Postpartum sleepwear: what you need to know

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Sussan Postpartum Sleepwear

Having a baby changes life as you know it in all of the very best ways. But those early days can become a bit of a blur in a round-the-clock cycle of feed, change, sleep, repeat. In your cosy cocoon with your newborn, you might be awake when it’s dark, asleep when it’s light and days don’t mean anything anymore.

Finding the right sleepwear can make a big difference to your comfort and how you feel. And the best bit? They’re not just for nighttime.

We’ve teamed up with Sussan to bring you gorgeous sleep and loungewear that’ll see you through postpartum and beyond. And it’s all available to shop during the 2am feed.

What to look for when buying postpartum sleepwear

Skin on skin ready

There’s nothing like a bit of skin-to-skin time when your bub is little – for both of you. It can help you soothe your baby sooner, learn their cues quicker and is just an all-round beautiful way to bond. Look for front-opening, button-down tops to help transition quickly to skin-to-skin contact, something you’ll soon master one-handed.

Feeding friendly

When your little milk monster is hungry, quick and easy boob access is everything. The last thing you want to be doing is struggling out of a top and getting stuck, especially with a crying bub in your arms getting louder and louder. Choose feeding-friendly sleepwear – think stretchy or anything with an easy front opening.

Comfy round the waist

Your body has been through a lot these last 9 months, so it’s time to show it a little TLC. You also won’t know what size you’ll be post-birth and the weeks that follow. Drawstring pants are gentle on the waist (especially important if you’ve had a c-section) and are adjustable to all shapes.

Sleepwear, not sleepwear

Another way to show your body a little care is to luxuriate in a flowing, roomy nightie. With just one piece, there’s no need to dig through your drawers (or your floordrobe)  to find the matching top to your bottoms. And with all that room to move, they’re particularly kind to your sore bits – whether that’s a healing c-section or down below.

Visitor (or photo) ready

Life with a newborn is never insta-perfect. But sometimes you want the pick-me-up of feeling pretty. Hello, loungewear. It’s perfect for daytime or nighttime, looks great in those never-ending photo ops with your gorgeous bubba and will have you feeling confident and stylish when visitors drop by. Say goodbye to the mad scramble to get dressed when the doorbell rings – you’re ready to just open the door and say hello.

No bending rule

Want to look and feel good top to toe? Grab yourself some slip-on shoes for about the house. They’ll keep your feet warm against cold floors, provide some extra comfort on hard floors, and can be adjustable for swollen tootsies. And you won’t have to bend over to put them on. That’s a godsend for a recovering post-birth body and makes life super easy if your hands are busy cradling your little angel.

Sussan makes affordable luxury sleepwear and loungewear for women. Mix and match seasonal pyjama pants and tops or opt for carefully curated pyjama sets and nighties designed for ultimate comfort.

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This article is sponsored by Sussan.

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