15 weird and wonderful (eye-popping) pregnancy myths

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Pregnant women pants don't fit

Did you know that if you’re pregnant and you pat a brown dog at exactly midnight on a Tuesday you’re guaranteed to have 9lb baby? Or if you eat an apple while blow-drying your hair you will definitely have twins? No, we didn’t either! Okay, so we made those up, but if you have ever housed a mini human in your belly you will know exactly what we mean.

It seems like every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mavis, Sally and Moonrocket has their own little pregnancy myth based solely on the size of your bump, food cravings or how you tie your shoelaces. With a little help from our Facebook friends we have compiled a list of some of the best pregnancy myths out there. Which ones have worked for you?

Myth 1:

The shape of your baby bump determines the sex of your baby

Pregnant Belly

If you have ever been pregnant there’s a high possibility that you have been stopped in the street by a stranger who insists they know the gender of your unborn child. According to this pregnancy myth, a basketball-like bump indicates that you are having a boy, and a bump that is spread around your middle means your are having a girl.

Myth 2.

If you suffer from heartburn while pregnant your baby will be born with more hair than a 80’s Rock Star

Heartburn causes babies with lots of hair

If your baby was born rocking a perm please send us photos!!!

Myth 3.

Eating too many oranges while pregnant will turn your baby orange


We’re not sure how many oranges you would have to eat to give your baby an orange glow, but we do know that if you eat too many carrots you do run the risk of looking like the victim of a bad spray tan.

Myth 4.

Lifting your arms above your head will cause your babies umbilical cord to wrap around its neck

maternity yoga

This is a good excuse to get out of hanging the washing or taking part in a Mexican Wave but most doctors will tell you that the movement of your arms has no influence on your uterus.

Myth 5.

Craving certain foods can indicate the sex of your baby

pregnancy cravings

Rumour has it that if you develop a sweet tooth during your first trimester then you’re having a girl. If you favour more salty foods then you’re definitely having a boy.

Myth 6.

A ring on string can determine whether or not you’re having a boy or a girl

Funny pregnancy myths

According to this old wives tales if you take a ring, put it on a string and hold it over your baby bump it will tell you whether you need to buy blue or pink. If the ring goes round in a circle you’re having a boy, and if it swings side to side you’re having a girl.

Myth 7.

Eating Spicy food during pregnancy will make your baby bad tempered

Plate of red chillies

If you want to avoid giving birth to a mini Gordon Ramsay you may want to cut down on the amount of spicy food you eat according to this pregnancy myth.

Myth 8.

If you stay mad at someone during your pregnancy your baby will look like them.

Being angry when pregnant

If this is true then it could be a very awkward 18 years!

Myth 9.

Certain Foods or Sex can bring on labour

Feet sex in bed

Let’s face it, by the end of pregnancy most of us will do whatever we can to get that baby out of us, so this advice could be fact, fiction or just a happy coincidence.

Myth 10.

You’re more likely to go into labour during a full moon.

Pregnancy myths full moon

Most midwives would probably bet their best stethoscope that more babies are born when there’s a full moon. Can you remember what the moon was doing the night your children were born? We bet stargazing was probably the last thing on your mind that night!

Myth 11.

If your baby has a straight hairline your next child will be the same gender.


If you have more than one child this is an easy myth that you can test yourself regardless of your child’s age. If your first born has a straight hairline above their neck then your second child should be the same sex. If the hairline is in a point, your second child should be the opposite. Go on, have a look!

Myth 12.

Chinese Gender Calendar

How to find out the gender of your child

The Chinese Gender Calendar has been around for years and is said to have a 90% accuracy rate. By combining the age of the mother at the time of conception, and the month of conception, this chart can supposedly tell you whether or not you are having a boy or a girl. Itching to try this out for yourself?

See our handy guide here.

Myth 13.

If you itch a certain spot on your body continuously during pregnancy your baby will have a birthmark in that spot

Itching during pregnancy

Pregnancy can do weird things to your body, so if you are itchy all over that’s going to mean a whole lot of birth marks if this theory is correct.

Myth 14.

If your newborn cries a lot it means he or she doesn’t like their name and you need to change it

Colic treated with probiotics

Since it is impossible to know what’s going on in your baby’s head this myth could actually be true. Would you change your baby’s name if you thought they didn’t like it?

Myth 15.

If your baby daddy gets a bit tubby while you’re pregnant it means you’re having a girl

pregnant belly dad tummy

We reckon this myth was created by dad who let himself go during his partner’s pregnancy. What do you think?

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