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They’re the names making waves here in Australia. Whether they exude modern vibes, old school cool or a sprinkle of star-power, uber cool names have one thing in common: they have the x-factor.

You’re on the hunt for a baby name that has a twinkle in the eye – and the ear. You’re wanting a name that will stand out from the crowd. And you’re not afraid to be at the forefront of a trend or two. In other words, a good dash of street cred is what you’re seeking.

Well, you’re in luck with this list because we have 45 options to consider for your new bubba:

Margot: No doubt influenced by Aussie TV-star turned Hollywood actress Margot Robbie, this pearler has it all. In fact, this French-inspired name means just that: pearl. And it was the choice of weather presenter Sam Mac for his little girl.

Cyan: As far as colour names go, this one stands out from the crowd! A greenish-blue shade, it was the unique name chosen by model Adriana Lima for her son.

Bodhi: This name just exudes Cool. Could it be because of its meaning of ‘enlightenment’ or ‘awakening’? Or because it’s also a nature name with the existence of a Bodhi tree?

Louis: A classic example of when old becomes new, Louis is right up there. Not only is it the name of William and Kate’s third child, it’s been chosen by Aussie royalty too. Justine Schofield’s newest addition is named Louis.

Darcy: This unisex choice gives boys that Mr Darcy flair, and one half of the Judd twins scored this dapper name.

Otto: This short and sweet name is making waves with Kyle Sandilands choosing it for his son. It’s not hard to see why because Otto means ‘wealth.’ Bonus, it’s easy to spell.

Kayden: It’s a name that has a comfy familiar sound to it but isn’t too common – yet. Meaning ‘companion’ and ‘strength’ it’s a solid choice and can be spelt a few different ways. For instance, Kaden or Kaydan.

Harlee or Harley: Another unisex moniker, Harlee is soft and cute for girls (a bit like Harper) and revved up for boys (anyone got a Harley-Davidson?)

Ahi: It’s mysterious quality puts it on our list, as does it’s awesome meaning – actually, make that meanings! Ahi, a unisex name means ‘fawn’, ‘serpent’, ‘cloud’, ‘water’, ‘sun’, ‘Heaven’ and ‘earth conjoined.’

Lennox: Hip to the max, Lennox is actually a nature name as it has the meaning ‘with many elm trees.’ It’s of course made famous by Annie Lennox, but former Aussie soap star Pia Miller chose it for her son.

Airlie: Pronounced Air-Lee, this pretty girls’ name means ‘eagle wood’ and is of Irish origin. You could also classify this as a cool water-inspired name, with Airlie Beach coming to mind.

Shailea: If you’re into a bit of magic, this name could be for you. Shailea actually means ‘from the fairy palace’ and is a longer take on Shea (which is also uber cool by the way).

Stevie: Great for boys or girls, this name is loaded with the cool-factor thanks to Stevie Wonder and Stevie Nicks. And its meaning ‘crown’ or ‘victorious’ puts it’s right up there, too.

Remi: Remi or Remington is making waves around the playground. And no pun intended, but it means ‘oarsman’. Remi is a solid name

Myles: Miles has been popular for a while, but we love the alternative spelling with the y. Miranda Kerr chose this spelling for her third child, whilst Masterchef’s Tommy Pham’s first son bears the more common spelling.

Parker: If you’re hearing the name Parker around lately, you’re not imagining things. This name is gaining in popularity and it’s got nothing to do with pens. Meaning ‘park keeper’ it can be used for both boys and girls.

Jagger: A name making moves is Jagger and it’s easy to see why. With star power in spades, it’s a unisex name that suits a bold personality for sure.

Ezra: Another Biblical name, this unisex option is making a real buzz for boys and means ‘help’.

Emmerson: Emmerson or Emerson is one of those surnames as first names that’s uber cool right now. Yes, it means ‘son of Emery’ but we like the alternate meanings of ‘brave’ and ‘powerful’ better.

Sullivan: If you thought Sullivan was a cool moniker, the nickname Sully just takes it to a whole ‘nother level of cute. With a literary quality to it, expect this name to rise in the name ranks.

Aubrie: With the alternate spelling of Aubrey, fantasy lovers will be happy to know that Aubrie means ‘elf ruler’. And that meaning is just uber cool in itself.

Logan: It may be a suburb in South Queensland, but the name Logan probably has street cred for other reasons. Meaning ‘little hollow,’ it’s an easy-spell, gender-neutral name that just has a swagger about it.

Aisha: This girl’s name means ‘prosperous’ and with Arabic and Swahili roots, it sounds pretty lovely.

Billie: This unisex option hit the Top 100 for girls in 2015 and gives a boyish bent to Wilma and Wilhelmina. And if it’s good enough for Rebecca Judd’s daughter, then you know you’re onto a cool thing.

Alistair: The Scottish version of Alexander, this name for wee lads is strong and sophisticated. And what’s not to love about that?

Anouk: Meaning ‘grace,’ this girly choice is the French and Dutch version of Anna. It’s got an exotic vibe that’s just peachy. In other words, it has that air of mystery.

Arabella: Emma and Tom Hawkins called their baby girl Arabella and it’s an elegant, beautiful choice if we say so ourselves.

Arlo: Hello name revival! Arlo was popular in the first half of the 20th Century and it’s back, baby! Although a unisex name, it’s more common for boys and Toni Collette chose it for her son.

Aurora: With Disney overtones, your little princess may just be the next Aurora. Meaning ‘dawn,’ the star of Sleeping Beauty was a Roman goddess too.

Camilia: A flowery variant of Camelia, Camille, Camilla and botanicals like them, Camilia is growing in popularity.

Eliana: Go international in your hunt for cool baby names with this lilting name from Israel, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Italy and (if you go with Eliane) France.

Peyton: Peyton is on the rise for girls despite meaning ‘fighting man’s estate.’ It’s kinda weird, but don’t worry because the name sounds chic and sweet.

Freya: The Norse goddess of love, fertility and beauty, Freya speaks for parents of girls.

Grayson: This one works for both genders, although Grayson is a shade more boyish than girly girl.

Maggie: There’s something about Maggie that’s wholesome but streetwise. Because it means ‘pearl’ it brings lustre to a little girl’s birth certificate.

Hugo: With an intellectual edge, Hugo is making a splash in international circles and rounds out the alternative for boys – Hugh.

Kinsley: This feminine choice is regal and a bit boho, meaning ‘king’s meadow’. Nice cross-over.

Levi: Matthew McConaughey called his son Levi. Like a favourite pair of jeans, this name is classic and just the right fit.

Lucian: This artistic, indie name means ‘light’ and it’s gaining mainstream interest.

Mateo: Get that Spanish vibe for señors with this variation of Matthew.

Ophelia: A bit of Shakespeare never goes astray and Ophelia is oh-so theatrical for baby girls.

Spencer: It’s a distinguished choice for boys (and a possibility for girls). This ‘surname as a first name’ hit the Top 100 in Australia’s most popular names for 2022 wrap-up for junior gentlemen.

Wyatt: Wyatt has been heating up for boys. And thanks to Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, it’s a-ok for daughters.

Zane: Lean and strong, this boy’s name is a little bit rock star – make that, boy band star – with Zayn Malik of One Direction note.

Luna: We love Luna to the moon and back. And so did Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, plus Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. Both celeb’s daughters are called Luna.


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