Channel 7 News reporter gives birth first day of her maternity leave

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Angie Asimus baby

Sydney News reporter Angie Asimus had just finished her final news report and was saying goodbye to her coworkers before heading on to maternity leave when her baby decided to make an early entrance into the world.

Re-sharing a news broadcast from Channel 7 News Sydney on Instagram, Angie let her followers know that she had in fact given birth to a healthy little girl named Scarlet. She wrote:

“What was supposed to be my last day at work ended up being a little more labour-intensive than expected! A big thank you to my @7newssyd family for all the support and sorry about the flowers! We are feeling so very lucky to have welcomed our baby girl into the world 💕😇”


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A post shared by Angie Asimus (@angieasimus)

Baby girl Scarlet, whose name has old French origins and means “red”, is the little sister to Angie and husband Christ Abbott’s first child, two-year-old Austin.

On the day of her arrival, Angie made her final post to Instagram before going on maternity leave sitting at the news desk. She captioned the photo:

“My last 6pm read of the summer. Not long to go now..🤰 #7news #countdown”


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A post shared by Angie Asimus (@angieasimus)

Long-time work colleague and friend Edwina Bartholomew also mentioned the news earlier in the day on Channel 7’s Sunrise program. She told the audience:

“Some very exciting baby news, our very own Angie Asimus has welcomed her baby girl Scarlett. She was born late last night, weighing in at 3.27 kilos. (The day she gave birth) was supposed to be mum’s last day of work, so poor Angie was on her first day of maternity leave – no rest there.”

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