12 Popular Kids Hooded Beach Towels Mums Recommend

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Young girl at the beach wearing Rad Kids Hooded Beach Poncho showing hood, zipper and pocket.

For fun-filled beach days with more smiles and fewer chills, hooded beach towels have returned from the ’70s to keep a new generation of kids snug on a poncho between swims.

Kids’ hooded beach towels are clever wearable towels that little ones can pull on like a poncho. The hood keeps wet heads warm and out of the wind, and because they don’t have to be held, kids are less inclined to drop them in a pile of wet sand when adventure calls.

They’re also perfect for bundling up tots for an afternoon sea-esta.

12 hooded beach towels, ponchos and robes

To help you find a super-cosy hooded beach ponchos and robes, we consulted our huge Facebook community of Australian mums and listed their most popular choices below.

In no particular order, here are 12 of the more popular hooded beach towels.


Four smiling children at the beach wearing Sammimis Turkish hooded poncho towels showing them zipped up for coverage, all four colours, as well as large front pockets.

SAMMIMIS Menorca Terry Hooded Towel (from $79.95)

Extra long at the back, SAMMIMIS hooded beach towels are designed to make sitting more comfortable while keeping the car seat dry. Made from premium Turkish cotton these quality zip-up beauties come in a range of colours and styles and can be personalised on request.

Available in four sizes for 2 to 12-year-olds.

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Two happy toddler girls wearing Blankids personalised hooded towels, showing use of hood and two different personalised designs in dinosaur and mermaid.

Blankids Personalised Hooded Towel (from $85)

Printed and sewn in their Brisbane Studio, Blankids personalised hooded towels are made from highly absorbent microfibre towelling that’s durable and stain resistant. Choose from heaps of too-cute designs and font combos that capture every little personality.

Available in five sizes for 1 to 10 year olds.

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Zinc & Co

Front view of a young girl in an outdoor setting wearing Zinc & Co kids beach towel with hood, showing bright floral print.

Zinc & Co Premium Hooded Towel (from $46)

Made from premium microsuede fabric, Zinc & Co’s hooded towels are sand-free, quick drying and have handy snaps for comfort. Available in a range of vibrant prints, each has been hand designed by local Melbourne artists and come with a matching drawstring bag.

Available in kids sizes (2 to 11 years), teens and adults.

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Rad Kids

Front view of three children at the beach wearing Rad Kids Hooded Poncho Towels showing different sizes for different ages, all three colours and how the towels can be zipped up for coverage.

Rad Kids Zippy Hooded Towels With Zipper ($69.95)

Lovingly designed in Australia, these hooded towels come in highly absorbent cotton, that can be comfortably worn the whole day. They also feature a hoodie for wet hair, a premium YKK zipper for easy on-and-off, long sleeves and a useful pocket for goodies.

Available in seven sizes for 1 to 12 year olds.

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Chasing Sundays

Front view of young girl wearing Chasing Sundays Turkish hooded poncho towel, showing use in a pool setting as well as the long length of the towel for coverage, fringe trim and beige colourway.

Chasing Sundays Kids’ Poncho Towel ($64.95)

Artisan-made in Turkey using chemical-free OEKO-TEK cotton, Chasing Sundays’ stonewashed ponchos are perfect for boho beach babes of all ages. Compact and lightweight these versatile poncho towels are available in five contemporary colourways.

Available in six sizes for six months to 10 years.

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Three children wearing Novange Hooded Baby Bath Towels showing hood in use, length and coverage of towel as well as showcasing designs for boys and girls in dinosaur and unicorn.

Novange Hooded Kids Beach Towel ($39)

Soft and absorbent, Novange hooded towels are made of premium quality 400 gsm cotton with in-built fluff-shedding prevention. Available in two adorably designs, these quick-drying hooded towels also come with pockets and button snaps on each side.

Available in one size for 3 to 12 year olds.

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Back view of young boy and girl wearing Wovii Kids toddler bathrobes at the beach, showing hood off and hood on, as well as two different colours in blue and pink.

Wovii Microfibre Hooded Beach Towel (from $29)

Fluff-free and as soft as can be, Wovii hooded beach towels use ultra-absorbent microfibre to dry waterlogged kids fast. They’re sand-resistant, super compact and come in multiple fun colours including coral, sea green and lagoon.

Available in two sizes for 2 to 10 year olds.

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Will & Wind

Back view of young child walking along the beach wearing Will & Wind microfiber baby hooded towel, showing unique beach print.

Will & Wind Quick-Dry Hooded Towel ($57.99)

Sustainably made using post-consumer plastic bottles, Will & Wind hooded beach poncho towels are lightweight, quick drying and sand-free. Able to hold up to seven times their weight in water, each towel has an exclusive photographic design taken from travels across Australia.

Available in one size for 3 to 8 year olds.

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Calf & Crew

Back view of young girl at the beach wearing Calf & Crew terry kid hooded towel, showing unique checkered design, hood and length of towel in comparison to the child.

Calf & Crew Kids Hooded Terry Beach Towel (from $49.95)

In a checkered design that gives us heart-eyes, Calf & Crew’s 100% terry cotton hooded poncho towels have a stylish oversized hood designed to keep little faces shaded from the sun. This versatile towel is 500 gsm so it’s extra absorbent yet lightweight and breathable.

Available in three sizes for 6 months to 8 years.

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Three children sitting in the back of a car wearing Swoodi surf poncho towels, showing different colourways, that the towels come in various sizes for different ages, and that they are full coverage.

Swoodi Swim Hoodie ($89.95)

Fun, vibrant and certified UPf 50+, Swoodi’s range of unisex hooded towels and beach robes are made from plush 100% cotton towelling. Featuring quality zippers, oversized hoods, long sleeves for extra protection and large handy pockets.

Available in six child sizes for 2 to 12 year olds, and adults.

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Coast Kids

Back view of two young children at the beach wearing Coast Kids beach towels with hood, showing hood, fringe edge and two different colours, pink and blue.

Coast Kids Busselton Hooded Beach Towel ($35)

Featuring a generous hood, large front pocket and stylish frayed edge, these beach ponchos are perfect for swimming lessons or fun at the beach. Made from comfy cotton they come in gelato-worthy shades of mint and pink.

Available in two sizes for 1 to 7 years.

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Back Beach Co

Front view of two children wearing Back Beach Co hooded poncho towels, showing use of towel in pool setting, zipped up for full coverage and showcasing two different colourways, blue/green and orange/pink.

Back Beach Co Luxe Hooded Towels (from $55)

Designed with sturdy full front zips and long sleeves, these versatile towels are roomy enough for busy kids (and adults) to get changed under. Machine washable, choose from heaps of different colours and prints, all with a UPF50+ rating.

Available in four child sizes for 1 to 11 years.
And adult sizes up to size 22.

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Hip Kids

Front view of two girls poolside wearing Hip Kids toddler bathrobes, showing fringe detail, hood in use and coverage and warmth whilst out of the water.

Hip Kids Beach Poncho ($59.95)

Created for little beach lovers, Hip Kids cotton ponchos are deliciously soft and quick to dry. They come in trending muted tones and feature fringed edging, handy side pockets and they can even be personalised with your child’s name.

Available in one size for 3 to 6 years.

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