AeroMoov: The take (everywhere) instant travel cot

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AeroMoov instant travel cot

A good travel cot can be a life changer when you have a bub. It’s one of those must-haves that means your tot always has their own safe space to sleep or chill out – anytime, anywhere. And that opens up a world of possibilities.

And with the AeroMoov instant travel cot, it couldn’t be easier. Featherlight and a breeze to set up, it ticks all the right boxes for the modern parent on the move. Whether it’s overnight with the grandparents or a park play on the weekend, you’ll find you won’t go anywhere without it.

Compact and light, but sturdy

Aeromoov instant travel cot

Unlike travel cots of years gone by that practically needed furniture removalists to get them from A to B, the AeroMoov travel cot is actually made for easy transportation. The compact and slimline design stores easily under beds or in wardrobes, then tucks easily into a boot or backseat for travel.

When you get to your final destination, the comfy shoulder strap means you can carry it about as easily as an overnight bag. And at under 5kg, they’re so light that even a big brother or sister could help. But the light weight doesn’t sacrifice strength. They’re built tough to withstand the wriggles of your little one and comply with the strictest baby safety standards.

Quick and comfy set up anywhere you want

Aeromoov instant travel cot

The magic really happens when it’s time to set up the cot. It’s easy pop-up design means you’re good to go in seconds. Simply remove it from the bag, undo the velcro strap and boom, it’s up. Pop in the included mattress for comfort and your angel’s little snooze haven is ready.

It’s so easy you can take it anywhere – the beach, picnics, play dates, or even just at home when you need a safe space for bub to play while you’re busy. And the pack up is just as quick – a godsend when bub let’s you know it’s time to GO.

Flexible design for complete versatility

AeroMoov instant travel cot

The easy-up style doesn’t limit when and where you can use the AeroMoov travel cot. It comes with a zip-in raised level for newborns, making it easy on your back. The clever design also means it’s great in a range of conditions. It has a watertight base as well as two solid sides for wind and light protection. And you can pair it with a range of smart accessories, including a sunshade and a mosquito net.

The AeroMoov comes in 2 stylish colours – Sand and Rock – making it a stylish addition to any space. And you can grab an easy-wash fitted sheet to keep the mattress clean on your adventures.

The AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot ($399) is available online.

illustration of garden and heart with 'tried it, loved it' on it

Mum’s Grapevine team member Amelia and baby Cooper have been lucky enough to receive an AeroMoov Travel Cot and they’ve been taking it around town with them for the past few weeks.

And this is what they thought …


“Baby Cooper and I have loved our AeroMoov. I’ve loved being able to mix up my routine by putting him to sleep so quickly and easily wherever we are.

“Three seconds to pop the cot has meant I’ve taken it to friends’ places for lunch and been able to relax knowing he will nap in a familiar space.

“Cooper has loved playing in the AeroMoov when I’m out. It allows him to move, stretch and play rather than being stuck sitting in the pram. Cooper has decided that hats are the greatest toy ever. So the sunshade came in very handy!

“The mosquito net gave me extra peace of mind when he was outside snoozing beside me while I was working in the garden.

“Going on holidays with four kids means packing the car is like a game of Tetris. The packed AeroMoov is so slim that it easily slotted in. While on holidays my brother-in-law saw me wrangling four kids into our cabin, pop the AeroMoov and have a safe space for Cooper while I unpacked the car. He has already been asking to borrow it on their next trip!”


Aeromoov instant travel cot

The AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot ($399) is available online.

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