogs: Okay, we know Snow Dogs is not the first film that pops into your mind when thinking of Disney movies but it does have some great names. Amelia being one of them, as well as Theodore, aka Ted aka Teddy Bear. This name is definitely going strong in the popularity stakes with lots of little Teddies out there.

Tiana, Princess and the Frog: Beautiful and characterised as loyal and hard-working, Tiana is the first African American Disney princess. We think Tia makes a sweet shortened form of Tiana.

Violet, The Incredibles: Violet, from The Incredibles, really comes into her own when she shakes off the expectations of others and embraces what makes her different: her awesome superpowers. We love a girl that’s a little kickass when she needs to.

Willow, Pocahontas: Grandma Willow, from Pocahontas, is a wise old Willow tree that helps guide Pocahontas, helping her make spiritual decisions. Like the tree that inspires it, Willow is a perfectly charming name.

Wolf, The Mighty Ducks 2: Long before numerous stars started naming their kid Wolf, some of us might remember Wolf ‘The Dentist’ Stansson from The Mighty Ducks. Often used to symbolise freedom, wolves are a bold inspiration for a baby name.

Woody, Toy Story: Would you consider Woody as a first name for your little man? One of the most loveable and affable characters of all time, Woody was the name chosen by the Founders of clothing brand Snuggle Hunny Kids for their second son.

Zephyr, The Hunchback of Notre Dame: A name that’s uber cool ends our list. With nickname options like Zeph or Z, Zephyr means ‘west wind’. He was the son of Esmeralda and Pheobus in the film and was voiced by none other than Haley Joel Osment.

40 favourite Disney names (and their meanings)

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