Rising sun: 29 Summer inspired names (and their meanings)

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Summer baby names

When the sun comes out and the mercury rises, you can just feel your spirits lift. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to savour that sunny feeling all year round? After all, our new additions are the light in our lives.

We’ve found 29 names for little ladies and lads that take their inspiration from the cheeriest of seasons, so you’ll always have the summer sun with you.

Baby girl names inspired by Summer

Aurora: a beautiful choice for a summer sweetie, Aurora was the Roman goddess of sunrise. Also a Disney princess, we hope your little Sleeping Beauty would take her cue from this use of her name and sleep well beyond sunrise!

Eden: the summer season can feel like paradise, making this pretty name (meaning ‘place of delight’), a subtle summery tribute.

Eleodora: meaning ‘gift of the sun,’ this fancy sounding Spanish name has the potential for lots of cute nicknames too: Ellie, Ella, El or even Dora to name a few.

Idalia: the Greeks know a thing or two about sun worship and this charming Greek word for ‘behold the sun’, has a lovely lilt for a little lady.

Isla: what could be more summery than an island escape? Australian parents certainly took some island inspiration: it’s was the most popular girls name for 2022!

Lena: little girls bring such light into our lives and choosing Lena, Greek for ‘the bright one’ will remind her to keep that light shining all through her life.

Golden: all the feels. This warm and wholesome name would work for boys too. Goldie makes a great nickname or a legitimate first name too.

Maia: we’ve extended our summer inspiration to include spring, with Maia, the Roman goddess of Spring making our list. We love this pretty alternative spelling to the more popular Maya.

Marisol: Spain is certainly a land of sun and fun and this sweet name, associated with the Spanish words for sea and sun mar y sol, will certainly capture that summer vibe for your little darling.

Marigold: conjuring up images of the sunny yellow flower, this botanical name also has an olde world charm.

Nanaka: this elegant Japanese name has multiple meanings including ‘sun’ and ‘summer.’

Nina: at the height of summer, the Australian sun can feel like fire, so take some ancient inspiration from the Incans, and name your baby girl after the Incan goddess of fire.

Skye/Skylar: if you, like us, love gazing up at the beautiful blue of a clear summer sky, then this heavenly name could be just right for your wee one.

Summer: a little obvious maybe, but choosing Summer for your little lass will certainly keep that sunny feeling with you all through the year!

Suvi: with a familiar sound yet exotic at the same time, this French name means ‘summer.’ Perfect.

Baby boy names inspired by Summer

Aiden: this Gaelic and English word for ‘little fire’ is perfect for a babe born under the hot summer sun.

Beckett: an English and Irish word meaning ‘Bee Cottage’, this quirky reference to a summery sounding country house could be just right for your little man.

Cain: recall the turquoise tones of a summer sea every time you cuddle your baby Cain with this Welsh moniker meaning ‘clear water’.

Cyrus: uber cool to boot, this Persian name means ‘sun’ and is a strong name for a boy.

Kir: this is actually the Russian version of the name Cyrus with the same meaning of ‘sun.’ It’s a short, sharp name that’s a great alternative to the more popular Kai.

Kai: smell the sweet aroma of a lei when your little Kai, Hawaiian for ‘sea’, comes racing across the playground and into your arms.

Leo: based on the fire sign, this name is a firm favourite among Aussie parents and perfect for any passionate, centre-of-attention type of boys!

Lucas: a current favourite with Australian parents (it is our 7th favourite boy’s name!) Lucas comes from the Latin ‘lux’ for light. And don’t we all adore those lovely long, light summer days.

Mayer: another light reference, this gorgeous surname-for-a-first-name means ‘bringer of light’ in Hebrew.

Nikko: with many Aussie parents opting for shorter versions of traditional names (think Charlie, Leo and Archie), we think Nikko, meaning ‘daylight’ in Japanese, is a great option to add to that list.

Reef: easy to spell, names like Reef conjure up memories and transport you to another place. Pretty cool thing for a moniker to do.

Rowan: meaning ‘little redhead’, this name would suit your little summer flame-haired boy, but we think it would be just perfect for little blondes and brunettes as well!

Samson: choosing this Hebrew word for ‘sun’ is sure to imbue your bonny boy with a sunny disposition all year round.

Sorin: derived from the Romanian ‘soare’ for sun, this gentle sounding, but strong name would be a lovely choice for your own summer son!

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