12 Reliable Swim Nappies Keeping Pool-Namis Contained

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Back view of toddler wearing Econaps swim pants, showing a beach setting and the Earth Dreaming print.

Not just an adorable accessory for baby tooshies, reusable swim nappies give parents peace of mind during water play – because if poop gets in the pool, hoo boy…

Swim nappies are secure, water-safe pants worn by babies and toddlers who aren’t toilet trained. They are specially designed to hold and contain number twos long enough for you to get out of the swimming pool without leakage, and they come in both disposable and reusable styles.

We’ve listed several designer swimmer nappies available in Australia and answered some basic questions around what features to look for to avert an embarrassing pool-nami.

Types of swim nappies

Disposable swim nappies are single-use nappies designed to be worn by children to contain faecal leakage when swimming.

Reusable swim nappies are made of cloth and designed to catch and prevent faecal leakage when swimming. They can be washed and reused over and over again making them an eco-friendly option.

12 swim nappies for containing little accidents

To help you find a pair of reliable swim nappies, we consulted our huge Facebook community of Australian mums and listed their most popular choices below.

In no particular order, here are 12 popular brands of swim nappies we recommend.

Bare and Boho

Back view of toddler wearing Bare & Boho reusable swim nappy, showing beach setting and pam leaf print.

Bare and Boho Swim Nappies ($19.95)

Our hearts skipped a beat over these little stunners – and the fact that they feature designer prints by Aussie artists makes them even more lovable. Lightweight and with a single gusset feature to contain number twos, they’re made from 100% recycled polyester.

Buy Now from Bare & Boho

Ina Swim

Front views of Ina Swim Bloomers showing four different colours for comparison, as well as how the swimmers look when worn.

Ina Swim Nappies ($59)

Coming in hot with ten swoon-worthy shades, Ina Swim Lumi range use a recycled blend of nylon and elastane with UPF50+ protection. Choose from easy-wear pull-up style briefs or soft-waisted shorts to fit extra snugly and prevent unwanted leakage.

Buy Now from Ina Swim

My Little Gumnut

Back view of baby wearing My Little Gumnut water-resistant nappy, showing use on the sand, as well as sea creature print.

My Little Gumnut Swimming Nappies (from $17.99)

Available in prints that melt the heart, My Little Gumnut’s are the perfect blend of simplicity and effectiveness. Free from absorbing elements that weigh bubs down, they have an inner mesh lining that captures solids but allows urine to flow through.

Buy Now from My Little Gumnut

Baby BeeHinds

Side view of young girl wearing Baby Beehind swim shorts, showing active toddler in a beach setting and the Dusty Rose colourway.

Baby BeeHinds Swimming Nappy ($28)

Thanks to a combination of Velcro tabs and snap buttons, these multi-award-winners are an absolute cinch to adjust to growing botties. Available in a range of unmissable styles, they fit kiddos right up to 22kg and pair perfectly with matching wet bags.

Buy Now from For Baby Beehinds

Bubba Bump

Close up front view of toddler wearing the Bubba Bump swim bottom, showing the acorn print.

Bubba Bump Adjustable Swim Nappies ($24.99)

Suitable for bubs as young as three months, these machine-washable beauties boast a three-layer design using waterproof materials. Leak-proof, reusable and fully adjustable, they’re swimming companions that will see them right through to toddlerhood.

Buy Now from Bubba Bump Baby


Back view of two active children wearing Econaps swim diapers, showing two different styles for comparison, Mauve Native and Ocean Native, as well as elastic legs and waistband.

EcoNaps Reusable Swim Nappies ($24.95)

Designed with love in Byron Bay, EcoNaps are eco-friendly, deliciously comfy and easy to use. Engineered to capture number twos while allowing liquid to flow through, they’re fade-resistant and feature an adjustable waist and side snaps for mess-free changes.

Buy Now from EcoNaps

i play. by Green Sprouts

Compilation of I play. by green sprout splash pants showing front view of six different prints as well as side snap button fasteners.

i play. Swim Nappy (from $20)

With a patented three-layer design, these little life-savers keep embarrassing accidents well contained. Available in a rainbow of colours and patterns, the wicking liner helps prevent nappy rash while the snug outer layer keeps the nappy (and its contents) firmly in place.

Buy Now from For Baby and Up

Itti Bitti

Crawling baby in ocean wearing Itti Bitti swim trunks, showing side view of use in the water as well as the nautical print.

Itti Bitti Reusable Swim Nappy ($29.95)

Light and breathable, Itti Bitti’s award-winning swimming nappies cleverly include a discrete booster sewn in for extra protection. Fade and chlorine-resistant, they come in a huge range of beautifully hand-illustrated designs and are available in three sizes. Buy Now from Itti Bitti

Splash About

Compilation of Splash About Swim Bottoms, showing six different designs for comparison as well as showcasing contrasting waist and leg band detail.

Splash About Happy Nappy Duo Pants ($34.95)

The double nappy system of the Splash About Happy Nappy Duo’s includes a leak-proof outer layer and a unique silver inner layer developed with virologists to contain and kill pathogens. Approved by swim schools they are available in five sizes from 0 to 3 years.

Buy Now from Little Togs

Pea Pods

Close up side view of child wearing Peapod reusable swim nappy showing sandy beach setting as well as elastic waistband.

Pea Pods Swimmers Reusable Swim Nappies ($14.95)

Sporting a contoured shape, Pea Pods Swimmers offer little ones complete freedom of movement in and around the water. Built-in absorbency helps soak up little accidents while comfy leg elastic keeps leaks well contained. Choose from six super-cute styles.

Buy Now from Pea Pods


Compilation of three different TyouB swim bloomers for comparison, showing front and side views, adjustable snap buttons, as well as how the nappy looks when on an active baby,

Tyoub Adjustable Swim Nappy and Wet Bag ($34.50)

Eco-friendly and adjustable, Tyoub’s one size fits most swim nappies are designed to adjust to babies fit from three months to three years. 12 months of research and development has created a comfortable, quick-drying swim nappy proven to keep solids contained in the water.

Buy Now from TyouB

Cloth Bums

Comparison of five Cloth Bums pool diapers, showing folded front views of different designs and showcasing adjustable snaps.

Cloth Bums Hydra Swim Nappies ($19.95)

With bold prints on the outside, the real magic is on the inside thanks to the cool athletic wicking jersey lining. Soft outer elastics ensure your swimmer is comfy (yet contained). And the four settings of rise snaps and adjustable waist creates the perfect fit.

Buy Now from Cloth Bums


Are swim nappies compulsory in public pools?

Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear suitable swimmer nappies at most Australian public swimming pools and water parks. Always check with the pool before you arrive.

Can regular nappies be used for swimming?

No. Everyday disposable nappies absorb and hold liquid, so not only will they be extremely heavy, but they’re also ineffective at containing faecal leakage in water.

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