13 Popular Picnic Blankets Mums Are Using

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Close up of woman sitting on Picnic Season outdoor blanket, showing original floral art print and large size compared to person.

Before you hit the shops and invest in a rug, read our curated list of Australia’s best picnic blankets to get you started in your search.

There are a few essentials you need to have on hand when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors with your minis, and a cosy picnic blanket or rug is one of them. Because soggy bottoms and sandy snacks are a fast track to meltdowns.

A picnic rug is a large fabric ground cover for sitting on while enjoying the great outdoors. Often finished with a waterproof back, these mats protect clothes from damp and dirty grounds and offer families a comfortable spot to relax with some snacks.

We’ve curated a complete list of picnic rugs that are perfect for Australian families. Not only will they set the scene for the perfect pit stop, but they’ll help keep tushies dry and comfy all afternoon.

13 Aussie picnic blankets and rugs

To help you find a the perfect rug or blanket for your next outing, we consulted our huge Facebook community of Australian mums and listed their most popular choices below.

In no particular order here, are 13 of the most popular picnic blankets.

Saltwater Picnic Co

A woman and girl sitting on Saltwater Picnic Co travel blanket, showing picnic setting, palm print and size in comparison to the people.

Saltwater Picnic Co Water Resistant Rugs ($149)

Machine washable, Saltwater Picnic Co rugs are made from 100% recycled fabrics. Utilising advanced water-resistance technology, any spills quickly bead up for easy wiping, leaving zero stains. We love that each design is limited to 250 and showcases local artists and designers.

Buy Now from Saltwater Picnic Co


Aerial view of two children on a Kollab eating on a foldable picnic rug, showing bright vintage floral print and large size, as well as four folded rugs in more prints, for comparison.

Kollab Picnic Mats (from $119.95)

When they say these are big, they aren’t kidding – at 2m x 2m, you’ll fit the whole family plus friends on them. Water-resistant on both sides, they come with comfy foam lining and a handy strap for secure rolling. Smaller Mini Mats are available for $69.

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Emro Designs

Two toddlers sitting on an Emro Designs park blanket showing pastel print, practical, quilted surface and size in comparison to the children.

Emro Designs picnic rugs and outdoor mats (from $129)

Featuring artwork by prominent Indigenous Australian artists, Emro Designs have reversible mats and rugs for any adventure. Choose from recycled plastic outdoor mats that are a cinch to clean or their UV protected, water-resistant, sandproof picnic rugs. Both come in handy carry bags.

Buy Now from Emro Designs


Isla in Bloom Boho woven picnic blankets showing two bright designs in two aspirational settings, at the beach and camping.

ISLA Cotton Picnic Rugs ($219.95)

Beautifully designed here in Australia, ISLA Bohemian floral rugs are woven from 100% recycled cotton. Thick, breathable and hard-wearing, they’re big enough for up to four adults to enjoy and boast dreamy single-tone tassel trims.

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oimmie ClicMat showing one folded attached to a pram, and one being used by two children

oimmie ClicMat ($129.95)

Introducing the ultra-compact but oh-so-roomy ClicMat from oimmie. Made from eco-friendly materials, it’s like a huggable cloud of cuteness. With an attachable smooth zinc alloy clip and detachable anchors, we found it the perfect companion for any adventure. Plus, it’s a breeze to clean.

Buy Now from oimmie

Wandering Folk

Aerial view of Wandering Folk Boho portable picnic blanket showing coordinated picnic setting and intricate illustrated design, as well as rolled up with shoulder straps for portability.

Wandering Folk Boho Picnic Rugs ($190)

Picnic blankets? More like magic carpets! Made from tough cotton canvas with a waterproof backing, each features stunning hand-drawn artwork that’s treated to resist fading. Each rug has a brown strap and the most magnificent tassels you ever did see.

Buy Now from Indi Tribe Collective

Picnic Season

Picnic Season Giant family outdoor rugs showing entire front view of two designs for comparison, in an art gallery type setting to highlight the original art print and large size.

Picnic Season Really Big Picnic Rugs (from $119)

In a choice of ‘Really Big’ or ‘Everyday’ sizes, Picnic Season rugs are as functional as they are fun. Featuring original artwork each comes with waterproof backing, a stain-resistant top, ground pegs and a handy backpack for easy carrying.

Buy Now from Picnic Season

The Tartan Blanket Co

Close up views of lady holding folded The Tarten Blanket Co tartan picnic blankets in two different colourways for comparison, highlighting the buckle straps, carry handle and waterproof lining.

The Tartan Blanket Co Wool Picnic Rugs ($225)

Both sustainable and luxurious, The Tartan Blanket Co combines 70% recycled wool with 3-0% mixed recycled fibres in each and every rug it creates. The waterproof backing protects from moisture and debris and the leather picnic strap makes travelling a breeze.

Buy Now from Merino & Me


Woman lying on a murph&murph extra large picnic rug, showing the waterproof floral rose design in relaxing park setting.

murph&murph Neoprene Picnic Rugs ($220)

Australian owned and designed, murph&murph original neoprene picnic blankets are quick-drying, easy to clean and repel water like a wetsuit. There are eight designs to choose from by Western Australian Photographic and Floral Artists.

Buy Now from murph&murph

Joy Supply Co

Joy Supply Co Woven Blanket rugs showing aerial views of two floral and whale prints for comparison, in toddler friendly set ups.

Joy Supply Co Woven Blankets ($109)

Kid-friendly and easy to fold, Joy Supply Co designs are woven right into the blanket making them super durable and much more resistant to fading. Machine-washable AND able to be tossed in the dryer, they’re available in four stunning prints.

Buy Now from Joy Supply Co


Close up of Oliochi waterproof picnic rug showing multipurpose stripe design and carry bag in a beach setting.

Oliochi Picnic Blankets & Bag ($149)

Designed in Australia for indoor and outdoor use, Oliochi blankets boast a water-resistant top, fully waterproof base and a padded middle layer for extra comfort on uneven, hard surfaces. It’s so cushioned, in fact, that it doubles as a playmat for babies too.

Buy Now from Oliochi


Close up aerial views of Hendeer woven boho picnic throws, showing two different intricate designs with fringing and matching pillows for a styled look.

Hendeer Boho Picnic Rugs (from $109)

Designed in France, these earth-friendly woven picnic rugs are made from cotton and recycled polyester sourced from waste that would have otherwise entered oceans and landfills. Packing huge boho vibes, you’ll use them inside and outside all year round.

Buy Now from Hendeer


Henlee vegan leather lightweight picnic rug showing children and babies eating on the hardwearing surface, with adults seated at a table nearby.

Henlee Picnic Mats (from $110)

Crafted from premium 100% vegan leather, Henlee’s range of picnic mats are luxuriously soft, extremely durable, scratch and water-resistant and easy to clean. Perfect for elevating your outdoor experience, they come in three sizes including the extra large village mat.

Buy Now from Henlee

Can you use a normal blanket for a picnic?

Absolutely. However, regular and weighted blankets aren’t usually made for outdoor use and don’t have the stain-resistance and/or waterproof backing that picnic blankets usually have.

What should I look for when buying a picnic blanket?

Look for waterproof or water-resistance features to prevent moisture seeping through, an easy-clean composition and a fab design you’ll spot in a crowd. Also, make sure the blanket is the right size for your family – because no one likes ending up on the grass.

Can you wash a picnic blanket?

Some rugs are machine washable, others are designed for spot cleaning or wiping down – it depends on the materials they’re made with. Check your washing label carefully before tossing rugs in the machine.

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